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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Kozunai
A few details have come to light about Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.

First of all, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar comes with a pre-order bonus, just like the past few Harvest Moon games. This one comes with a horse plush, this will be a great addition to most people's collections.

Next, a few of the english names have been shown, first of all Royd's name has been changed to Lloyd, not a big change. Freja's name has changed to Freya, again not a big chage. The biggest change so far has been, Enju to Antoinette, now where that one came from I'm not sure.

Keep your eyes peeled to Ranch Story for the newest up to date information on Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.
16 May 2010, 18:50 pm  

Comment 1soulharvester13
The name Antoinette came from Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, that is where they renamed Enju to Antoinette, I really like the name Antoinette it was really unexpected though
18 May 2010, 0:43 am

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