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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Kozunai
A few details have come to light about Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.

First of all, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar comes with a pre-order bonus, just like the past few Harvest Moon games. This one comes with a horse plush, this will be a great addition to most people's collections.

Next, a few of the english names have been shown, first of all Royd's name has been changed to Lloyd, not a big change. Freja's name has changed to Freya, again not a big chage. The biggest change so far has been, Enju to Antoinette, now where that one came from I'm not sure.

Keep your eyes peeled to Ranch Story for the newest up to date information on Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.
16 May 2010, 18:50 pm Comments (1)

Harvest Moon: Twin Villages Page Launched HMFarmer
I started to make the Twin Villages page and plan to update it sometime during the week. Visit it here: Harvest Moon: Twin Villages

As a side note: Kozunai and Myself have recently become new Administrators in the hopes of keeping the Ranch Story spirit alive and one day possibly replacing Jason and Saffy.

Also be sure to order Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley for the PSP (Amazon link to left!)
3 May 2010, 0:54 am Comments (8)

Hero of Leaf Valley and Grand Bazaar! Kozunai
As many of you know, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley for the PSP was released yesterday. In the weeks to come we will be working our hardest to update the content in the Hero of Leaf Valley section to match with the english release, however something more exciting has turned up!

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has been given an english release date! Now if you are wondering, it is fairly clear that Grand Bazaar is the english name for Welcome to the Wind Bazaar. Now there is some puzzling news from this as well. Remember two or three years ago when Tree of Tranquility was coming out, and everywhere you looked it said that the publisher was not Natsume, but Crave Entertainment? Well this time it says that the publisher for Grand Bazaar is called "Zoo Games," none of us are sure what that means, but we are almost positive that it is going to be Natsume that is localizing it, even though it hasn't been updated on their site that they are bringing it over, but of course they never update their site that much...

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is slated for release on July 5th, 2010! Keep checking back for updates on this as well as all the Harvest Moon games to come!
28 April 2010, 9:04 am Comments (4)

Harvest Moon Artist Spotlight #17 Darth Paper Boy

Alright, I think enough time's been given between one of these "filler" updates and the proper HM news about Leaf Valley; which should be out soon if it's not already. Anyway... Here's Leia. The picture was just done for the artist's practice drawing scales, and they look pretty swell I think.
Artist: "PurpleMuffin"
Artist Site/Blog: Here

If you have Harvest Moon or Rune Factory artwork you would like to submit to the gallery, please visit the Fan Art Submission page for more details.

Disclaimer: The art presented in these updates, naturally, belong to their respective artists and their characters to their respective owners. I, nor anyone else on RS staff (unless stated) have anything to do with them. If for whatever reason you don't want your art featured here, simply ask and the link, thumbnail, and image will be taken down.
21 April 2010, 19:33 pm Comments (8)

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Kozunai
Alright guys! This one has been a long time coming (and missed over a lot) but Natsume has finally updated their Coming Soon! page with "Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley."

In this game you play as a young man coming to Leaf Valley to start a farm, there you find the Funland Corporation planning to demolish Leaf Valley to start up Funland. You have exactly one year to save the valley from destruction, and along the way you may even find that special someone and start a family together!

"Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley" is scheduled for a release date of April 20th, 2010!
27 March 2010, 10:14 am Comments (12)

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