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Posted by: Jason Oct 21 2008, 07:23 AM

Harvest Moon Gallery FAQ

We've added a new Gallery system to Ranch Story. You can check it out by visiting:

Status: We're currently accepting submissions!



Question: How do I add my artwork to the gallery?
Answer: Upload it to a website like or and then POST the URL to the image in the submission format (see below) If it meets our guidelines, we will add it to the gallery.

Question: I've posted my Fan Art in the forums already, can you just take it from there?
Answer: No, you must send me a PM with the URLs so I have your permission to post the Art.

Question: Once my Art is published, who will be able to see it?
Answer: Everyone -- Members, Guests, and anyone linked from the main page, as well as on the GALLERY tab in your profile.

Question: Why add a Watermark?
Answer: As much as we hate to have to add a watermark to images, it's main purpose is to prevent from your artwork landing on other, unauthorized websites. If for some reason the artwork does get taken, the watermark will guide people who find it to this website where they can find the original artist.

Question: Once added, will I be able to edit my own submitted Fan Art information?
Answer: Yes, as long as you are a registered member. In order to do so, view the image as you would if you were normally browsing the gallery, bu tclick the options drop down and choose "Edit Image".


Important Information:


These guidelines may be modified at any point. You are responsible to check here often for updates or changes. When we make changes, we will "bump" this topic.


Submitting your artwork:

As mentioned above, artwork is submitted via PM to

Please include the following information in the PM (You can copy and paste the code below):

[b]Image URL(s):[/b]
[b]Artwork Title:[/b]


Watermark Image: (DO NOT ADD THIS YOURSELF, it will be added for you)

Please allow 184 x 57 pixels in the bottom right corner for the watermark to overlap your artwork.


Thanks! I look forward to publishing your work in our!

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