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> Create A Character (Harvest Moon Style)
post May 26 2007, 08:15 PM
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be like a cloud
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Name: Azura
Age: 17
Occupation: Daughter Of Restaurant Owner
Likes: The Beach, Water, Flowers, Fish, Jewelery, and Fish recipes
Dislikes: Curry Recipes, Rocks, Weeds, Boots, Cans, Grasses, Failed Recipes.
Hates: RelaxTea, Cabbage, Duck Eggs, Candies Potatoes.
Loves: Diamonds, Fish Sticks, Pink Diamonds
Personality: Upbeat, Hyper, Friendly, Terrific Cook.
Bio: Azura grew up on the ocean. She lived in a houseboat for 10 years, before she moved to Forget Me Not valley. She and her family opened a Restaurant on the ocean, on a small island, not too far from the beach. She is a great worker, and loves to cook. She really likes fish too. If you want to win her over, you will have to love the beach, and her cooking!
Heart Events:
Black: Visit the restaurant on a Monday and Azura will be alone in there. She is sweeping the floor and she welcomes you. Ask: Need any help? She'll laugh and say you are too kind, but she will be able to do it.
Purple: Walk to the beach at sunset and Azura will be sitting on the dock staring out at the sea. You stroll up to her and ask what shes looking at. She says she just really loves water. You say that you love the water too, and she will smile and say that maybe you could watch with her sometime.
Blue: Go into the restaurant at night and Azura will be closing up. She notices that there is a shadowy figure in the restaurant (you) and unknowingly, you walk up to her and frighten her, so she hits you with broom. You will then black out and wake up in Dr. Hardy's house. He will say that you suffered a bad bump to the head, and Azura will be embarassed. She sheepishly smiles and apologizes, you nod and go home.
Yellow: Walk to the beach during sunset and Azura wil be talking about you. She says that you always make her smile, and she can't remember what her life was like before she met you. She then asks herself is you like her back. Finally noticing you, her eyes widen and she bludshes, losing her balance, she falls backwards and plunges into the ocean, you jump in and save her and she is still blushing. She then says she is fine, and that she can make it from here. You nod and leave. She then smiles and is now sure that you don't absolutely hate her.
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post Jun 7 2007, 03:25 PM
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Haha... I've done something like this before. I believe it was at some other Harvest Moon forum ages ago. Well, remarkably I found my artwork of my character on a backup disc. I can't quite remember every detail of this character's personality though. I'll just make some of it up as I go.

Name: Amity
Age: 19
Job: Inventor
Likes: Lumber, Minerals, Vegetables, Yarn, Pizza
Dislikes: Wine, Fish, any kind of mushroom
Amity is an ambitious inventor who is not seen outside so often, although she can be found gazing into the night sky at the beach. Her primary interest is in inventing electronics. Although seen from a distance as somewhat serious and cold, she is actually very kind, caring, and has a good sense of humor.
I remember coming up with this idea for Amity: Once you befriend her, she will give you her latest invention--- which is a video game console that will hook to the player's TV at home. With the video game console, you can play the original SNES Harvest Moon (and of course, in-game time won't pass away while you play).
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post Jun 17 2007, 08:37 PM
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It's your world now.
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Moved to General Harvest Moon.
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post Jun 17 2007, 11:35 PM
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I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.
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Name: Stephan (pronounced Ste-fan)
Age: 21
Occupation: Bar tender
Personality: Laid back and carefree. He doesn't have much of a temper, and has a lot of patience. Sometimes he'll seem uncaring, but deep down he's a good loyal man to his friends and family. He will be blunt if he feels he has to.

Likes: Ladies, alcohol, customers, exercising.
Dislikes: Snobs, pansys, lazy/overweight people.

Black: He's out for a late night jog and accidentally bumps into you. He apologizes and gives you his name, then tells you he runs the local pub.
Purple: At mightnight come to the bar and you'll find him emotionally hurt because it was the day his father passed five years ago.
Blue: You sit down next to him while he is fishing at the docks, and he starts a conversation about what he should do with the rest of his life.
Yellow: You catch Stephan in the back of the bar thinking out loud of how he should propose to you.

-Is a bachelor-
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post Jun 19 2007, 03:03 AM
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--For BtN or MFoMT most likely. Maybe MM? *shrug*--
Name: Chris Sky (Christopher Sky)
Age: 24
Occupation: Traveling Artist
Personality: Chris is a simple British artist who's been traveling for who knows how long. He's laid back and a fairly passive guy. Though when you first meet him he'll be polite and gentleman like, he does have a rather snippy tongue. To those who have the misfortune of being on his bad side they'll see his temper and get an earful of insults when meeting. He's easy to get along with, however, and few feel his wrath. ... Then again no one is spared from his sarcasm (to friends he jokes) and it IS easy to get him annoyed. He's more comically annoyed then anything, though.

Likes: Wine, cooking, walking around the town or forest, sleeping, reading, and above all painting and drawing.
Dislikes: Snobs, completely immature people, aggressive arguing, haters, those who think Lose-lose or Win-lose.

Inspiration: Chris will be sitting on the dock and looking displeased. You walk over to him and automatically ask what's wrong. He'll say he's run into a bit of an artist block and hasn't been able to draw anything. He'll ask you if you want to try and help him out. You have the option of saying yes or no. If you answer yes you can then choose to talk about nature, the town, or animals. Whatever you choose the screen will fade black, then come back and Chris and you will be standing on the dock. Chris will smile and thank you for helping him, saying he has an idea now. With that he'll bid you farewell and leave.
Need to: Have Chris on Blue Heart

Not a bachelor.
Only in town every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Usually can be found at the bar at nights, the beach, the Winery and the Supermarket.
Knows Karen's family well and is old friends with Karen.

Meh. Character is fully-developed and such, but not quite for this stuff. I tried though! XD;

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post Jun 19 2007, 10:29 AM
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Edit: Oops, wrong topic.
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Kireus Earannos
post Jun 20 2007, 12:35 PM
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Name : Kireus Earannos
Age : 21
Occupation : Worker in a poultry farm
Personality : Quiet and sensitive, but he's very friendly and kind. He's not very healthy...
Bio : His parent died when he was 5 years old, so his cousin looked after him until he was 16. When he was 16, his cousin was killed. So he came to live in the town and worked as a worker in a poultry farm.
Eyes : Bright blue eyes
Hair : Long brown hair

Love : Chocolate Cake
(Kireus : This reminds me of my cousin's cooking... Thank you very much for this wonderful cake.)
Like : Apple, Apple Pie, Cake, Cheesecake, Milk, Hot milk, Sushi, Chirashi Sushi, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Truffle, Truffle Rice, Egg Recipes, Pudding
(Kireus : Thank you very much, I really like it.)
Dislike : Bread Recipes, Curry Recipes, Pickles, Pickled Turnips, Pumpkin Pudding
(Kireus : Can't you give this to someone else?)
Hate : Failed Dish, Red Grass, Poisonous Mushroom, Wine, Fish Bone, Weed
(Kireus : You don't have to do such a thing if you hate me. Just tell me that you hate me.)

Heart Events:
Black ~ In the clinic on Sunday, he'll be there and ask if you like chickens. Tell him you like them and he'll say that you're a good person.
Purple ~ In the inn at night, the innkeeper will offer you a drink. A moment later, he'll come to the inn to deriver some egg. He'll notice you and told you not to drink too much. Thank him for his care and he'll be happy.
Blue ~ In the afternoon(Rainy or snowy day), when you get into the poultry farm, you'll notice that Kireus isn't there. You'll go upstair and see that he's sick. If you decided to look after him, he will like you more. This event will end at 6:00 pm.
Yellow ~ At the beach, he'll be standing on the pier. He'll tell you about his past, the death of his parents and his beloved cousin. Then he'll apologize you for telling you such a boring story. Tell him that you understand his feeling and his sadness, and he'll say you're like his cousin.
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post Aug 27 2007, 04:04 AM
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be like a cloud
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Hope I can still reply in this topic even though its old. D:

Name: Raven
Age: 19
Occupation: Unemployed
Residence: In a small house in a field past the path to the city.
+ 800LP
Black Curry
"Oh... This looks... Very good. Thank you."

+ 500LP
Normal Items:
Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Witch's Present, Winter Sun.
"... I looked for this alot. You've saved me trouble."
Pumpkin Stew, Pickled Turnip, Relaxtea.
"It looks okay... I'll eat it later."

+ 300LP
Normal Items:
Black Grass, Fish Bones, Lithograph, Red Grass, Grapes.
"Hmph, I'll take it if you're giving it to me."

- 500LP
Any flower, jewelery, or any other grass.
"Why'd you give this to me? Do you enjoy irritating people cause you do a good job."

- 800LP
Weeds, rocks branches, and steamer recipes.
"You annoy me. Leave me be!"

- 5000 LP
"Are you saying I smell or something?"

[note] I DID NOT draw this, I just found it on photobucket. [/note]
Personality: She's very depressed sinced her mother left her and her sister a few years ago. Now she spends most of her time in her room doing... No one really seems to know what shes does with all the Black grass, fish bones, and pickled turnips you give her.


Black: Walk into Ravens house and you will look around because no on is in. As you are about to leave, Raven walks out of her room and a exclamation appears over her head. "Hey! What are you doing here?" Say: B- but I was just about to leave!
Raven still says thats not a good enough answer and says that next time you come back, dont.

Purple: Go into her house again and Raven will be in the back of the room reading. another exclamation appears over her head and she reminds you that you weren't supposed to come back.
Say: But I wanted to see you.
And she will look at you like there is a cucumber growing out of your face. (AKA WEIRDLY) She then blushes and walks towards her room and says: Well... I guess you can come back sometimes. But if you visit too much I'll get mad. You nod and leave.

Blue: *You must have the first mine unlocked for this event*
Walk into the first mine and Raven will be looking for something. She will look at you and ask if you can help her.
Say: Of course.
Raven gives a small smile before she say that she's looking for some black grass. You nod and start tilling the soil. after about 6 tries you finally find some! Raven is happy that you helped her and goes back to her house.

Walk to the beach at midnight and Raven will be staring at the sea. You walk up to her and she is surprised, but still glad it was you. She was just saying to her self that ever since you started visiting her, she has been happier lately.
Say: "I was already happy, but you've somehow made me happier"
Raven Is taken back by what you said and blushes.
A little too taken back, she then says that she is cold and is leaving.
She can be considered a "special bride" in the way the Keria is because you have to raise Jackie the Harvest sprite to 250 FP before he'll let you pass.

She has a sister "Robin" who is also marriageable and is the complete opposite of Raven, and I will design later. :D

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post Sep 25 2007, 12:23 AM
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Name; Buddy
Age (Not Real); 24
Family; my Brother (Tommy)
Personality; Mixed emotions. Mainly shy.
Occupation; Different part-time jobs, Game-addict
Likes; Pizza, Root Beer (I live on that stuff (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalatounge.gif) )
Dislikes; Perfume (makes me sneeze alot)
Heart events;
Black; Lost my favorite game, heroine comes and finds it, introduces myself, and thanked her.
Purple; Playing my Wii, she comes in and interupts me, ask her to play, say Yes, and we played till 3pm.
Blue; Feeling all depressed, she comes along, cheer's me up and I give her a copy of "Harvest Moon" for the SNES.
Yellow; Looking for a job, she let me work with her, while work, I told her that she's nice and maybe get a job as a farmhand. She think I might be a good farmer, and I'm happy.
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post Mar 8 2008, 01:14 PM
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This is fuuun. :D

Harvest Moon: FoMT

Name: Yuveria
Age: 15
Occupation: A girl who earns money by picking up herbs for the Doctor. :D
Residence: Mineral Town.She lives with Gotz.
Likes: Amethyst,Jewelry,Perfume,Flowers and Wrapped Chocolate.
Most Favorite Item: Cake.(Wrapped)
Dislikes: Failed Cooking,Garbage,Branches,Weeds and Stones.
Personality: Friendly and Cheerful.She is happy most of the time,but she's depressed inside.


Black: Go to the Mountains. around 10 AM.You will see her picking up herbs.You introduce yourself,and you talk for awhile.She then tells you you seem really nice,and leaves.

Purple: Go to Mother's Hill around 10 AM.You will see her picking herbs(again).She will ask you if you want to help her.You have an option to say 'Yes' or 'No'.If you say 'Yes',you will help her pick up herbs and deliver them to the Doctor.After Yuveria receives her payment,she splits the money in half.She keeps half of the money,and you get the other half.

Blue: Go to Mineral Beach around 5 PM.You will see her standing near the boat.You approach her,and asks what's wrong.She hesitates for a while,but finally decides to tell you what's wrong.After she speaks,you will then have an option to comfort her or to depress her even more.If you choose to comfort her,she will feel much better.Before she leaves,she thanks you and tells you that she's happy she met you.

Yellow: Go to the Clinic at 9 AM.You will see Yuveria delivering herbs to the Doctor.The Doctor says that it isn't enough.Yuveria protests that the herbs she picked are the same as the amount of herbs she usually picks.The Doctor replies that he now has new medicines and it requires even more herbs.He says that he needs Yuveria to pick more herbs,but the money he pays her won't increase.Yuveria starts to protest and your character walks in. You then get an option to side with the Doctor or to side with Yuveria.Side with Yuveria,and the Doctor will apologize.He will say that he just isn't in a good mood.Side with the Doctor,and Yuveria will get upset.

Ok.The Yellow Heart Event was ugly.Dx
Forgive me.I'm not good with these things.Dx
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post Mar 8 2008, 02:45 PM
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be like a cloud
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Name: Robin
Age: 16
Occupation: Florist
Residence: Small house on the way to Mineral Town


+800 ~ Apple Souffle ~ Oh! This is my favorite food of all time!! You're the best [name]!

+500 ~ Items: Flowers (any), Necklace, Bracelet, Dress, Earrings, Brooch, Amethyst, Agate, Flourite, Peridot, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Sandstone, Diamond, Alexandrite, Pink Diamond ~ Wow! This is gorgeous! Thank you so much!!
Food ~ Strawberry Milk, Pancake, French Toast, Hot Milk, Cheesecake, Cake, Apple Pie, Grape Juice ~ Mmmm, this looks delicious... You know, I love a man who can cook. ((IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif) )

+300 ~ Items: Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes, Yogurt, Wild Grapes, Chocolate, ~ Wow, I guess you put your farming to good use hmm? Teehee!
Food: Nothing.

Black Heart Event - Walk into Robins room and she will greet you happily. She asks you why you visited and you [should] say I heard that a really cute girl lives here. She blushes and says you must be talking about my sister. She then pushes you ou of the room, embarassed.

Purple - Walk into the bar at 11 pm and you'll catch Robin trying to sneak in. She suddenly sees you and doesn't know what to say. She says that she had never been in the bar before, so she snuck in through the window. Say that you wont tell anyone what you saw and she'll be happy and leave.

Blue - Walk out of your house on a sunny day and Robin will run up to you saying she has lost something. She asks if you could help her find it. Say yes and she will be glad. You follow her to where she last saw it, the beach. Robin is unusually calm and not worried about her lost item. You arrive at the beach and she asks if you want to sit on the dock. Say that you two should probably look for the item. She then says that she didn't actually lose anything, she just needed an excuse to hang out with you.

Yellow - Walk into Robins garden and you will see her watering her flowers, but seeming distracted. Walk up to her and ask if she has anything on her mind. She says that she was just thinking about her mother and why she left. She stops watering the flowers and says that she was also thinking about you. She was wondering if she was too young, and about her sister. You say that you think about her too, and he'll wait any amount of time until she's ready. She blushes and says that you always know what to say.
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post Mar 9 2008, 08:39 PM
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Name: DeLaney
Age: 16
Birthday- Fall 23
Looks: Dark blue eyes, long dark brown hair that is lighter and curly near the bottom,
Clothes: Spring/ Summer- Light camouflage pants, a light blue T- Shirt. Blue and green sneakers. Fall/ Winter- Same, but she wears a blue jacket w/ darker sleeves over her T- shirt.
occupation: None really, but she helps her friend, Jamee, a lot
Residence: Forget-Me-Not Valley: DeLaney and Jamee made the arch things on the beach (awl:se) into a shack
Likes: Fossils, bones, outer space stuff, Stew
Dislikes: Pink, jewelry, really girly stuff
Personality: Very shy, sometimes rude and impolite, likes to wander off,and deeply think, and secretly wants to be an astronomer.
Heart Events:
Black- DeLaney is standing all by herself on the bridge. You come over, and she immediately shies away. Option 1- ?_oHi, I?_Tm ______?__ Option 2- ?_oWhat??__ Option 1= DeLaney says, ?_oHi, my name is DeLaney.?__ Option 2= DeLaney (yelling) ?_oWhat!??__ Her friend Jamee comes over glares at you, and says, ?_oLeave my friend alone jerk!?__
Purple- You see DeLaney. Option 1- call out, ?_oHi!?__ Option 2- Smile. Option 1= DeLaney getes nervous and runs away. Option 2= DeLaney smiles back, and is happy.
Blue- You walk out side your house and she is at your door. ?_oHi, uhh, ya?_T know what never mind. I?_Tm just glad to have a friend like you.?__ She smiles, and gives you an ore, ?_oHere, I hope you like this.?__ Then she says, ?_oYa?_T know, I?_Tve always wanted to be an astronomer. But I can?_Tt be now because there would be no reason to. That?_Ts why I help Jamee with the fish.?__ Option 1- ?_oYep, your right.?__ Option 2- ?_oThat?_Ts not true, an astronaut would be loads useful!?__ Option 1= DeLaney glares at you, ?_oI thought friends were supposed to help!??__ She angrily walks away. Option 2= DeLaney looks at you pondering what you said, ?_oHow would an astronomer be useful??__ You think, then she realizes that you were just trying to make her feel better and is happy. You smile, and she walks away.
Yellow- DeLaney is sitting under the tree by the pond. (the one with the turtle) She is deeply in thought, and you approach her. ?_oHi, I was just thinking.?__ She says. Option 1- ?_obye the.?__ Option 2- ?_oThinking about what??__ Option 1= DeLaney looks disappointed about you leaving, but goes back to her thoughts. Option 1= DeLaney tells you a secret, ?_oWell, not even Jamee knows this, but there is this guy who I really like.?__ She quickly decides she didn?_Tt want to say that and tries to make you forget it by saying, ?_oI?_Tm glad I can trust you just as much as Jamee. Actually, don?_Tt tell anyone this, I trust you more!?__

I'll do Jamee later.
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post Jun 5 2008, 03:24 AM
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Official Gleek!
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Yay! Finally! Although this topic hasn't been active for a while, I'm making my character! Although it is in AWL style.

Name: Kozunai
Age: 19
Birthday: Fall 7th
Appearance: Dirty Blonde Hair, kinda eye-length, straight hair.
Clothes: Kozunai wears a black hoodie with a gray shirt over it which reads, "Lost in a Black and White World...", baggy blue jeans, and a pair of black and white converse.
Likes: Kozunai loves to sit out on the beach on a nice summer day and just listen to the waves, during the spring don't find it unusual that Kozunai may sometimes be in a tree, or just sitting underneath a a cherry blossom tree, as they remind him of his old village, in the fall Kozunai loves to sit on a bench by the river, this is where you'll find him most of that season, in the winter Kozunai likes to hang out at the Goddess pond, or in his room at the inn. Kozunai also loves to sit and listen to the rain, he finds it peaceful. You'll almost always see Kozunai with a knife and a block of wood, because he makes little wood statues of all of his friends.
Dislikes: Kozunai hates fire, because his old village and everyone in it, except his little sister, were killed/destroyed by a giant fire that came in the night. Kozunai hates concieted people.
History: Kozunai came to this village after his own was destroyed by a giant fire. Kozunai's mother and the rest of the villagers were killed in the fire, he and his sister were the only two that survived. Kozunai doesn't know where his sister is, so he came to this village in hopes that he could find his sister, maybe something else could make him stay?
Personallity: Kozunai may seem a little cold at first, but he is just afraid to get to close to anyone because he may lose them again... But if he gets to know you, he will begin to open up a little bit.

Heart Events

Green Heart - Only able to activate during the spring, on a sunny day. Walk from the main pathway toward the inn. Once you get to the door of the inn, Kozunai will walk out. You walk into the inn, Hope, the inkeeper, will be behind the desk, and you will walk up to her. Select the first option and you will ask her about Kozunai, Hope will say that he is a tough one to figure out, and that he doesn't open up to many people. You will then thank her and walk out of the Inn, while you are walking down the pathway you will notice someone sitting in one of the Cherry Blossom trees, you look up and see that it is Kozunai. Ask him what he is doing, and he will tell you that it is none of your business, he will then come down the tree and walk back to the inn.

One Red Heart - Only able to activate during the spring on a rainy day. Go to the inn and walk up to Kozunai's room. When you enter Kozunai's room you'll notice that no one is their, and you start to think why the door was left unlocked. Suddenly you hear something coming from the balcony. And you immediatly walk to the balcony door, and you walk out only to find Kozunai sitting on the balcony watching the rain. He starts telling you that the rain is calming to him, and that he almost wishes that it would rain all the time. Then he asks if you like the rain, tell him you do and he'll be happy, but then the rain we'll stop and he'll thank you for coming.

Two Red Hearts - Only able to activate during the summer on a sunny day. Walk to the beach. Once you approach the beach you will notice Kozunai sitting on the beach fiddling with a block of wood. You walk up and just stand behind a tree and watch Kozunai. Kozunai starts talking to himself about how he misses his sister. You walk up and asks what happened to his sister, he tells you about his old village and how it was destroyed. He'll then tell you that Hope gave him a letter that was from his sister. It said that his sister, Sephira, is coming to live with him! He'll be so excited, that he will run off to go tell Hope. From now on, Kozunai will start to talk to you about his family.

Three Red Hearts - Only able to activate during the fall on a sunny day. Walk from your farm to the river. You'll see Kozunai carving a figure out of wood, and you'll walk up to him, and ask him who the person is. He'll tell you that it's his sister, and that it is a gift to give her. He'll then proceed to tell you that today is the day when she is supposed to arrive, when suddenly you'll hear someone shouting Kozunai in the bakground. The two of you will turn around to see Hope and a small girl stading beside her. Kozunai immediatly jumps up and runs to the little girl, obviously, you follow suite. Kozunai will tell you that this little girl is Sephira, his sister. He will then give Sephira the little statue he made her, and she will now live with Kozunai!

Four Red Hearts - Only able to activate during the winter on a snowy day. Walk from the inn to the Goddess pond. You'll see Kozunai standing by the Goddess Pond, and before you can even walk up to him, he will tell you that it was nice of you to come. He will then tell you a story from his old village of how the Harvest Goddess once resided in the Goddess Pond in the middle of their village, and then how she left one day, and soon after the fire started. You'll then proceed to tell him that there is no Goddess in this pond either. He will say that he already knows, but that it wasn't the same Goddess anyway. He will then reach into his bag and pull out another wood carving, but this one is of you! He gives it to you, and confesses that he is in love with you, and that he has liked you ever since you sat on the balcony with him and watched the rain. You will then proceed to give him the Blue Feather, which he happily accepts.

The wedding ceremony will take place at the end of the season, and Sephira will come to live with you and Kozunai, but you'll also have a little child of your own, but by the time you are able to play again, your child will be around the age of two years, and Sephira will be around six years old now.
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post Jun 5 2008, 04:17 AM
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be like a cloud
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Character made for Rune Factory Wii.

Name: Luna
Age: 19
Occupation: Merchant of small trinkets, and snacks.
Residence: Small hut near mountains.
Birthday: Fall 19th

To raise LP: Talk to her, buy things from her stand in the town square. Bring her cookies on thanksgiving and accept chocolate from her on winter thanksgiving. Visit her every day.

Daily Schedule:

- From 7am-3pm she will be in the town square selling things.
- 3pm-7pm She will wander aound town.
- 7pm-9pm she will walk home.
- 9pm-10pm she will be in her house. At 10pm her house will be locked.

- From 8-am-11am she will walk around the beach.
- 11am-12pm she will walk to the inn.
- 12pm-6pm she will hang around the inn.
- 6pm-9pm she will wander around the mountains.
- 9pm-9:30pm she will walk home.
- 9:30-10:30 she will be in her house.
- Her house will be locked at 10:30.

Proposal: When you have her at 10LP, visit her house at 9pm. She says she wants to bring you somewhere. She cuts down thick branches to make a path, and you finally arrive in a grassy plain with fireflies glowing in the misty air. She says that she hasn't shown anyone else this place before, but she knew that if she ever wanted to show it to someone, it would be you. She says that she feels something really special with you, and she was wondering if you felt the same.
You can say: I love you with all of my heart Luna, please marry me.
Or: The firefly buzzing in my hair? You feel one too?
You should probably pick one. ;]
If you pick 1, she will blush and say yes. From there, you go to the wedding.

Proposal requirements: You must have bought 30 things from her stand.
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post Jun 5 2008, 11:44 AM
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Omnia Sunt Communia
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I will throw a character at you and see if it bounces.

Name: Fabian (For HM:DS)

Age: About 20 ish

Appearance: White hair (a bit like Skye), tall, grey eyes, looks young but mature. He is very good-looking. He wears black or grey clothes, sometimes with a blue, red or purple cloak.

Favourite Present: (+ 15 FP, + 800 AP) Winter Sun (Dialogue: *laughing* Wow, for me? It appears you know me better than I thought.)
Likes: (+ 9 FP, + 500 AP) Jewel suns (Summer Sun, Spring Sun, Autumn Sun), Rainbow Curry, Relax Tea, Elli Leaves, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Cookies (Dialogue: *smiling* Oh, thank you. I like these. A lot.)
Quite likes: (+3 FP, + 300 AP) Coloured grasses, gems, mine ore, coloured curry (Dialogue: *smiling* Thank you. I like these.)
Dialogue for neither like or dislike: (+1 FP, +100 AP) Uh... Thank you.
Dislikes: (-5 FP, -500 AP) Fish, all other cooked food. (Dialogue: *frowning*... I don't want to be rude, but... Never mind...)
Strongly dislikes: (-9, -800AP FP) Cooked fish, cooked eggplant, sweets, burnt food, fodder, bird feed, garbage (Dialogue: *frowning* Are you trying to upset me?)
Most Hated Present: (-20 FP, -5000 AP) Happy Eggplant (Dialogue: *angry* Ugh, what is this... stuff...?)

Personality: Fabian is sort of your rival. He has his own farm, and is a marriage rival for the Witch Princess (The Witch would be your rival for him in the girl version).
He is very popular with all the ladies (you get to see a mock heart event for each one where he rejects them) but to all of them he is just polite at best... except with the Witch Princess, whom he works for as an assisstant, gathering herbs and the like. He is calm and intelligent.
He starts off being coldly polite and distant at all times. However, when you befriend him he opens up to you.
He spends most of his time with the Witch or out gathering herbs for her potions. On rainy days he spends his time by the beach or in the forest. He also goes to the forest in the early evening.
He leaves his farm, down the Mineral Town road (Jackie blocks your way there until Fabian's Blue Heart Event), at 8 am. He then does work on his farm and goes for a walk, visiting the forest and ending up in the Witch's cottage.

Black Heart Event: If you go to the forest in Spring between 8pm and 10pm on a sunny day, you find Fabian looking for herbs. You hear him muttering to himself he needs some Orange Grass. You walk over to him, and have three options.

A: (+3000 AP) Offer to help him look. Fabian accepts your offer gladly and you soon find some. He's happy that you helped him, and says that you should feel free to come and visit him any time you like.

B: (-2000 AP) Tell him that he's wasting his time working for the Witch Princess. He looks offended and mutters about minding your own buisness. Then he leaves without looking for his herbs.

C: (+500 AP) Talk to him about the weather. He talks back but seems a bit vague and uninterested. He finally finds what he's looking for and leaves, telling you it was nice to talk to you.

Purple Heart Event: The requirement for this event is that you have found the Legendary Sword. Go to the beach when it's raining on a Sunday between 10am and 12pm. You need the Sword in your rucksack.
You find Fabian standing at the edge of the water, staring off into the distance. You walk over to him, and start a conversation. He tells you that in stormy weather it's said you can see some ancient ruins in the water far away. He says that they are the remains of a lost civilization from centuries ago and that there are some similar ruins near the Digsite. You have three options.

A: (+500 AP) Tell him it was nice to see him again and leave because it's cold.

B: (+3000 AP) Show him the Legendary Sword. He'll be amazed you've found such a precious thing and tells you it's kind of you to show it to him. He smiles at you and leaves, telling you he'll see you later.

C: (-2000 AP) Tell him ruins are boring and talk about yourself. He'll be quite shocked at your rudeness. He apologises for being so boring and leaves, a little upset.

Blue Heart Event: For this long and very useful event you need to have found Jackie the sprite. Walk along the road to Mineral Town between 6pm and 8pm, and as always Jackie will appear and tell you that you can't come through because of your work not being finished/night roads being unsafe/there's a small zombie outbreak/etc.
Fabian will appear, and tell Jackie it's alright for you to pass because he'll accompany you on his way home. Jackie leaves, and you follow Fabian down the road. You arrive at a new location, Fabian's homestead. You can unlock this place through this event, but it'll be open after you get married if you never see this event or if you play as a boy. It has a small stone cottage with a tower and a field where assorted seasonal crops grow. There is also a pond.
Fabian stops outside his door and says that if you're not too busy, feel free to come in. You have two options.

A: (-2000 AP) Tell him you've got other things to do. He'll look disappointed and will mumble about having work to do as well. You will be back at your own farm after this, and the event will be over.

B: (+1500 AP) Tell him you'd love to. He smiles and you go into his house. He makes you both a cup of Relax Tea. You both sit down. You have three options.

A: (-2000 AP) Talk to him about the other Valley boys. He seems a bit distressed when you mention Skye, and mentions that perhaps it's time for you to go now.

B: (+1500 AP) Talk to him about farming. You have a long conversation, and then you leave. He is happy to have seen you, and invites you to come round whenever you're in the area.

C: (+2000 AP) Talk to him about ancient ruins. He tells you he is also interested in the history of the valley. When you talk to him about the mines under the digsite, he tells you the story of a princess who led a mob against the Witch Princess a century ago. The Witch Princess retaliated by making her unable to speak and locking her in a cavern for a hundred years.
If you have 200+ FP with the Witch Princess, you have a further two options.

A: (+1000 AP) Tell him you are also good friends with the Witch Princess. He tells you that you and her have much in common, and gives you an accessory as a gift - a Moonlight Necklace that works both as a Teleport Necklace and lets you use your tools up to mystrile by tapping on the map square you want. You tell him how grateful you are and leave because of the time, noting that two hours will have passed since the event started.

B: (+500 AP) Ask him how the Witch is. He replies telling you that she's fine and your concern for her is kind. You leave, noting one hour will have passed since the event started.
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I wanna do one (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalagrin.gif)

this one is for hm ds or awl

Name: Natasha

Age: 21

Lives: in the inn

Appearance: Black hair put in a high pony tail and a white dress with a red gems decorating it.

Occupation: Taking care of her brothers and sisters

Loves: White Curry

Response: Oh th-thank you. It looks wonderful.

Likes: anything she could use for cooking.

Response: Oh thank you. I know exactly what I'll use this for.

Hates: Branches weeds poison mushrooms red grass

Response: Whats this!!! why are you giving this to me!?!

Personality: Calm Relaxed wonderful cook

Story: When her Parents past away she moved to Forget-me-not valley to try a make a living for her self and her 3 brothers (Theodore,Ricardo,Mark) and her 4 sisters (Melody,Daphne,July,Rayne). Her parents adopted Rayne July and Mark. Theodore is 10,Ricardo 11, Mark 15,Melody 16, Daphne 5,July 17,Rayne 16. If you marry her The older girls will take over caring for the younger ones and she will check up on them every day.

Heart events.

Black heart
Natasha is cooking dinner and she wonders if you could taste it to see if it tastes good.

Purple heart
All the children are sleeping and the older girls are at there jobs and so you two have time to talk. Then when she asks you who you like in the village the children start waking up...

Blue heart
You walk into the house and Natasha is very happy. She notices you and tells you that theres a school in the neighboring town that will except all the younger ones. (if you see this event her and the children will walk back and forth to town)

Yellow heart
You walk in and none of the children are there! Natasha notices you and tells you the children are at there Aunts house. You to take a walk to the goddess pond which she loves.

Extra Info: Very hard to marry but is a good wife
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Omnia Sunt Communia
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This is another heart event for Fabian (see above):

Green Heart Event: The requirement for this event is that you must have fainted at least 25 times. Afterwards, if you faint on a rainy day in the areas
- Outside Romana's mansion
- Outside Vesta's farm
- By the beach
then Fabian will be the one who rescues you. You wake up in his house, in the spare bedroom. He tells you that he found you unconscious on the ground when he was going for a walk, and took you back. He has a potion to make you feel better. You have two options.

A: (-2000AP) Tell him it looks suspicious. He'll be quite upset. Once you are dressed again, he takes you home, but seems depressed because you were suspicious of him. The event will end with you standing outside your front door.

B: (+1000AP) Say thank you and drink it. He'll tell you that you look much better, and offer to take you home once you have regained your strength. You can either

A: (-500AP) Decline, and tell him you are perfectly capable of walking home on your own. He'll look slightly miffed.
The event ends with you standing outside your front door.

B: (+1000AP) Say yes. He smiles and tells you he's always glad to help a friend. You walk back together, and he gives you another potion to keep and use when you want before he leaves to go back. It heals 100% stamina and 50% fatigue, and it looks like a little purple bottle.
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Hmm....Let me see here....How about this?

Name - Sania (Female Of Course...)

Age - 20.

Height - 5 Feet 2 Inches.

Weight - 110.

Eye Color - Emerald With A Very Small Mix Of Red.

Hair Color And Style - Bluish Silver And To The Waist.

Dress Up Fashion - White T-Shirt With Red Cloak Over It And A Long Blue Skirt With Black Heel Shoes.

Attitude - Very Polite And Well Manered But Is Shy And Avoids Others.

Ancestrial Tree - Great Great Grandaughter Of Lumina And Jack.

Lives With - Uncle Sebastian The Second, Nephew Of Sebastian. Aunt Liminaea Niece Of Romana Sister To Lumina.
Residence - Beach Front Valley "Once" Called Forget Me Not.

Name Of Game - Harvest Moon: Return To The Valley For Wii.

There ya' go. Sound interesting to you?
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be like a cloud
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Name: Kiran Jascinthe
Age: 19
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Silver
Personality: Quiet, Cold, Caring, Worrysome.
Profile: Kiran moved to Emerald Point when her mother informed her that Kiran's grandfather was sickly and needed help. Kiran selflessly moved across the country to the village. She loves her grandfathe very much and tries her best to help him. In her free time she is often seen on the outskirts of town, telling herself that she should really be takeing care of her granfather right now. She is very clean, and is a good cook.

Loves: Medicine, Herbs, Tea -- "Oh... My grandfather really could use this... I- I can't thank you enough."

Likes: Hot Cocoa, Saturn Carnations, Boiled Rice, Breadfruit, Tomatoes -- "Thank you. I really did always have a fondness for these."

Dislikes: Corn, Boiled Fish, Fast Food, Bugs -- "Ugh. I don't have enough time to talk to you."

Hates: Baked Fish -- "Wh- Why would you give this to me?"


Black Heart [At Home] -
1 - Hello. This isn't really a good time to talk...
2 - You should probably leave...

1 - I should really be home now...
2 - I wonder if he's okay...

1 - Hi. My grandfather couldn't come today.
2. I wonder if he's doing okay by himself...

1 - Oh, hello.
2 - Do you need anything?

Purple Heart

1 - Oh, hi.
2 - I'm sorry to rush you to leave, but I kind of have things to do...

1 - Good to see you today.
2 - ...... Oh... What? I'm sorry, I was sort of out of it.

1 - Happy [festival].
2. Are you having a good time?

1 - Hi there.
2 - I really like it here, in this village.

Blue Heart

1 - Hello [name]. The weather is nice today, is it not?
2 - So, what's it like working on a farm? Do you think I could do any work for you?


1 - Hey there. The fresh air feels so good here.
2 - I like going outside, but I really do worry about my grandfather a lot. He says he'll be fine but I always feel guilty when I leave.

More later. :p
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Omnia Sunt Communia
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Methinks we should have a vote for the best one.
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