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> Create A Character (Harvest Moon Style)
post May 24 2009, 06:25 PM
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Group: Members
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I'll try o_o

Name: Aurelia
Age: 19
Birthday: 11th Spring
Hobbies: Searching for gems and picking flowers. Dancing.
Clothes: She wears a dress most of the time. Anything fancy. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif)
Skin colour: Fair.
Hair colour: Black and slightly wavy.
Eye colour: Pinkish
Loves: Gemstones, Blue mist flowers, Black Pearls, Perfume (Blue, Green, Shining and Red),Cocktails and Pudding
"How lovely. I really like this! Thank you!"
Likes: Roses, Pearls, Chocolate, Chocolate pudding
"I like this! How did you know?"
Dislikes: Decent Perfume, Mayonaise, Garbage, Failed Dishes and Pumpkin Dishes.
"I can't accept this. It's not something I would appreciate."

Description: Lives alone in a manor on the hilltop of town. Well mannered when required, by she's very feisty and sometimes sarcastic. Believes in magic, the Harvest God/Goddess and Harvest Sprites. Also believes that the Wizard in town is actually a wizard. Doesn't know the Witch exists... Loves pudding. On Sundays, she's in the accesory shop. She likes to do ballroom dance and streetdance.


These pics are copyright of me. Do NOT take. if I see that you do. I will personally find you and smother you >.>
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post Jun 7 2009, 08:17 AM
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Group: Gusty
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I haven't done this in a while (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif) Time again for everything <3

Name: She still needs one yet (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif) Haven't thought about it, really.
Age: 20
Birthday: Spring 24
Pastimes: Baking, fishing.
Occupation: Waitress at some café
Likes: Your dog, cake, honey, eggs, milk, very berry, most crops and cooking. "You've got good taste. Thanks!"
Dislikes: Sticks, wine, flowers, herbs, gems, clay, dress, cosmetics, pickled food. "Y'know, you should keep this to yourself next time."
Loves: Chocolate cake, king fish, special egg/milk. "Waah! Is this really for me!? Thank you so much!" <--Probably one of the rare times she succumbs to her femininity
Hates: Weeds/rocks, low ranking fish, cooking failure. "Bring this anywhere near me again and I'll punch you back ten years."
She's a natural brunette and has always been flat-chested. She wears teal-coloured contacts. Her eyes are naturally dark brown.

She is a baking fanatic; sweets are her passion. Occasionally, though, she enjoys fishing (on her days off, she hunts for the king fish). A little bit on the tomboyish side, she's not fussed over 'girly' things. She'd much rather try to fool customers into thinking she's a man, and often succeeds with newcomers since they're generally not accustomed to seeing a woman in a waiter's uniform. (And if she was speaking in Japanese (or any other language, for that matter), she'd most definitely be using the more masculine form of speech.)
She's extremely pleasant to be around. Both men and women alike enjoy her presence. She's great at conversation and loves to smile. Now if only she could control her temper when the food starts burning...

If anyone wants to, they can suggest some names~
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post Jul 6 2009, 07:46 PM
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Group: Newbies
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~ Hehe This is my barcholorette character (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif) .

Name: Erin
Age: 18
Occupation-Runs Ranch with family
Likes: Homemade Desserts(Chocolate icecream is most fave), Chocolate, Gems, Flowers, Jelery(Necklace/braclet)
Dislikes- Failed cooking, Veggietable dishes, Weeds/stone/lumber
Heart Events:

Black~ You walk onto tthe family ranch and notice her watering some crops. You walk up to her. "Oh hey you must be (name). I heard about you...Umm hey can you help me water?" your chioces are. 1. No I'm busy or 2. Sure I'll help.
Respine to number 1- "Oh I see...." With a sad dissapionted look
Respionse to number 2. Happy expression. "Thanks so much!" Raises heart and friend pionts.

Purple~ She come's to your farm. "Hey (Name) I hear this animal by your farm I think it's trapped!" Chioces are 1. Let's help it! or 2. Let's Leave it!
Response for 1-You go with Erin to find out it was only a toy someone dropped. "Ohh oops I'm so sorry I thought..." Erin runs away emmbarrsed but her heart and friend piont increase.
Response for 2. "HOW COULD YOU BE SO SELFFISH!" Then Erin leave's.

Blue~ You walk into Erin's house she is having a fight with her parents. She storms out. Her parents tell you she is angry since her parents want to rearrange her older brothers room. They also tell you her brother passed away years ago. You leave the house to find Erin at the beach. You walk up to her. "I'm Sorry you saw that...The waves are beautiful me and my brother went here all the time as kids!" You chioces are "Your brother must have been something huh! or 2. "To bad you couldn't have done something meaningful together."
Response to 1- "Yeah he was! Here he gave this to me but I want you to have it!" Hands you a seashell necklace blushing.
Response to 2- "THIS WAS MEANINGFUL YOU JERK!" She runs away fumming.

Yellow~ You find Erin in her room talking to herself. She blushes. "Oh I didn;t notice you come in (Name). Sorry I was jus thinking outloud" she then looks at you blushing but eye closed giving you a stern look. "I have something for you!" your chioces are. 1' Really!? Cool!" or 2. " I don't want it"
Response to 1- "Well ok...I-I made you this!" Gives you chocolate cake. "I-I h-hope you like it
Response to 2- Erin frowns and her mother comes in. "here this cakes for you!" sje hands cake to her mom and kicks you out of her room.

Red~ You show her the blue feather at anytime. Her hands go to her face blushing. "R-really? Your giving this to me!" Chioces are 1. "Yes, I love you" 2. "Just joking, I love someone else" or 3. No sorry I was just showing"
Response to 1- "I-I Love you too!" She blushes. "I C-can't belive it!" She says happily.
Response to 2. "I Can't belive I ever liked you!" Doesn't speak to you for a day.
Response 3. "o-oh. It's beautiful I hope a guy uses that to purpose to me some day!"

Personality~Friendly, Animal lover, Stubborn, Childish.

Hair~ Brown with red and blonde streaks. Covers left eye slightly. Reaches mid of back
Eye-s Blueish Grey.
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post Jul 9 2009, 07:56 PM
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Hair Color:Purple
Eye Color: Red
Likes: Cakes,Apple Juice,Strawberries,Chocolate,Milk
Dislikes: Weeds,Eggplants.
Personality: Brave and caring, and never thinks twice when something is dear to him. Happy but sometimes shy.
Birthday: Winter 8th
Birthday Response: "Wow Thank you this really means a lot on my birthday"

Black Response: Uh Hello....nice to meet you.
I am a little busy right now.....

Purple: Oh hello! (whatever your name is) What brings you here? Its good to see you.
I am glad we are friends

Blue: It makes me feel good when you come and visit me! I am glad.
People sometimes don't understand me...Do you feel that way too?

Yellow: Hey! I was looking for you...Are you busy.....would you like to hang out?
I wish to be loved one day...do you think that will happen?

Red: *blushes* I never really noticed this but...your really pretty
If I were to marry, I would make that girl the happiest in the world!
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post Jul 9 2009, 11:25 PM
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I like this!
Likes:Wine, Curry Dishes, Chocolate Cake
Hair color:Red
Eye color:Green
Aparrel:A maid's outfit. Not like a skimpy one but a standard french maid's outfit, when she is outside of work she wears a button up short sleeved white shirt and a pink plaid skirt that is two inches above the knee.
She is the kind, hard working, mature maid of Ophelia. Ophelia's only friend and is willing to talk to her. Also happens to have a crush on Adam.She is very shy and has trouble talking to men.
When she gets married she will wear a white dress with a similar style to her uniform except no apron.
Heart Events
Black-Leave your farm at about 10. You will see Millie walking down the road. When you try to get her attention she will scream and run away.

Purple-Enter the mansion at 12 then go out. You will see Millie lying on the ground holding her ankle. At first she will tell you to please get away. But you will carry her to the farm. After icing her ankle she will start to talk to you. When she is finally able to walk again, she will thank you for taking care of her and tell you that you are welcome to talk to her any time.

Blue-Enter the Mansion at 2. Millie will greet you with a smile. She will then tell you Ophelia isn't home. Tell her you want to talk to her. She will tell you that other than Opelia, you are her first friend. Then Ophelia will come in. But instead of yelling at Millie for not working, she will yell at YOU for distracting her! You will then be forced to leave after recieving an apology from Millie for getting you in trouble.

Yellow-Exit the farmhouse at 6. Millie will be there. She will tell you how thankful she is to you and how close she has felt to you. She will then give you a chocolate cake. If you accept it she will then give you a kiss on the cheek and leave.
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post Jul 15 2015, 11:47 PM
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Group: Veterans
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Name: Raoul
Age: 19
Occupation: Architectural Apprentice

Special Gift: Vegetable Pizza, Mint ice cream.

Loves: Perfect tulips, Rare artifacts, Expensive wine, Ratatouille, Lavender, Blackberry Cocktail, Blueberry Cocktail, Black pearl.

Likes: Herb pasta/rice, Mushroom pasta, Okonomiyaki, Ramen bowl, Blueberry tea, Peach tea, Vegetable stew, Golden milk, Ancient Clay Figure, Hydrangea, Mint, Basil, Cheesecake, Roasted mushroom, Shiitake, Sapphire, Sapphire ring, Lavender tea, Lavender perfume, Citrus Perfume, Ocean perfume, Coffee, Blueberry ice cream, Stir Fried Broccoli, Tofu hamburger, Sunflower, Chocolate pudding, Omelet, Spring Roll, Macaroni and Cheese, Cappuccino, Pho, Penne all'Arrabbiata, Berry milkshake, Boiled Spinach, Fried rice ball, Minestrone soup. Olives, Gratin, Pot Sticker.

Dislikes: All fish or fish dishes, All meat or meat dishes, Turnips, Cherry pie, Fish bones, Weed ( (IMG:style_emoticons/default/jack2_wink.gif) ), Chestnut rice, Curry, Stamina booster, Boot, Pumpkin recipes, Junk ore, Failed recipes, Toadstool, Goat cheese, Mayonnaise or any recipe including it, Junk, Sponge Cake, Cauliflower, Bamboo Shoots, Animal feed, Branches, Yams.
Heart Events:

Black: Location: Outside Raoul's house. He'll notice you and invite you inside for wine or tea (you pick, he's courteous and asks which you prefer). He introduces himself, and talks about wanting to build his own house someday as he has a clear vision of what he wants.

Purple: Location: Outside Raoul's house. He is busy watering the many plants outside his house. He'll notice you and invite you to look at his garden. It includes many lavender plants -- you can choose to help him water his plants or go inside to chat. If you choose to help, he'll be grateful and explain that he works very hard as an apprentice and doesn't give his hobby of gardening as much attention as he would like. He go on to say that he want's to become a great architect, but feels very confined by the small town atmosphere. He'll give you a lavender before the end of the event. If you choose to go in to chat, he'll pour his favorite tea, blueberry, and say the same thing he would if you picked to water the plants. Just a different atmosphere. He'll give the recipe to blueberry tea along with some tea.

Blue: Atop the mountain, night. He'll invite you to look at the stars with him. He'll talk about the vastness of space and that we're just a tiny spec. He'll go on to say he wants to make a structure that will last longer than him -- a legacy, but he fears he is not good enough and will never get to make such a structure. You can assure him he will, and go on to suggest he should make his home his structure. He is grateful for your support and taken aback by the idea. He says thank you, that you're right, and he's going to make the best house in the valley -- and it'll be his masterpiece -- a manifestation of his very heart. You both look at the stars and he points out constellations to you.

Yellow: Outside Raoul's house -- and later the beach, evening. You'll find Raoul working on his house very laboriously. You can ask if he wants help. He'll refuse and ask you if you'd like to take a walk to the beach. You can accept or decline. If you accept he looks very happy. As you walk he'll ask you what you want in life. You can answer not sure, a happy home and family, or riches. If you answer anything but a happy home and family, the talk will be generic and not amount to much. If you answer riches, he'll straight up be upset and be taken aback and insinuate that he thought you were a bit different. If you answer a happy home and family, he'll be pleased with this answer and agree. He'll explain that he never had a very good home, or family. He had a single mom and she was very aloof and insensitive. He left home at 17 because he felt it wasn't his home and he didn't belong. That day he vowed to make a home and family were he felt he belonged and was loved. He'll subtly imply he could see the two of them together but quickly become embarrassed and say he needs to get ready for tomorrow and leaves. He'll give you a perfect tulip before he goes.

Personality: Very driven but not very self confident, due to his growing up. Wouldn't be the one to start the conversation. Sensitive, but open minded and emphatic. Doesn't mind being alone. Has panic attacks when faced with negative confrontation or rejection. Loves plants, and is a vegetarian. Doesn't like meat or fish because he feels for animals -- especially sheep -- which are his favorite animal. Gives gifts often to his friends will always help them when in need. Stays up late and often oversleep in the morning and is late often. Very knowledgeable about the world and botany. Likes poetry. His hobbies are gardening, reading, the piano, finding and looking at old thing like artifacts, walking to the beach and mountain, working on his house, will go to the farm that isn't yours (until at least blue then he'll be seen at your farm) to see specifically the sheep (you must have a sheep.), collecting wild herbs, hanging out at the bar drinking wine with his master (the one he's apprenticing for).

(I actually worked hard on this??? haha but very fun.)
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