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> Opinions of the Bachelor/ettes?, So what do you think of them?
Crystal Talian
post Sep 30 2009, 10:29 PM
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The Not-Quite-Crazy Cat Lady
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Well, there are topics for your favorite bachelor/ette, and your least favorite bachelor/ette. But I think we need a topic where you can post your opinions on all the bachelor/ettes! So tell me, because I'm curious, what do you think of them in this game? What are the good and bad traits of each? Et cetera, et cetera . . .

I'll put my opinions up in a bit here - I need to think for a second. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalasmile.gif)
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Twilight Wandere...
post Oct 1 2009, 01:37 AM
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Melted Wings of Wax
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There are certain M's (Gonna say that's Marriagable Canidates.) that I absolutely adore, and then there are some that I absolutely hate. Like Calvin. Calvin IS NOT hawt, and he DOES NOT need to show his chest hair off. Was talking with my sis today. I was saying I'd totally take Calvin's chest hair and lysol it, then make little designs with it. ;[

And then there's just M's that I love, like Kotomi and Chase. I like sassy kinda of people, but I really like fiery people. (Hello, Ignis, lol.) I also like girls that were teased and need love, like Kotomi.

That's my opinion on a select few. If not mentioned, I'm kinda meh about them. :3
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post Oct 1 2009, 01:43 AM
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Retired Superhero
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Seems like this is gonna be fun! :D


Anissa - She seems like one of those averages, I don't really like her, but I don't hate her either. She seems to normal for me, there is nothing really "different" about her.

Candace - I really like Candace. As a matter of fact I'm actually going to be marrying her in AP. I like her shyness, and I feel bad about her being bullied by Julius. She's quiet and sweet, and I'm glad to hear that she is supposedly not as shy as she was in ToT.

Kathy - When I first saw her the first thing that came to my head was "Inapropriate bar girl that wants to get some." Now, I actually did end up marrying her in ToT because she was really friendly. When I officially met her in the bar she was so sweet. She told her dad that he should give me a drink on the house because I was nice enough to get rid of the big rock blocking the way to the ranch.

Luna - I like her sassy additude. I really did enjoy when she was short because it made her seem different than the other spouses. She looks kinda odd in AP because they stretched her out. I never actually thought about marrying her, but now thinking about I can easily see myself doing so.

Maya - Looks like shes 3, argues about everything, has a creepy obsession with Chase...

Pheobe - She seems cool. I like her diversity compared to the others.

Renee - Like Anissa, really plain.

Selena - Odd, she reminds me of a genie...


Calvin - The average hunky guy. It was depressing that the glitch effected the protagonist from not being able to woo him. I understand that there is the game send in and they do fix the glitch for you, but I don't really see it wrth doing it now that AP is released soon.

Chase - I like his additude and how he just shoots down pretty much everyone, ESPECIALLY Maya. :)

Gill - He's quiet and studious. He's pretty cool.

Jin - I really never find myself liking any doctors in HM. They all seem way to serious and way too intelligente.

Julius - I HATE him. He reminds me too much like a female. The way he blew a kiss to me when we met. EEEEWWWWWW

Luke - He's cool. My cousin did make me realise that he has the personality like Rock, from AWL. Kinda thinks a lot of himself.

Owen - He's pretty cool. He's really plain to me though...

Toby - Quiet and Serene. He reminds of a monk almost, how he seems like he could never be angry or sad. I really like him.
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Crystal Talian
post Oct 1 2009, 02:25 AM
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The Not-Quite-Crazy Cat Lady
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Okay, here we go. These may change a bit as I continue to go through the game, marrying people and watching more scenes.


Anissa: She's very mature, she strikes me as very motherly. She seems to look out for you and she says helpful or encouraging things. She's relatively bland though. She's got some sweet lines later, however. She seems very devoted once she's in love.

Candace: I can't see why everyone likes her so much. 0_o She's all right. She pauses a lot in her sentences . . . which gets annoying. I'd rather she'd just stutter a bit if she's going to be shy, it's cute when she stutters. But she seems sweet, if more than a little self-conscious and lacking in self-esteem. I wish she were a little more certain about being in love, a little more vocal.

Kathy: I like Kathy. She's spunky and she's friendly. She's got a nice attitude and is also encouraging toward you. I like how she's always cheerful and seems to love sunshine and horses and just life in general. I also found it cute that for all her confidence, she's shy about love.

Luna: She's my favorite. She's rude to you at first, but she warms up fast. She's generally sweet, and definately spoiled. She acts childish and bratty sometimes, but that's okay. She also comes off as . . . a little threatening when she likes you - but I found that funny. I like that she uses hearts a lot in her dialogue, and that she has to jump to kiss you. And, she likes cats. Cats are awesome.

Maya: I don't like Maya. It's not her looks or anything, she's just so shallow! Pretty much everything with her is food - food, food, food! I rarely got a line from her that did not mention food. I found it very annoying. >_>

Phoebe: I like that she's intellectional. She's not just a bumbling inventor, she's actually pretty good at it! I found out through talking to her that she may be the one who invented the makers in this game. I don't think she gets enough credit. You talk to her and she has a nice personally. It's funny when she's falling in love because she complains that it's distracting!

Renee: This is the first one I married. Your standard farm-wife, as it were. But she's nice and she's always cheering for you. She's cares a lot about animals and she's always cheerful. I find her ten-heart lines really funny, because she's obviously annoyed with you for not purposing!

Selena: Again, a bit shallow. She's talks almost non-stop about dance. She seems snooty to me though. Sure, she warms up out of being rude, but she stays pretty snobby and defensive. She's talks about home a lot, making me wonder why she was so insistent about leaving - she obviously hates the climate on Waffle Island. I find it a bit amusing that she doesn't seem to realize she's in love right away, and thinks she might be sick.


Calvin: He's okay. I like how he relates his adventures and seems to know a lot about the world. Plus, his later lines (when he's falling in love) are really funny! He's also the only bachelor to mention falling in love before he fell in love with you! I kind of wish he wouldn't talk SO MUCH though. >_>

Chase: Everyone says he's really rude, but I don't see it. He seems more depressed or moody than rude to me. He's almost as food obsessed as Maya - almost. But he seems to have some life outside food. His later lines are cute. =3 He just hints that he's in love, then gives up on the that and just goes and admits it to you.

Gill: I don't care much for him. He's always rude to you - his lines regarding your health are out and out mean! But then he gets really clingy once he's in love. It's weird. Plus, he's seems slightly obsessed with money, and just seems to dislike everything overall.

Jin: Another shallow one. Pretty much every thing he says regards to health in some way. I find it a little off-putting that he seems worried about getting sick from being in love. It's nice that he obviously has some kind of love-related background though. I also laughed when he told me he wants Irene to retire soon. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalaexdee.gif)

Julius: He kind of scares me . . . It's not just the way he looks, it's his lines. They're creepy. He knows you're watching him when you meet him, he says he knows how to bring out the best of you when he's in love, and he's constantly talking about his appearance! This is good for your skin, this is bad for it. He's creepy. o_o

Luke: My favorite. He's energetic and seems sure about just about everything. He even uses exclamation points when talking about something he doesn't like! I love his overuse of capital letters and exclamation points, how he seems so happy to be in love, how he stumbles over telling you he 'lurves' you, and just explodes with happiness when you accept his confession. He even knows he's crazy, asking you if your sure you want to marry a fool. He's so sweet . . . if immature and a little over-concerned with being manly.

Owen: I don't have much of an opinion on him. He's really blunt, which is good. I've been kind of mad at him even since he asked me if I was afraid of the typhoon, then laughed and said it was fine because he was right there. >_> He doesn't seem particularly interested in much other than work and mining, since they took out the drinking for the most part in the American version. He did tell me that flowers and drinks went together, though, and it was slightly disturbing. 0_o His line about not knowing how to feel if you like someone else is slightly disturbing too. Owen's scary.

Toby: Naps, naps, more naps, and fish. =3 Toby's sweet though. He's very relaxed and seems into nature, which is cool. I thought it was so cute that he asks if it's okay to call you by your name and that he says he's nervous on your date, and that he says being in love is a warm feeling. He's nice.


I'm opinionated, aren't I? =3
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post Oct 1 2009, 02:27 AM
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Namco Professor
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Anissa: I like nice people, I like Anissa. Though she doesn't seem to have much else going for her that's not really a bad thing or anything.

Candace: I have a tendency to gravitate to the shyer girls, so I decided not to when I played ToT. I'm pretty sure I liked her in the few events I saw though, and I love blue. Blue, blue, lagoon blue, cerulean blue, sky blue, green... wait...

Kathy: I don't remember much about her, really. I'm pretty sure I actually kinda liked her in an event or two... or some dialogue... or something. And I liked her Fall outfit too. Bleh. I don't remember much about any of these people, really...

Luna: I remember absolutely nothing about her except her petite build being too much for me to not feel absolutely put off by the concept of her being a marriage candidate.

Maya: I talked to her a few times, mostly to get her married to Chase. I was a bit lazy getting to her... I sorta feel that since I can't say anything constructive about any of these characters I should replay/continue my ToT file but I was so bored by it I may as well wait until their (Slightly) revised selves in EAM.

Phoebe: Everyone hated her and when she asked me to the date event in rhyme while I was wooing everyone a little I just had to figure out why and came up empty. I think my only bother with her was that in spite of filing into the inventor niche (which I like) she never really invented or talked about inventing anything I can remember. With the exception of her attempt at breaking the laws of thermodynamics of course. Go perpetual motion!

Renee: Like Maya, I had little experience with her because she was off to the side most of the time. Of course, she seemed nice, so she was liked with my minimal experience.

Selena: The typical girl who's rude to me at first and I don't give a crap to increase the heart or two to get her to stop until much later when she suddenly becomes sweet as sugar. It's sorta bothersome, but eh, I'm used to it by now.

I'll try to think of something to say about the guys later. It takes a lot to struggle to remember that.
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Sunny D
post Oct 1 2009, 06:37 PM
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Teh Bachlorettes:

Anissa: Can you say "farm wife"? She seemed like an old soul, very sweet and wise. However, the canon couple Anissa/Jin bores me to tears.

Candace: I love Candace. She's the "shy girl", but she still manages to be interesting. I like the idea of her and Luna being a business team, sisterly love and all that.

Kathy: I actually want to be friends with Kathy in real life. She strike me as being a great big sister. Plus, she rides horses and works at the bar. What's not to love?

Luna: Why did everybody hate on Luna's height? I thought it was cool, seeing as in real life, short people exist. Her short, non-sewing girl sass is so much fun, and she's just generally a fun character all around.

Maya: I honestly think Maya is my favorite marriageable girl. I adore the fact that she is obessed with food (I tend to be drawn to passionate characters). Food is pretty much her life, and she's not ashamed of that. Plus, she's plucky, and not afraid to go after what she wants (Chase and a good hot meal. I think she was the only girl to propose). Writing her is a great time and a pleasure.

Phoebe: I liked her concept, but she seemed plain to me. I wish they had showed her quirky, accident-prone side more insted of having be just another cold inventor.

Renee: Farm wife #2. She didn't really have much of a personality, but she seemed nice.

Selena: Selena is pretty awesome. I actually like the fact that she wasn't instantly kind to you. She's a bit self-absorbed, but hey, they can't all be good girls. Also, Selena's 2nd outfit was so much the coolness.

I'll do the bachleors later. Believe it or not, I'm much more opinoinated about them than the ladies.
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Chase What Matte...
post Oct 13 2009, 08:38 PM
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Anissa - She seems kinda normal, not ugly, but not too pretty. ...Boring...

Candace - I feel bad for her, but not enough to EVER marry her. lol

Kathy - She seems kind of sweet, and she is VERY pretty! She is my first choice of Bachelorettes!

Luna - She kinda looks like she would be only 8 years old, lol. I'm not fond of her attitude either.

Maya - She seems to "Stalker-ish" for me... And she is FAR from Attractive!

Pheobe - She isn't good looking... But you gotta admit she is different!

Renee - Even though she looks dull like Anissa, I actually like Renee.

Selena - She seems to stuck up for my taste, plus she is kinda ugly...


Calvin - Sad he is a Glitch... lol - He kinda reminds me of Indiana Jones...

Chase - mmm Chase!

Gill - He looks to nerdy for me lol...

Jin - Trust me Jin is VERY boring! I married him the first time around... But I will admit he is a good man!

Julius - Julius... Julius... Julius... I actually thought he was a chick at first! To be honest, I despise him!

Luke - He is kinda ugly looking... Not only that he seems to "Self Centered"...

Owen - Owen is definitely in the league of Extrodinary men lol!

Toby - Personally I'm not to fond of Toby... I mean he seems nice, but he's WAY to lazy for me...
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post Dec 15 2010, 08:31 AM
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Woot! Reviving topics. Heres what I think about the bachelor/ettes...

Anissa - Hmm. She's a bit normal for me. I mean I dont know much about her. Was she the one with the other farm?
Candace - Shy and quiet though...shes a good opposite of her sister Luna. Her hair color kinda reminds me of yarn.
Kathy - Bartender beer chick???
Luna - She bothers me...just because she is the rival for Gill in AP.
Maya - looks like a little girl who uses an easy bake oven. Sorry guys but she does, to me. >_<
Pheobe - The smart girl, reminds me of Flora from AWL.
Renee -Fishy Girl! Erm..right. She looks cute but a bit blah to me.
Selena - Belly dancer girl who secretely goes to clubs hence why she is always cranky.


Calvin -Buff Indiana/Chuck Norris dude archialogist. enough said.
Chase - He made me laugh so hard when he lost his job in AP. His cool but kinda scares me.
Gill - His winter outfit is so gangsta... Its like his a nerd but secretely a mobster around the season. Married him in both ToT and about to in AP. THOUGH ITS A PAIN TO GET HIM TO TOWN IN THAT GAME.
Jin - Another male doctor... You know they should make a female doctor one day since they are all nurses. His ok but he justreminds me of a reality show like ER.
Julius - He is secretly Erasure and can ride rainbow unicorns.
Luke - OMG He reminds me so much of Joe from MM its not even funny.
Owen - Buff guy who could punch a mountain with his graphics...
Toby - He scares me. I mean his eyes, they are closed most of the time. O_o
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Pumpkin Patch
post Dec 16 2010, 09:25 AM
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Dude... Bummer
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I see this is for ToT. Too bad because I'm including AP marriage candidates anyways >:). (I actually haven't even played ToT yet (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalasad.gif) )

Anissa: Mature, responsible, boring, has weird hair. I forgot about her a lot.

Candace: ADORABLE <3. Such a sweetie. And so cute.

Kathy: Bleh Gwen wannabe. I don't need another marriage candidate obsessed with horses (seriously there are too many). I will say she looked awfully pretty when you marry her. I don't like her normal outfits though.

Luna: She is cute. I liked her. But some of her lines really bothered me. I'm glad she is taller in AP.

Maya: So annoying. She looks cute though.

Phoebe: So cool. I liked her a lot. I always seem to like the inventor type.

Renee: So plain. The most typical farmer girl possible. She reminds me of Ellen.

Selena: Eh. I though she looked cool. But I hated wooing her.

Witch: So cute. I loved her. It's so sad she has to live alone.

Harvest Goddess: The only girl I never married (IMG:style_emoticons/default/emot-gonk.gif) . I really don't know much about her. She is nice?

Calvin: Ew ew ew. I didn't like him at all.

Chase: Hate hate HATE! He is my least favorite (Calvin is a close second). I've complained about Chase in like three different topics now.

Gill: Loved him. I just wish he was even snootier than he already was. I find stuff like that hilarious.

Jin: So much typical Harvest Moon Doctor it hurts. But like all the other doctors he is really cute once he likes you.

Julius: Love love LOVE! Julius is so fabulous. I think he is really cool (IMG:style_emoticons/default/lalagrin.gif) .

Luke: He reminds me of Joe. So cute/childish. He is my cousin's husband.

Owen: Eh. Talked to much about mining and alcohol. But a pretty nice guy.

Toby: He's a cutie. Very calm and quite.

Wizard: Another sweetie. He is just one of those guys you can't bring yourself to hate.

Harvest King: Cool. I think they did a good job with him. I just wish they use the Harvest King in more games.

I wish I had more to say on them. But it has been too long since I've played. I can't remember enough to think of anything besides basics.
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