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> United, Ferith Stands [Final Boss], Biri Biri Conclusion [in Slang American Format]
Biri Biri
post Oct 23 2011, 04:11 AM
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Fangord : alright, we should summon the fourth priestess to this time zone, lets roll.
*Summon fails*
Fangord : Alright, that failed... Aden, go fight the Legendary Golem with Ymir.
Fangord : don't worry bro, I go yo back.
Aden : But you're just an egg!
Fangord : Yeah, but if you go to all four shrines and grow me some fruit, I can evolve into a Dragon!
Aden : This doesn't make any sense!
*2 days later*
Fangord : You have bought all four dragon souls yes?
*Fangord evolved into Fangord !!*
Aden : O_O
Fangord : Alright bro, we can go fight, but if you want to get an advantage over the Legendary Golem, go talk to the three priestess and have them re-seal the shrines.
Aden : I don't have to go back to every shrine do I...?
Fangord : It's all automatic.
*Visits the three priestess and re-seals*
Fangord : Alright, we FLY.
*Grabs Ymir and drops him off in the circle in the sky.

Aden : This is the Legendary Golem?? This is like punching one of the sea monsters...
*Ymir lays the smack down on "The Legendary Golem" and easily destroys it*

*Cutscene where they kill each other*

Aden : But I didn't get a single scratch!

Masked Man : Hahahaha, you defeated the Legendary Golem, but since I have the Wind Priestess' Body, I can re-form myself into ANOTHER Legendary Golem!
Aden : Great! Then I can defeat you so easily!
Masked Man : But FIRST, I'm gonna fly obnoxiously around you and make your life a living helk!

*deplete 30% of the Masked Man's Health*

*Mask falls off*

Aden : YOU'RE...!!!
Masked Man : Yes, I am-wait, what?

*Aden proceeds to beat the living day lights out of the Masked Man. Knock another 30% of his HP again*

Masked Man : Enough of this!! Spirit Bomb!!!
*Nukes the entire arena

*Aden is in a semi-dead state*

Aden : Dam, I'm dead again.

*Friends come visit and cheer him on*

Aden : O_O What drugs am I on?!

[Depending on how many friends are at Friendship 6 or Higher, you will get revived upon death that many times, plus 2 for Sonia and the Goblin Chief]

Aden : This circle of madness ends HERE*
Masked Man : STAY DOWN BOY

*Deplete Masked Man to 30% HP this time*
Aden : AH ###### ###### ######.
[Biri Biri Moment]
Me : Maybe I can use Ultimate Tech with Dual Swords-* Gets combo'ed by clones and dies*
Me : Alright, Let's try the Hammer! *Gets combo'ed by clones and dies*
Me : KATANA DASH ATTACK? *Gets combo'ed by clones and dies*
Me : WHAT DO I DO?! *Gets combo'ed by clones and dies*
*You have depleted your extra lives*

You woke up at 10 A.M. the next day with a cold.

Me : o/////o *blushes*
*scurries back to alter and go back up to test some things w/o picking up extra supplies*
Masked Man : Fool! No matter how many times you come back, I'll crush you again!!
Me : Why didn't you just end it with a Game Over?
Masked Man : Shut up and Fight!

*Depletes HP to 30% hp again*
Me : This battle is so stupid! I'm just tapping A over and over with the helk Staff and I can rape this guy-literally! (Tap A and time it so you only perform the 3-bolt part over and over w/o going into combo)
Masked Man : Kage Bun No Jitsu !!
Me : Alright, I'm just gonna run around... cut 90 degrees, find the real one, shoot him a couple times...

*Depletes about 5~10% HP*
*Camera Re-Locks onto him and clones fade*
Masked Man : *Laughing obnoxiously*
Aden : O_o?

*Defeats Masked Man*
Masked Man : Impossibleeeeee....! Wait. The Plant Golem... The Priestess soul... the Dragon Knight... It's all HIS doing... *witty last lines and dies*
Aden : Sweet Jesus! *Grabs Priestess body and ground collapses under Aden and he free falls back to Fenith Island*

*Spirit Song saves them*

Fangord : Thanks bro, we best friends forever. Wanna go back home?
Aden : Naw, I'm good here.

=Final Thoughts=
I actually thought this was gonna be like in RF3, where your HP never hits 0 and stays at 1 until I died. Don't follow my mistake. Think of it as Mario, with extra lives. The ending reminds me of Paper Mario : Thousand Year Door(GameCube). After the fight, you recover Sonia's body and store it inside the clinic. Ymir is missing in action. Maybe I will restore Sonia's body and re-gain Ymir in a few days?? I'll follow up later. Also, when summoning the priestess, you realize something... ;3

BTW, Final boss can be extremely easy or extremely hard depending on how you approach it. Biri Biri, signing off!
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post Oct 23 2011, 04:48 AM
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Oh... This might go in the fan fiction section. Or not...
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Biri Biri
post Oct 23 2011, 07:05 AM
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Talk to Elena to start re-building Ymir. She will tell you to gather 15 fragments. Talk to everyone on the island to get a fragment. (You only need 15, but there are slightly more than 15 available). Ymir returns the next day! (Where did the monsters residing inside Ymir go...?)

Now to bring Sonia back to her body! Begin the quest by talking to Pandora. Bring the Ancient Book to Lily. Go talk to Joe to request the Friendship Compass (what the waffles? o_O). Talk to Lily. Now here is the kicker...

Take the Compass to the Dragon Shrine. You need at least 12 friendships that are at level 6(?). Biri Biri is stuck at 8...

More to come!
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