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> Baby's Play by Play of MM, As I go thoughts/ walkthrough
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post Nov 7 2011, 10:13 AM
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A quick note on my credentials (lol, video game cred) I've played Magical Melody through fully 4 times, marrying Jamie, Dan, Alex and Basil, I've also watched a friend play most of the way through twice marrying Alex and Ray.. I think she tried with Kurt as well but I can't remember. So I sortof know what I'm doing. I -always- play a female, the one time I tried to play a male I was torn between marrying Dia and Gwen.. also Eve was in there too.. but I never completed it simply because I really can't choose...

**I'm not going to do every single day of game play, only the ones where I do something worth saying.. for the firs season almost everyday is worth something.. after that *shrugs*... we'll see

[November 7th 2011]
Start Game


Alright, so usually when you get a game open you'll get to see a short intro video. Magical Melody's intro is incredibly short and varies... each scene is a short one where the character is placed into different whimsy or amusing situations. Anyways.. The Music in the opening is inspirational sort of sounding, and the music in the intro videos is usually a lullaby and very nice.. :) --It's going to be a long haul and I haven't played in years, so I'm going to try and comment about every thing I can. Now for the opening questions, I usually try to stick close to my personal information when answering because I want to be honest.
When is your birthday? Winter What is your gender? Girl Is that okay? Yes
Alright, Opening up to the Flower Bud Village Ranch Plan!! (Hurray.) We are now meeting the lovely Theodore... he seems skeptical... and he looks creepy, just saying. Alright time to answer more questions!
What's your name? Baby (on a side note, my old character's name was always Toya)
What plot do you want? Riverside (I always plot my house here now, then I can put my farm on the other plots.)
Ranch name? Green Ranch (my favourite colour, and a play on being Green :3)

Yay! Home time! No more questions for now..!! Cute little used house of doom... some day I will grow you. :)
A quick note on the overall game play. I absolutely despise the way the characters look.. Yeah, there are an amazing amount of characters and eligible bachelors.. but the least they could have done was make them look like adults.. not babies or bobble heads.. This game is one full of obese people.. there isn't a skinny person here (Lol.. not like I feel out of place.) Also, the fact that Theodore doesn't change from this game to Animal Parade is even more disturbing.. As for animals and textures.. it's been so long I'll have to bring it up later :) Oh yeah, and cute sleep outro, just saying.

First Cut Scene
Alright, so now we get to see this game's Harvest Goddess.. Now, TRADITIONALLY in HM games, the Harvest Goddess is colour themed teal, somewhere in between blue or green depending on the game. However this rendition of the Harvest Goddess is themed in purple, The only two HGs that are themed purple are this and the one in the upcoming Leaf Valley.. and I think in Save the Homeland the original game she was blue and the PS2 Version she was purple. I think for this game, she looks more like a fairy than a Goddess to be honest. She has very visible insect like wings, and I think she was done purple simply to match Jamie...
Moving onto the plot of the cut scene.. What I can get from it is that the people of the land are forgetting how to be happy and how to love so she is too weak to survive so she solidifies herself incase there might be a hero who can save the land.. Jamie appears to be the only other one who can see the HG and the sprites.. Jamie wants to return her to her formal self.. Now we wake up and we were dreaming... *knock knock knock* Hello? ACK! TINY BABIES!! NO I'M NOT READY... oh they're sprites... with really dumb names Arthur, Carlos and Billy.. they are all exactly the same aside from their colour. The sprites ask for a favour.. for you to return the HG to her former self... And now we get the rivalry.. Jamie appears to think he's the Hero.. (Yeah.. I think Jamie is a boy.. regardless if he IS androgynous.. ) The sprites give you a pedometer, which will be useful later :)

[First Step Note]
You get your first Note here, the "First Step Note" after having your pedometer in place. (Also, just saying the character says LUCKY! whenever you get a Note, it's a typical japanese anime style thing to say, they usually say it in english even in the Japanese shows.. also.. it sounds like she's saying GAGEE!! Which also pissed me off about the character being a baby.. the only reason I found out what she was saying is when I played the male and he said LUCKY! all loud and clear like... The look the character gets after she gets the first Note is freaking sweet OnO
So apparently after every 5 notes you gotta go back to the Goddess Spring to report in.. pshh..

Alright.. so now Ellen has shown up at your door with a surprise! Well.. a favour, she wants you to take the token HM Dog.. you have no choice by the way, but that's okay for me because the cute-level of that dogs bark is over 9000.
Dog's Name Faust (Fact: My IRL dog is named Faust after Faust XIII from Shaman King)

Spring Day 2 - Monday
Now, I gotta get acquainted with the controls and perspective again *Picks up Dog* CUTE BARK OF DOOM. Another sweet thing about the river front is that the Duck and the Sparrow legit live right out of your door... and I love the Duck.. Duck Love. You might want to get this next musical note inside, where time doesn't pass in-game.

Stand perfectly still, do something else for a minute until you hear the ring of a new note.
[Stationary Note] a note received for taking in your surroundings by staying still.

Now I'm gonna grab my Hoe, Sickle and Axe and clear me some land for crops. Also, go around and try and meet everyone as a starter too.. you'll get all the info books from the people you meet. Also, you'll get to see some eligible prospects..
Pick up something sellable when you are out and about, a mushroom or a flower or something and put it in your shipping bin and you'll get
[First Shipping Note]
If you are going to go searching for selling items, make sure you empty your rucksack... the space available int his game is ridiculously tiny... if you don't empty it out, you'll be walking back with one or two items every time, even though it's good to keep your pedometer, take it off too when you are searching, you can always get steps when you are working and wooing.
After you visit the mountains and load up on honey and flowers and fruit for shipping, go home and sleep, I got to bed by 10 with minimal energy left.

Spring Day 3 - Tuesday
Bob will great you first thing in the morning if you are doing it right and he'll tell you about shipping and such, Oh and yeah, you should have mail today. A few quirks he introduces are 1. When you ship, careful, once it goes in, it doesn't come out. and 2. Lumber, if you take it out you can't put it back in. Alright, starting off, I love my puppy and it's off to get some seeds. Ah, but first, Mail.. For me it's Woody, as he was the first guy I met.. BTW. Woody is the coolest character in this game... just saying. So since the seed place isn't open until 9, I'm going to right and into the fields or where ever that next screen leads you too.. You meet Terry here.. he looks like Red Green show guy sorta... Go back after, search for shippable, then when 9 comes go to the shop... So, just for Charmy, I'm buying 10 Cabbage Seeds and 5 Breadfruit seeds, because Breadfruit looks nummy. There goes my cash, I'm down from 900 something to 226g whoop. Worth it in the long run.
Now here's the great thing I forgot... One seed bag is worth 9 squares on the field.. I was thinking 1 bag for 1 square... now I've wasted a lot of money accidentally throwing seeds, luckily, I figured it out quick sine I do all of my land clearing first. Well.. since I'm out of energy, I'll go collect.. and then I'm in bed.

Spring Day 4 - Wednesday
By day 3 of playing, It's already time to start thinking about wooing the opposite dinosaurs in the room, yes? Because honestly, Harvest Moon isn't about raising a healthy farm, not about saving the land or helping the Goddess.. It's about marriage.. most people play the darn game for the dating.
And being that there are so many bachelors I have a wide variety to choose from..
Blue... Joe... Kurt... Alex... Carl... Dan... Ray... Basil... Bob... Jamie... and Louis...
I probably won't do any wooing quite yet as I'm still getting accustomed to my stamina and the game, but it's still a tough decision.

Spring Day 5 - Thursday
Aha, Carl came a knockin' today, I'm not sure if he ALWAYS comes on that day or if he comes based on fruit/honey shipped, but here he has appeared at my doorstep :) He's here to tell you about the egg festival too. Will you help the Egg Festival? Yes, I'll help Not sure if I actually can, but we'll see.. maybe I can buy an egg somewhere....
I did a lot of running around the mountains today and got
[Sun Note] a note for running around in the sun, feel the suns strength!! Huzzah, I feel like Carter... (AWL reference, nerds..)

Spring Day 6 - Friday
Stay up too late and you'll wake up with half stamina.. went into the mountains, ate a fruit, went back to try finish watering and fainted regardless.. Also.. planting next to your house fence, it not a good idea.. you cant water the ones int he middle or the ones against the fence... I should've known that.. On another note, waking up to see Alex is totally dreamy ;) Such a cutie~ Too bad he gets annoyed with you for overworking ^w^''

Spring Day 7 - Saturday
[Limitation Note For fainting, exhausting your limits and learning them.. yay. I'm back at full health, after working in the field, I went to check land prices real quick for reference..
Sea Plot: 5000g
Town Plot: 5000g
Excellent.. I'm at 2357g, but.. I'm off to the Junk shop.
Larger Rucksack: $1000. SOLD! I'm left with $1357. This way I can make money faster and maximize my time.
Also, a quick little quirk I noticed.. when you look at the in game keypad in the top right corner A is in the middle, X is to it's right and B is up and to the left.. on the GC controller B is lower left.. silly, but a fact.

Spring Day 8 - Sunday
Festival today, Egg festival.. unfortunately, I have no eggs :/
[Egg Dish Note] I'm not sure if this is gained for attending, or talking to Gourmet or talking to everyone at the Egg festival, but I think I spoke to everyone.. and then ended in Gourmet... so.. I dunno hah :D

Spring Day 9 - Monday
Checked in at Woody's to see what I need for coop and barn
Barn 40pc and 3500g
Coop 30pc and 3000g

Spring Day 10 - Tuesday
[Lone Wolf Note] Received for not talking to anyone for a period of time. On another note I was able to ship my first batch of cabbages today, huzzah. Planted Breadfruit in it's wake, except.. away from the fence >_<.

Spring Day 11 - Wednesday
Sold my second batch of cabbages, I was able to save most of the inner cabbages that were being unwatered, however I lost 2. All well. Purchased the Sea Breeze section of Land today as well 8522g - 5000g = 3522g Also, Lumber enough for a Coop 3522g - 1450g = 2072g

Spring Day 12 - Thursday
Sold another set of cabbages.. Bought Chicken Coop for $3517g - $3000g = $517g.. meager :/
Went to the Goddess Spring to turn in five notes.. they made a Marimba, cute :3 Also, 4 new randomly dull sprites appeared at the spring... strange :/
10,000 Steps Note Baha! Finally... Ditching the pedometer..!

Spring Day 13 - Friday
BANG BANG BANG.. Huh?! Wha?! *Goes Outside* AH GANGBA-- Oh.. You finished the coop up *wipes forehead* Cool... Kurt: "I guarantee the sturdiness" you better... :/
Bought a chicken and some feed. 2487g - 1200g = 1287g... I shall name you Twi... >_> You saw nothing. 30feed, 1287g - 600g = 687g

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post Nov 7 2011, 08:46 PM
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OH GOD that is in-depth I am afraid I can't vote though I don't care for the males
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post Nov 8 2011, 01:48 AM
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Alrighty. That's fine, anyone can vote,but you don't have to either :)

In-depth.. I think I should have called it my journal.. not play by play, ne?
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post Nov 8 2011, 06:56 AM
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Session 2 of Baby's MM Journal

I've changed it to the journal since that's more of that it is... anyways, lets continue..

Spring 14th - Saturday
So a quick note on the Spring music, I remember liking this music alot when playing when I first got it, it's very up beat and happy, I still like it a lot. But right now, I'm still muting it.
Alright, handy tip.. I am pretty sure there is a note for throwing crud away, so whenever weeds turn up on your property, pick em up and put em in the garbage.. we can use the sickle when we grow grass later on.. Hah! My first rainy day, which means my first time wasting time to fish.. :3 I don't actually like fishing in HM, but if the opportunity arises to make extra cash, I'll take it.
Spring 16th - Monday
Festival!! It's the horse race. OMG... Giant cute dog of doom... Random cut scene of Doug and some guy. Aha, this is also where we meet the delicious tan boy, Dan and his to-be employer, Ronald... or Roland.. whatever...

Spring 19 - Thursday
Purchased lumber today 14844g - 4000g = 10844g and 80 lumber.

Spring 21 - Saturday
Purchased a Lvl 2 Barn today, cost: 13000 + 80 lumber
18191g - 13000 = 5191g
Also, 100 feed and 80 fodder... too lazy to put the calculations, I'm left with 491g

Spring 23 - Monday
Hah! Barn is done now :) Sweeettt... Oh look another video.. the egg I put into the incubator has hatched.. I shall name you Noviwan... Oh, also Festival day.. Flower festival... but it was cancelled >/

Spring 24 - Tuesday
I walked into my barn for the first time and.. a PIGGY.. durhur It's so cute, I shall name it Mizuki :3

Spring 25 - Wednesday
Alright, so today I bought 40 lumber and a Windmill. 40pc and 4000g 15043g - 4000g = 11043g
Also Calf named EDWonder, Calf named Mizuko, Lamb named Charmy and a Chicken named Rebecca. I'm left with 343g! Hoo!

Spring 26 - Thursday
Shipped a Egg today and got [Egg Note] Thank-you chickens.. thank you.
Also, Hank-Mc-Creep-Face showed up at my barn and gave me reigns.

Spring 27 - Friday
The boys showed up, they completed my windmill :3
While I'm here I may as well talk about the graphics of the animals.. I think the chickens are my favourite chickens thus far, huge, puffy and adurbrr.. the chicks are even cuter, the way they waddle around and their adorable three hairs sticking up <3 As for the baby cattle, they are BIG.. I cant imagine what kind of monsters they will turn into... they are pretty much like more HM hows anyways.. the baby sheep is cute, made cuter by how it's a peachy colour when its that young :3 Also 9551g - 4000g = 5551g, Bought lumber for ze house upgrade

Spring 28 - Saturday
Festival day, Cow Festival, hoorah.

Spring 29 - Sunday
Stole a bunch of lumber from around the common ground to build a fence (Hah!) Also, I commissioned Woody to build a Spring

Spring 30 - Monday
Spring was completed today, not much else to report..


Summer 1 - Tuesday
Got mail today that the Perch Inn is open, I popped in and met Gwen, I'm making her my very first friend :'D Also, purchased the Golden Watering Can.. makes my life easier...

Summer 2 - Wednesday
I forgot how fragile relationships are.. I lost Terry because I haven't spoke to him much.. he just... left...

Summer 3 - Thursday
It's the Beach Festival today, Woot woot, I think this calls for a bonfire, grab your matches and your watering can, light a bonfire, then put it out to get
[Fire Prevention Note] Obviously you know what that one is for...
Alright, hey, that's sweet when I get to the beach, two of the people I'm trying to become friends with are beside me, Gwen and Blue/Grey :3 Also cameo by Nami!! Love her! If she was eligible, I'd have a male character marry her ASAP.
Alex is sooo adurrbrr.. I remember Trent being really kindof uptight.. grouchy... Alex however is just... well listen to what he says "Swimming is good for your health! Maybe I'll join after I put on some sunscreen..." Herpderp o3o
Wait... I have to participate in this one?! o_o; Uh-Oh Dan won... That WAS fun though I didnt figure out some of it til way too late. :)

11:56pm Nov. 7th - 5:54am Nov.8th
Glasses of Iced Tea Consumed: 5!! :-)
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post Nov 8 2011, 02:25 PM
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QUOTE (Baby @ Nov 7 2011, 08:48 PM) *
Alrighty. That's fine, anyone can vote,but you don't have to either :)

In-depth.. I think I should have called it my journal.. not play by play, ne?

yes your magically melidious journal also I voted for Jamie because he/she ENDS THE GAME
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post Nov 8 2011, 09:49 PM
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Lol sanks for the vote! Lol, Jamie.. ender of games.

Also, it's driving me crazy spelling it Jamie... I have a buddy with the same name so I've always, ALWAYS spelled it Jaimi

Session 3 Start

Summer 5 - Saturday
Decided to plow some more spaces for plants, and..
[Cultivation Note] a note of strength!!

Summer 7 - Monday
Star festival.. Blue showed up at my door and asked me to go with him, ah, pshh, yeah.
When you get home from sailing the bamboo boat you get [Boat Sailing Note A note of a special memory for two people :)

Summer 8 - Tuesday
Planted a tree today since it's been raining, thought I would just go ahead.. and got.
[Forest Note] Trees and flowers are important!!

Summer 9 - Wednesday
Ronald showed up at my door today, he said that he was going to open a fruit farm.

Summer 10 - Thursday
Mail today, they opened the sanatorium, which means Gina and Dia are here and the Orchard is open too. Went over to the sanatorium and met Gina and Dia *rolls eyes* crazy Dia.. then I went in search of Blue on his day off and went to the lake, I met Basil, Ray and Henry... then I went to the orchard and unlocked Dan as a regular character, then I went to the Library for the first time and met Maria... and finally too the Bar 'Cafe' and met the lovely Eve, also Carl!

Summer 12 - Saturday
Since I'm sitting at 14 notes, I'm going to go and make an instrument... a Timpani, cool!
Also, a quick note.. I'm currently working on friendships with Blue, Bob, Alex, Gena, Gwen and Martha.. Martha will give you something special if you make friends with her, it's useful ;)
Also, it was raining, so I went fishing, lured in some cans, so I threw them in the garbage and got [Garbage Can Note]

Summer 13 - Sunday
Terry returned from his trip for some reason... Also, I've been weeding out my garden as I pick up produce today and I got Weed Note for pulling weeds...

Summer 14 - Monday
Blue came to my door this morning and gave me a milk :) I also got.
[Cowboy Note] For being friends with Blue :) Also, apparently, his hat is a message... but I don't know what.

Summer 15 - Tuesday
Firefly Festival - Cancelled :/

Summer 16 - Wednesday
Gwen came to my door today, I've won her friendship and got
[Ponytail Note] Lame name for a note :/ Also, got mail from Gwen too, lol.

Summer 20 - Sunday
Alex came to my door today and gave me a funny herb. I also got
[Doctor Note] secret fire.... secret fire...
Also, put more milk into the shipping bin and got
[Milking Note]

Summer 21 - Monday
I was able too upgrade my house to a LVL 2 in green.

Summer 22 - Tuesday
Remodel was completed today :)

Summer 23 - Wednesday
Went to the Goddess Spring today and made a harp, too cool... I've always wanted to learn harp actually.. some day I will buy a full sized one and learn..
Also, since I haven't been here in a while... I made a piano.. it looks like a peanuts sized one :3

Summer 24 - Thursday
Firefly festival, let's see who I sit with I currently have these at 2 hearts: Boys: Blue, Alex Girls: Dia, Gwen... It appears Alex will be my seaside water :) At the beach as well were Dia, Gwen, Blue, Jaimi and the newly introduced Louis :'3 Also, got
[Fireworks Note]

Summer 25 - Friday
Dia came to my door today and gave me blueberries and
[Princess Note]
Also, went to the Junk Shop today and bought all the cooking utensils and got
[Super Chef Note]
Also, bought lots of fodder and a new Calf named HMR, and another Calf named Horcrux and finally a foal named Jason.

Summer 27 - Sunday
Chick hatched today, named it Co'Coa. Also, mail from Alex.. he's such a sweetheart.. all worried about me x3 much want to marry him :D

Summer 29 - Tuesday
Put corn into the frying pan, made popcorn and got
[Cooking Note]
Also Sheep festival today, so I'm entering Charmy :) Unfortunately, Jamie won.. what's new?


Fall 1 - Thursday
Bob came to my door this morning and gave me an egg :3 and
[Male Note] Should've been called "Muscle Note" *wiggly brow*
Also, mail today, the Calloway Cafe is open, which means we unlock Katie. More mail from Bob as well.. he used a word I don't understand "kibitzing." More mail, from Duke this time, the Bar remodeled. Another from Perch Inn, also remodeled.
Ate an egg when needed stamina and got
[Big Eater Note] for eating and stuff....

Fall 2 - Friday
First of all; Raining.. f yeah. The sprites came to my door today... mushrooms+milk=mushroom soup... sweet. Went to Carl's cafe today too for the first time. Met Katie.
Bought a calf, named it Crystal, Bought a sheep, named it Darth. Had to shorten names.
Got [Animal Kingdom Note] for filling my sheds with animals and being unable to buy more.. whoo
Shipped blue flower, got [Full Bloom Flowers Note] for shipping all kinds of herbs and flowers.
Went to the Goddess Spring and made a violin.. another instrument I desperately want to learn to play :3

Fall 3 - Saturday
Stayed up-up-up all night, and got [Night Owl Note]

Fall 6- Tuesday
Gina came to my door today with a milkshake and...
[Girl with Glasses Notes] cause she has glasses..

Fall 7 - Wednesday
Wake up and get [Gardening Note] for flowers and stuff...
BANG BANG.. It's Basil!! He came and gave me a Limestone and
[Traveler Note]for being his buddy. It took him an extra heart and some to get him to give me this note.. typically the notes come at two, I went to three hearts plus more gifts..

End Session
2:49pm Nov 8th - 5:08am Nov 9th
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post Nov 9 2011, 03:41 AM
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lol I know a Jaemi she works for our library
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post Nov 9 2011, 05:49 AM
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Wow, that's a different spelling.. I always spell Jaimi... but I also know a Jaymie...

Lol, oh, if you didn't figure it out, if you are reading the different sessions, if at the bottom it says [Play in session...] means I am playing while you read and updating as it's applicable :3

[above session ended]
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post Nov 10 2011, 12:32 AM
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you are playing the helk out of this!
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post Nov 10 2011, 04:51 AM
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@Noviwan: Yeah, I actually don't have a job right now so I'm biding my time.. I'm trying to get this done before I go back to work and have no time for it.. see how that goes? I get time off, I'm on the board, I'm working, I'm not on the boards.

Anyways, when I play HM, its an addiction and I play it for a long time, then I stop and don't pick it up for like.. months..



**Before I start, I'm gonna leave an interesting and annoying tip.. When you are working on getting the friends musical notes (bachelor/bachelorettes to 2 hearts) once you get them to 2 hearts they will only come and visit and get you the note on Sunny days.. I, unfortunately have an unseasonably cloudy year so far.. and they will only come one at a time, never twice in a row, and if you have someone else whose come to the door, they wont come.

Fall 9 - Friday
Moon Festival, I'm not sure who will ask me to go or who I'll end up going with, Alex and Basil both have 3 hearts right now... It was Alex who turned up at my door :_D YEs, I will meet you there, you adurrbrrr fool :') Got
[Moon Viewing Note]

Fall 10 - Saturday
I lost Ronald D'oh.. I think I have to ship fruit to get him back.. I have tree planted, but... anyways we'll see.

Fall 11 - Sunday
Dan left today, as he does when Ronald leaves :'( Oh Dan...

Fall 12 - Monday
On a quick note, I'm currently working towards friendship with Kurt, Joe, Eve, Anne and Jamie.. on an awesome note about that, I've always talked to Jamie when I saw him so when I finally gave him a gift he got a heart for me. Also, Kurt is such an easy person.. just give him the wooden stakes you buy or get from chopping wood.. he loves it :)

Fall 13 - Tuesday
Mail from Kurt today telling me about chicken coop and barn... too bad I knew already..
Fished to get a gift for Joe and got
[Master Angler Note] for catching 100 fishies.

Fall 15 - Thursday
Went to the Goddess Spring and made a Cello! and I got a power berry (f yeah!) Too bad Jamie is kindof a party crasher...

Fall 17 - Saturday
Upgraded my house to the 3rd level and got it in Brick with red roof. Also, the Fall Horse Race/ Festival is today.
Alex came to my door this morning too, he brought me a 'potion.' As he called it. I love his awkward laugh. Green Herb + pontata root + honey in an aging pot = medicine. Recipe called "Potion Formula" creepy.. Alex is a wizard... he's a wizard I tell yah.

Fall 20 - Tuesday
Ronald came back today.. not sure what I did to get him back but *shrugs* at least he's back :)

Fall 21 - Wednesday
Mail from Blue today :)

Fall 23 - Friday
Kurt came to my door today and gave me a special herb and...
[Cool Craftsman Note]

Fall 24 - Saturday
Harvest Festival Cancelled

Fall 25 - Sunday
Dan came back today :)

Fall 26 - Monday
Mail from Joe today asking how the bites are :) Put the money in for a house upgrade too. Feels good man :)
Went to the goddess spring and made a flute!
PS: Is it just me or is Jamie the cutest thing when you give him a good milk? ;)

Fall 27 - Tuesday
Remodel got finished today :) Got it in Orange, looks sweet :3
Decided to get this note out of the way, use whistle over and over until you get
[Whistle Note] You'll have to do it while you are inside.. and you'll have to do it away from animals or hit mute on your tv for now.

Fall 28 - Wednesday
Mail from Ray today :)

9:51pm - 8:24am
Glasses of Iced Tea Consumed: 2 :O
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post Nov 10 2011, 06:15 PM
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sounds about right makes sense too enjoy the time off
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post Nov 10 2011, 08:51 PM
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Haha, enjoy the time off, I hate it.. I guess it's just wasting time so that I don't die thinking about what I could be doing ^_^''


Session Start

Fall 30 - Friday
Pumpkin Festival. Joe came to my door today and gave me a fish I also got
[Social Craftsman Note] what a lame name for a note... :P

I took a fast nap in here for 1 hour so... I have a bit of a break here. I got tired since I was up all night ;P

Winter 1 - Saturday
Basil said his goodbyes today, he's off for warmer places.
Ray replaced my rod today too with copper one :3

Winter 2 - Sunday
Ray came to my door this morning and gave me a fish, he also gave me..
[Fisherman Note]
Also, I got mail from Basil

Winter 6 - Thursday
I hate winter, but I went to the mines and dug up some gems and got
[Gem Note] you get it when you ship your first gem :)

Winter 7 - Friday
Festival and Mail from Ellen today. :3

I passed out so my session ended around 7pm
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post Nov 11 2011, 05:34 AM
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QUOTE (Baby @ Nov 7 2011, 07:48 PM) *
Alrighty. That's fine, anyone can vote,but you don't have to either :)

In-depth.. I think I should have called it my journal.. not play by play, ne?

If you edit the first post, there should be an option to edit the topic title if you wanted.

Anyway, I'm not much for reading (or watching -at least via internet) playthroughs and such, so I didn't necessarily read, errmm.  

But one thing did stick out being under "TINY BABIES!" and all... Is that really the sprites' names? I haven't picked up the game in awhile.  Geez, I forgot that was their names.
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post Nov 11 2011, 06:27 AM
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Lol, I'm actually just doing this play through so I can do a redefined walkthrough later.. I'm not precisely sure on how I might submit it as an official RS walkthrough.

Yeah, they have dumb names.. the beginning is more detailed than the rest because there's more to talk about at the beginning.


--Took a break to do some things over the last week, so here I go picking up again

Session Start

Fall 10 - Monday
For Winter, I'm not going to work on getting any friendship notes, save that for when there is plenty to give for free... I'm going to work on getting as many notes that I can get during the extra time this winter.... mainly getting to the bottom of the mine to get the power berry and note that goes with it. Being that it's 10 days in and I've not yet got there you can see how much of a pain it can be... maybe it's just my method... regardless.. Onto the game.
It was cloudy, decided to get this note out of the way, I stayed still moving every once in a while after my chores were done and got
[Cloud Note] for being out in the cloudy weather for I think, 10 hours.
Also, I used a herb and a yarn and a dye pot to make dyed yarn, ship it and you get
[Dyeing Note]

Again, I completely passed out before I could get started


--Play on Hold Temporarily-

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Harvest Moon Rac...
post Nov 23 2011, 07:33 PM
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Finally got some down time so I think I'll start playing MM myself. Been a while since I've played though.

So far:
Spring 18th:
All three starter properties
A barn and chicken coop
Remodeled home for the first time and relocated it to town area instead of river.

Though I really haven't talked to people besides Woody, Ray, and occasionally Theodore and Terry. No idea on who to marry either.
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post Nov 27 2011, 11:25 PM
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Nice.. Marriage is a dilemma in this game since there's so many OPTIONS. Lol.. are you playing Male or Female?
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Harvest Moon Rac...
post Nov 27 2011, 11:41 PM
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Male, and I know, but I think it's one of the charms too haha. So many options on how you can do things, and my only complaints of the game is that the characters can be a tad bland at points and the art, but I've actually grown to like the art now really. Oh and the Summer song, that one is the only background theme to bother me for some reason.

I got much much farther now though haha. Married to Gwen, and I moved all of my stuff onto the forest property on the west side of town. Just got the pregnancy notice aswell, and have the level 4 house. I'm on my last few days of Winter, and I have a full chicken coop (er 4 is the max on chickens right? Or is it five, because I feel like it might be..) a sheep and a horse that both are fully grown now. I have 47 notes, and I'm mainly working on befriending Martha, Lyla, and Joe now. Joe just because, but I need the rucksack upgrade from Martha, and I want Lyla to set up shop in town, and I believe you need a heart on her to get that?

Anyways, I'm pretty satisfied with this file really, probably the smoothest file I've had so far.
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post Nov 28 2011, 12:37 AM
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Uhg Lyla.. yeah I think that's what you have to do.. I haven't got that far yet.. I'm so lazy in getting her.. I always make really good friends with Ray.. jsut because he always walks around near nmy front door. Lol.
Looks like you got pretty darn far.
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