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Ann (Harvest Moon: Back to Nature)'s Photo
Japanese Name: ラン (Ran)
Birthday: 17th Summer

(Or 22nd Summer)

Favorite Gift: Apple pies, Bamboo rice, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Curry, Fried rice, Grilled fish, Rice Omelette, Salad, Sushi and Spa boiled eggs
Rival: Cliff



Ann lives central of Mineral Town next to Rose Square. She lives with her father, Doug at the inn. There, she works as a dedicated waitress and brilliant cook. Cliff is the rival for Ann.

Cute, lively and outgoing, Ann is easy to make friends with. She loves good food and animals. Since her father looked after her due to her mother passing away, Ann hasn't quite blossomed into the "proper lady" that he excpets, much to her dismay. Therefore, he often scolds her for her tomboyish behaviour which embarrasses her. Ann is quite clueless and clumsy when it comes to love, and these situations commonly cause the confliction of whether she should be acting more feminine or not.

The protagonist meets Ann after entering the inn the first time.


To marry Ann, it is essential that her heart level has been raised to orange or red. This can be accomplished by speaking to her every day, by giving her gifts like Apple Pie, Rice Omelette, or Spa-Boiled Eggs, and partaking in festivals with her. Once Ann's heart reaches orange, the Blue Feather will become available at the supermarket for _______ and after upgrading his house to the Second Extension, the protagonist may propose to Ann.

If Cliff is offered the Aja Winery job, he will become the rival for Ann. Otherwise, Ann will remain single unless the protagonist weds her.

Events and Requirements



Dialogue and Scripts


Heart Level Lines
Greeting "Oh! Hi..."

"What brings you to the village? You're welcome to stay at our inn."

"Welcome, welcome."

"If you want to place an order, talk to my father."

"Hello, welcome."

"Please take your time."

"You know, my father's always scolding me because I don't act like a girl."

"I don't mind being a tomboy, and I like my dad for raising me this way. Love... I don't need it."

"Hi there. How's the farm doing?"

"Everything's delicious when you live near farm country. I love to eat!"

"Oh, hi <Player Name>! Come on in and take it easy."

"I suppose girls should be cute. Don't you agree?"

"Oh... W...Welcome..."

"I've been daydreaming and breaking dishes lately. ♥"


"Oh..... Sorry. Ummm... What did you say?"



Event Condition Location Lines
Introduction None Inn Ann: "Welcome! Please, take your time."

Doug: "Say, you're the guy from the <Player Farm>, right? Could you... Uhm... Come here for a second? Uhmm.... That girl is my daughter, Ann. What do you think of her?"

>(Seems cheerful)
Doug: "Oh.... So you think she's "Cheerful".... Uhmm.... Yes.... Cheerful. Hey, Cliff! Come over here. I want to ask you something."
Cliff: "....What's up."
Doug: "Well, you came here and...."
Cliff: "Ann...."

>(She's cute)
Doug: "Oh, well that's good. As you can see, she's a bit of a tomboy for her age... Her mother was a little quieter... But I'm glad you said what you said."
Ann: "What are you talking about?"
Doug: "It's a private matter."
Ann: "Oh, dad. Hi, I'm Ann. Nice to meet you. Please, take your time."

Ann's Question Purple
Outside Inn Ann storms out of inn "Leave me alone!! Oh, you heard that, huh? Dad told me I should hurry up and marry. But I can't even think about that yet. Can you image me getting married?

>(No, you're right)
"...You see? I don't even have a boyfriend. I... I have to go back to work... Bye..."

>(Yes, I can)
"Really? But I... Oh, I have to go back to work... But thank you. Bye!"

3 Full-Grown Hens
(Exit house)
"Hellooo!! Are you there, <Player Name>? I came to talk about business. Starting from tomorrow, would you deliver 3 fresh eggs daily to the inn for our cooking needs? It will just be for a while."

>(Yes, I'll deliver them)
"Great, thanks. Of course, we'll pay you for the service. Please, bring 3 eggs everyday starting tomorrow. By 5pm, please."


Festival Condition Location Lines
Fireworks Festival ??? Heart Beach docks "Yeah! This is what fireworks are all about...!"

>(Ask her to sit with you)
"You don't have to be so formal. Sure, watch with me." Fireworks start "Once a year in the dark night sky, there are loud sounds and bright lights... I wonder what the sea creatures think it is."

Star Night Festival ??? Heart
Been invited
day Before
The Inn Ann: "Oh, you came. We were just about to start the party."

Doug: "The food's always the same. Party or no party. Help yourself. You can come visit us anytime. If you want, you can marry Ann..."
Ann: "Here we go again... <Player Name> Won't come anymore if you say things like that."



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