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An adventuresome archaeologist with the heart of a boy and the composure of an adult. He came to this land to investigate its legends. He often goes to the mines.
  • Residence: Harmonica Town (Ocarina Inn)
  • Birthday: Winter 14
  • Loves: Hot Coffee, Cocktails (Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Apple, Grape), Tom Yan Kun, Cheese Omelet, Blue Mist Flower
  • Likes: Fried Egg, Boiled Egg, Mussel, Sea Urchin, Clam, Oyster
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): Border Collie
  • Favorite Accessory: Brown Cowboy Hat
  • Rival: Phoebe
  • First Appearance: At the beginning of Collin's Bell quest / Above the Blacksmith's (He won't officially move in until the Collin's Bell quest is complete)


The young man working as a waiter at the Brass Bar. He has a profound interest in cooking, and as Yolanda's apprentice, he focuses on nothing but improving his skill as a chef.
  • Residence: Flute Fields (Chase's House)
  • Birthday: Spring 23
  • Loves: Orange (Juice, Candy, Cake, Ice Cream, Pie, Jam), Shining (Egg, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Flour, Olive Oil)
  • Likes: Sea Urchin, Oyster, Mussel, Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Boiled Egg
  • Dislikes: Common Mushroom, Pickled Vegetables
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): Rabbit
  • Favorite Accessory: Flower Hairpin
  • Rival: Maya
  • First Appearance: From the beginning / Explore the western side of the Church Square


The only son of Mayor Hamilton. He can be arrogant and high-handed, but he is an honest young man who always has the well-being of the town in mind.
  • Residence: Harmonica Town (Mayor's House)
  • Birthday: Winter 2
  • Loves: Tomato (Juice, Risotto, Omelet), Neapolitan Spaghetti, Ratatouille, Honeydew (Juice, Candy, Ice Cream), Jewelry (Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Sapphire)
  • Likes: Silver, Bodigizer, Lavender, Blue Herb, Good Herb Fish, Oyster
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates: Green Peppers
  • Favorite Animal(s): Great Pyrenees
  • Favorite Accessory: Green Earmuffs
  • Rival: Luna
  • First Appearance: Complete Ben's Bell quest / Enter the upper floor of the Horn Ranch Windmill (He won't officially move in to town until Daren's Bell quest is complete)

Harvest King

The King that created this land. He sleeps in the celestial world. It's said that he has the power to create Goddess Trees.
  • Real Name: Ignis
  • Residence: Harvest King's Throne
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Loves: Shining Apple, Apple Cocktail, Shining Grape, Grape Cocktail
  • Likes: Shining Egg, Shining Wool, Shining Milk
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): None
  • Favorite Accessory: None
  • Rival: None
  • First Appearance: You will not be able to interact with the King until you complete the main storyline.


The doctor working at the clinic. Often just called "the doctor", he takes care of the townspeople. He is strict in regards to peoples' health.
  • Residence: Harmonica Town (Choral Clinic)
  • Birthday: Winter 26
  • Loves: Herb (Tea, Cookies, Bread, Candy, Ice Cream), Green Tea, Vegetable Juice, Pickled Vegetables, Medicine, Pontata Root, Tempura Soba, Shining (Buckwheat, Rice, Tea Leaf, Honey)
  • Likes: Purple Herb, Oyster, Tomato Juice, Lavender
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates: Cocktails
  • Favorite Animal(s): Raccoon
  • Favorite Accessory: Round Silver Glasses
  • Rival: Anissa
  • First Appearance: Complete Ben's Bell quest / Enter Choral Clinic


A metal carving expert who has traveled the world. He works at the Accessory Shop, and holds a lot of respect for his mentor, who passed away. He loves beautiful things and endeavors in fashion.
  • Residence: Flute Fields (Julius' House)
  • Birthday: Fall 21
  • Loves: Pumpkin (Cake, Pie, Stewed), Chestnut (Montblanc Cake, Pie), Ruby, Sapphire, Rose, Perfume (Purple, Shining), Shining Pumpkin, Shining Strawberry
  • Likes: All Juices, All Sweets, All Flowers, Purple Herb, Sea Urchin, Clam, Mussel, Sakura Shell, Pearl, Black Pearl, Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, Crystal, Herbal Tea
  • Dislikes: Glass
  • Hates: Eel, Junk Ore
  • Favorite Animal(s): Weasels
  • Favorite Accessory: Blue Scarf
  • Rival: Candace
  • First Appearance: From the beginning / Enter Accessory Shop


The son of the carpenter. A vivacious and hotblooded youth with boundless energy. He practices his skill with the axe every day.
  • Residence: Garmon Mining District (Carpenter's)
  • Birthday: Summer 8
  • Loves: Spinach (Boiled, Cake, Risotto, Saute), Banana (Pudding, Ice Cream, Chocolate Banana), Carrot (Juice, Cake), Banana, Shining (Mayonnaise, Watermelon, Spinach, Sushi)
  • Likes: Mayonnaise, Grilled Trout, Grilled Catfish, Tulip, Mussel Shell
  • Dislikes: Cheese
  • Hates: Yogurt
  • Favorite Animal(s): Wild Boar
  • Favorite Accessory: Fire Bandana
  • Rival: Selena
  • First Appearance: Daren's Bell quest / Explore the Fugue Forest


The young man with the hammer who works at the blacksmith. He has a fairly serious personality and is straight with his emotions. A big-hearted and reliable older brother type. A heavy drinker.
  • Residence: Garmon Mining District (Blacksmith's)
  • Birthday: Summer 18
  • Loves: Cocktails (Coconut, Rice, Yam, Apple, Grape), Boiled Egg, Boiled Corn
  • Likes: Sunflower, Blueberry Cocktail, Sea Urchin
  • Dislikes: Vegetable Juice
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): Horse, Great Pyrenees
  • Favorite Accessory: White Neckerchief
  • Rival: Kathy
  • First Appearance: From the beginning / Enter Garmon Mines


A young man at the fishing company that likes to fish. He's quiet and polite and moves at his own pace, and overall he is an easygoing kind of guy that loves to nap.
  • Residence: Harmonica Town (Fishery)
  • Birthday: Spring 9
  • Loves: Clam Soup, Grilled Clam, Green Tea
  • Likes: Fish, Sea Urchin, Sakura Shell
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): Turtle
  • Favorite Accessory: Red Straw Hat
  • Rival: Renee
  • First Appearance: From the beginning / visit the beach by the water mill in Flute Fields


The wizard that lives in Harmonica Town. He likes stargazing, and has a huge telescope installed in his home. No one in town seems to believe that he is a real wizard, but he doesn't really mind. He does fortune-telling in his spare time.
  • Real Name: Gale
  • Residence: Harmonica Town (Wizard's House)
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Loves: Hot Coffee, Cheesecake, Crystal Jewelry, Fugue Mushroom
  • Likes: Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Crystal, Black Pearl
  • Dislikes:
  • Hates:
  • Favorite Animal(s): Turtle
  • Favorite Accessory: Tiara
  • Rival: None
  • First Appearance: Daren's Bell quest / After "meeting" the Witch, he will be in his house.

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