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Cain (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: カパラ (Kapara)
Birthday: Summer 6th
Residence: Horn Ranch
Family: Hanna, Renee
Favorite Gift: Shining Chicken Egg, Buckwheat Cocktail, Yam Cocktail, Coconut Cocktail, Shining Corn, Shining Mayonnaise, Rice Cocktail, Sea Urchin, Seafood Stew, Seafood Gratin, Yogurt, Yogurt Drink



Cain works at the Horn Ranch in the Flute Fields district, and is the one who offers your player a ride to Castanet Island in the game's introduction. He is the father of Renee, and is married to Hanna.

Once you have any livestock that are up to 5 hearts, Cain will let you race them in a mini-game.


Cain can be found outdoors between the barn and windmill on most days, and at the Brass Bar on some evenings.


Preference Gift
Favorite cocktails (coconut, buckwheat, rice, yam, wheat), sea urchin, seafood (gratin, stew), Shining (Cheese, chicken egg, corn, mayonnaise, milk), yogurt, Kimchi
Like Banana, Bodigizer XL, Good (Chicken egg, Mayonnaise, Milk), Coconut, sunflower, cocktails (cranberry, blackberry), clam soup, Ice Cream (Banana, Vanilla), Perfect (Butter, Cheese, Chicken Egg, Cocoa, Mayonnaise, Milk, Strawberry, Wheat), Pineapple, raspberry juice, seafood fried rice, Shining (Cocoa, Strawberry, Wheat)
Dislike Algae, tuna rice, failed (Dish, soup)
Note: Cain has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts

Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "We have a barn and coop at the ranch already. All we need now is food. If you produce your own grain, the fodder will stock up in no time!"
One Heart "It takes time for grass to grow. Be sure to plan well in advance! If you run out of fodder, the animals' health will suffer."
Two Hearts "You should always check on how much fodder you have left. If you look at Ranch in the status menu, you can check your stock."
Three Hearts "Any animals you are able to ride, you can race! I like horses. But you can ride sheep, cows, anything you want! ♪"
Four Hearts "You should let the animals out on sunny days. If you ring the bell at the ranch, they will go outside."
Five Hearts "I'm so proud of my daughter Renee, and Hanna is a good, hard working wife! I think I'm quite a lucky man. ♪"
Six Hearts "There are many hardships involved when raising children and a family. But even those tough times become fond memories."
Seven Hearts "Things I don't like? I don't like it when people who are important to me cry, or are angry or sad."
Eight Hearts "I don't have any plans to make the ranch bigger but I want to make connections with people. I really hope more people will enter the animal races in the future.
Nine/Ten Hearts "It was tough when I first started this ranch. The whole place was uncultivated land. I was able to make it work because I had Hanna and Renee to support me."

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Oh! What's this? You're giving this to me? I love it. I'm so happy.♪ Thanks a lot!"
Liked Gift "Oh, I'm fond of this. Thanks a lot!"
Neutral Gift "Oh, thank you."
Disliked Gift "I'm sorry, I don't really like this."
Hated Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift "What? You knew when my birthday was? I'm a little embarrassed, but thank you!"
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't really like it."
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts "Oh no, I've had enough."

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring "It's finally Spring. When the greenery starts to appear, I feel like my work has started. First I must prepare the fodder. ♪"
Late Spring "Springtime is great. Drinks taste the best during this season."
Early Summer "If you cut down all the grass then the animals won't have any to feed on. So be careful."
Late Summer "It doesn't rain often during the Summer. You just have to watch out for typhoons."
Early Autumn "The grass will only grow through Autumn. You should prepare fodder for Winter."
Late Autumn "You can buy fodder at our store during the Winter. But it’s best to prepare your own."
Early Winter "It seems the animals slow down during Winter as well."
Late Winter "This year is almost over. The days just pass by so quickly."

Weather Lines

Description Line
Clear "You should let the animals graze on sunny days. They will be so happy!"
Cloudy "Cloudy days put me in a gloomy mood. It’s nice that it’s cool though."
Rainy "You may know already, but don’t put the animals out when it rains. They hate being wet."
During a Thunderstorm
Before a Typhoon "Be sure to get the animals in the barn before the typhoon hits! Don't forget the food!"
During a Typhoon
Snowy "Whew, it's cold today. You better make sure no snow can get into the barn. You have to be careful there aren't any drafts either."
During a Blizzard "The animals have no energy when they're snowed in. I hope Spring gets here soon."

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "There will be a Circus at the Church Grounds tomorrow. Even I never raised an elephant or a giraffe before."
Day Before the Flower Festival "The Flower Festival's tomorrow. The Sunflower's the only flower I know by name."
Day Before the Animal Festival "The Animal Festival is tomorrow! There will be all kind of contests and an animal race too! Be sure to go. ♫"
Day Before the Firefly Festival "The Firefly Festival is tomorrow. Will you also remember our ancestors? The festival's over by the watermill."
Day Before the Summer Festival
Day Before the Moon Festival "The Moon Festival’s tomorrow. People will be going moon gazing. You should try asking someone to go with you."
Day Before the Harvest Festival
Day Before Harmony Day "It’s always so busy before the Harmony Day Festival! Everyone is baking cakes for tomorrow."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "Tomorrow, there will be an event called the Starry Night Festival. You should ask someone to go with you."
Day Before New Year's Eve "Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. The people will gather in town, so go see them."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Flower Festival
Animal Festival
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival
Harmony Day "Did you bake any cakes for the Harmony Day Festival? Our cakes have a good reputation because we use fresh eggs and milk. ♪"
Starry Night Festival
New Year's Eve
After a Festival Lines
Description Line
Flower Festival
Animal Festival
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival
Starry Night Festival

Family Lines

Description Line
Newlywed "Congratulations on your marriage!! I know you two will get along splendidly. ♫"
Expecting a Child "I heard you’re going to have a baby! This is quite the happy event. I can’t wait. ♫"
After Baby's Birth "When your family grows, you’ll have more work, but there will be many happy times as well. I wish you the best."
During Baby's Newborn Stage "I heard the baby was born. Congratulations! You're becoming a responsible adult <Player Name>. ♫"
During Baby's Crawling Stage "How is the baby doing? Good? I'm glad. I'm reminded of when Renee was a baby."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "The baby is walking? I see. It's so moving when you see them walk on their own."
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> has grown so much. They’re the very definition of cuteness. ♫"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "Does <Older Child Name> like animals? Maybe he’ll enter the races one day."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "<Older Child Name> would make a great racer! I have an eye for these things."
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Spouse "Oh, out for a walk together? You get along so well. ♪"
When Player is Walking with Child "Hey, the children have grown so much. They're starting to look more and more like you."

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish "For my friends, family, and animals to all be happy and healthy!"
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "Hmm? Is that a Harmony Day cake? You’re embarrassing me. It’s very kind of you.♪ Thanks."
When Giving Harmony Day Cake
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop "Even the animals were enthralled by that melody!"
Win a Contest
Talk too much
When Shown the Player's Baby "Heh, your kid looks just like you!"


  • Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Official Strategy Guide

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