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Candace (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: コトミ (Kotomi)
Birthday: Winter 7th
Residence: Sonata Tailoring
Family: Luna, Shelly
Favorite Gift: Aquamarine Accessories, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Mint Candy, Mint Ice Cream, Pearl Accessories, Silk (Shining), Snowflake Flower
Rival: Julius



Candace is a young and quiet girl who lives and works at the tailor in Harmonica Town. She loves sewing and making clothes and is excellent at making them, but she's not very good at selling them. She lives with her grandmother, Shelly, and her younger sister, Luna. She's very shy and has difficulty expressing her feelings. Candace grew up being picked on by Julius as a child. She always thought Julius was girl growing up.


Events and Requirements

Pre-Marriage Events

Heart Events
Event Conditions Location Time
(Good Silk Yarn)
Candace must have at least 2 hearts. Outside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Second Present
(Blue Scarf)
Candace must have at least 4 hearts. Outside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Date Candace must have at least 5 hearts.
Speak to Candace in the morning and respond, "Of course!"
Harmonica Beach 16:00
Love Letter Candace must have at least 6 hearts. Protagonist's Mailbox Any time
Confession Candace must have at least 7 hearts.
Speak to Candace in the morning and respond, "Of course!"
Outside the Lighthouse. 16:00
Proposal Candace must have at least 9 hearts.
Show Candace the Blue Feather.
Have at least a level 2 house.
Anywhere Any time
Festival Events
Event Conditions Location Time
Flower Festival
Firefly Festival
Moon Festival
Starry Night Festival

Post-Marriage Events

General Married Events
Event Conditions Location Time
Fight Candace must have 10 hearts. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Reconciliation Candace must have at least 13 hearts.
The "Fight" event must have been triggered.
Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Honeymoon Show the Honeymoon Ticket to Pascal.
Clear or Cloudy weather
Harmonica Pier/Toucan Island Before 12:00
Player's Birthday Celebration Enter the protagonist's home on his birthday. Inside the protagonist's home. 18:00
Candace's Birthday Celebration Give Candace a present on her birthday. Inside the protagonist's home. Any time
Child's Birthday Celebration Enter the protagonist's home on a child's birthday. Inside the protagonist's home. 18:00
Wedding Anniversary Celebration Enter the protagonist's home on his and Candace's wedding anniversary. Inside the protagonist's home. 18:00
Baby Events
Event Conditions Location Time
First Child Request Candace must have at least 14 hearts.
Have at least a level 3 house.
Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Second Child Request Candace must have at least 14 hearts.
First child must be grown.
Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby's Birth Approximately 14 days after answering "Yes" to either "Child Request" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Crawls Approximately 14 days after "Baby's Birth" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Walks Approximately 14 days after "Baby Crawls" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Talks Approximately 14 days after "Baby Walks" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Child's Day Approximately 14 days after "Baby Talks" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Child Events
Event Conditions Location Time
First Child's Cold Candace must have at less than 14 hearts.
First child must have zero hearts.
Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
First Child is Lost First Child must have at least 4 hearts. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Player's Cold First Child must have at least 6 hearts. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
First Child is Lost, Again First Child must have at least 8 hearts. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Second Child has a Problem Second Child must have at least 4 hearts.
There must be at least one grown rival child.
Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Festival Events
Event Conditions Location Time
Summer Festival Fireworks None Harmonica Pier 19:00
New Year's Eve Countdown None Harmonica Town 23:00
Note: All other festival events can be triggered by simply arriving at the date area at the required time.


Before she is married, Candace lives with her family at Sonata Tailoring. She helps out a little with the shop, but she doesn't have much business sense. On days with fair weather, she spends her spare time walking around Harmonica Town and visiting Choral Clinic. However, she stays home when it's stormy. She goes to church every Sunday, regardless of the weather.

If the player marries Candace, she will move into the player's home. She'll spend her afternoons visiting the Choral Clinic. On Sundays, she returns to Sonata Tailoring to visit her family.

If Candace marries Julius, she will move into his house. So long as the weather is nice, she spends her days strolling in the fields around her new home. However, she still returns to Sonata Tailoring to visit her family on Thursdays.

Once she is married, regardless to whom, she stays home in stormy weather.

Before Marriage
Normal Day (Fair)
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Choral Clinic
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Normal Day (Stormy)
Sonata Tailoring
Sunday (Fair)
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Church Grounds
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Sunday (Stormy)
Sonata Tailoring
Sonata Tailoring
After Marriage with the Player
Normal Day (Fair)
Choral Clinic
Sunday (Fair)
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Stormy Weather
After Marriage with Julius
Normal Day (Fair)
Julius' House
Flute Fields
Julius' House
Flute Fields
Julius' House
Thursday (Fair)
Julius' House
Sonata Tailoring
Harmonica Town
Sonata Tailoring
Julius' House
Stormy Weather
Julius' House


Preference Gift
Favorite Green Tea, Herb (Tea, Cookies), Mint (Candy, Ice cream), Shining (Wool Yarn, Flax Thread, Silk Yarn), Snowflake Flower
Like Anemone, Blackberry, Blueberry(fruit, jam), Blue Herb, Blue Mist Flower, Bodigizer XL, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Cranberry, Egg rice, Good Corn, Lavender, Mashed Potato, Milk Tea, Moondrop Flower, Raspberry (fruit, juice), Rose, Sakura Shell, Seafood Fried Rice, Shining (Butter, Mayonnaise, Strawberry, Wheat), Shortcake, Steamed Egg, Sunflower, Vanilla Ice Cream, Yam Rice
Dislike Algae, Iron Ore, Raspberry Cocktail
Hate Coconut Cocktail
Note: Candace has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "Yes, um... It's ... nice to meet you..."
One Heart "I gather and grow flowers and herbs used for dyeing clothes..."
Two Hearts "Silk is made from a thread that comes from silk worms. Silk worms are cute."
Three Hearts "I don't think I have any real merits... I don't really talk much either... I don't think you will find my company very exciting..."
Four Hearts "My little sister Luna is not like me at all, she's very bright and confident... She's a very reliable person, she'd always help me when we were younger."
Five Hearts (Male Player) "Um... I'm happy that I was able to see you again today. I'm sad on the days I can't see you..."
Six Hearts (Male Player) "I think... It would be good if I had more confidence in myself. However, sometimes I just can't say what I'm thinking to you, and I get irritated."
Seven Hearts (Male Player) "If only I could put how I'm feeling into words, i1 would feel much better... Why can't I just find the right words?"
Eight Hearts (Male Player) "Before I go to bed, or when my mind wanders while I'm knitting, I think of you. <Player Name>... It makes my heart feel warm..."
Nine/Ten Hearts (Male Player) "To have someone to love is a wonderful thing... It fills you with such warm feelings... I thank you from the bottom of my heart, <Player Name>..."
Five Hearts (Female/Married Player) "When our parents died, Luna didn't cry very much. I think she endured it, so she wouldn't worry my grandmother and me."
Six Hearts (Female/Married Player) "I love to make clothes. I'm not as good as my grandmother yet... But I do my best. I'd like to make clothes for everyone, clothes that they would really enjoy."
Seven Hearts (Female/Married Player) "Um... I don't really like cocktails... Especially ones with a potent aroma. The smell makes me feel dizzy..."
Eight Hearts (Female/Married Player) "I love to make clothes for children. They are so small and cute. I would like to give some to Luna's baby when it's born..."
Nine/Ten Hearts (Female/Married Player) "When you fall in love with someone, I think you're drawn closer by your similarities. I think you're also inspired by qualities that you may not have yourself. Either way, I think love for another person is a beautiful thing."
1. Lowercase "i" is an in-game error.

Married Heart Lines & General Married Lines

Married Heart Lines
Description Line
Ten Hearts
Eleven Hearts
Twelve Hearts
Thirteen Hearts
Fourteen Hearts
Fifteen Hearts
Sixteen Hearts
Seventeen Hearts
Eighteen Hearts
Nineteen/Twenty Hearts
General Married Lines
Description Line
Box Lunch "Good morning, <Player Name>. Please eat this box lunch."
Box Lunch (Protagonist's Birthday)
After Chores

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Oh, my gosh . . . To receive something so beautiful . . . Thank you very much!"
Liked Gift "Oh, thank you very much. I'm so happy."
Neutral Gift "Thank you very much."
Disliked Gift "Um, I'm sorry... I don't like it."
Hated Gift "I'm sorry... I really don't like it. It's just not for me."
Favorite Birthday Gift "A birthday present for me? Why? I mean, thank you very much. I'm very happy, it's almost . . . like a dream."
Liked Birthday Gift "Um... A birthday present for me? But why? I mean, thank you very much."
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts "I've already received enough. Thank you very much."

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring "I like Winter as well, but I get so happy when Spring arrives."
Late Spring "Spring is in full swing... The cherry blossoms are beautiful, aren't they?"
Early Summer "It's getting hotter. It must be hard work to water all the crops and flowers."
Late Summer "These sickly, hot nights are continuing. I hope it gets cooler soon..."
Early Autumn "It's finally starting to get cooler, I like this time of year."
Late Autumn "The Winter wind will start to blow soon... I actually like Winter though. It's so warm inside my room, it feels very cozy."
Early Winter "It's getting a lot colder. Take care so you don't catch a cold."
Late Winter "I like walking through the snowy scenery. The only thing you hear is your own footsteps..."

Weather Lines

Description Line
Clear "Today is a very beautiful day."
Cloudy "I rather enjoy cloudy days like these."
Rainy "Rainy days are nice and quiet, aren't they?"
During a Thunderstorm "It makes things difficult if it rains too much, doesn't it?"
Before a Typhoon "It seems that a typhoon is coming tomorrow. I have to get the house prepared..."
During a Typhoon "I'm so afraid... If possible, I'd like to not be alone on days like this."
Snowy "I like the snow. If it's only snowing this much, I feel like going for a walk."
During a Blizzard "When I was younger, I heard stories that a snowman comes on nights with big snowstorms."

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "Tomorrow is the Circus. I have memories of being scared of large animals as a child."
Day Before the Flower Festival "Tomorrow's the Flower Festival. Everyone's going to go look at the flowers. Nothing soothes the soul quite like flowers . . ."
Day Before the Animal Festival "Tomorrow is the Animal Festival at Flute Fields. I'd like to go."
Day Before the Firefly Festival "The Firefly Festival is tomorrow. That's where we remember our ancestors. We float lanterns down the river. It's really quite beautiful."
Day Before the Summer Festival "The Summer Festival is going to be at the harbor tomorrow."
Day Before the Moon Festival "Tomorrow is the Moon Festival. With a full moon, even just taking a walk is exciting . . ."
Day Before the Harvest Festival "Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival . . . You should bring a dish you have confidence in. I want to make something as well . . . But I can't seem to decide on a dish."
Day Before Harmony Day "Tomorrow's the Harmony Day Festival. Each year, I send my grandmother a cake."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "Tomorrow is the Starry Night Festival. Stars are so romantic . . ."
Day Before New Year's Eve "Tomorrow is the New Year's Festival. Did you finish your year-end cleaning? It's the end of the year, so I'd like things to be clean."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Circus "A long time ago . . . I went to the Circus with Luna. A lion roared . . . I started to cry . . . I was so very embarrassed."
Flower Festival "Cherry blossoms are truly beautiful . . . I like snowdrops almost as much as cherry blossoms, though. As the name implies, it's a flower that grows underneath the snow during winter."
Animal Festival "I'd like to enter Mona into the Animal Festival contest too . . . But I just don't have the confidence . . ."
Firefly Festival "Tonight is the Firefly Festival. It should be a beautiful sight."
Summer Festival 1
Moon Festival "The Moon Festival is tonight. I hope it doesn't get too cloudy."
Harvest Festival "Today is the Harvest Festival. Is your dish ready? I decided on a dish that uses herbs, since I like herbs . . ."
Harmony Day "I'm very busy during the Harmony Day Festival. However, I always feel very fulfilled."
Starry Night Festival "Tonight is the Starry Night Festival. Be sure to dress warm so you don't catch a cold. It's going to be a chilly night."
New Year's Eve "Today is the end of the year. Thanks for all you've done this year."
After a Festival Lines
Description Line
Flower Festival "The Flower Festival's over, but the season isn't over yet. I hope there are even more flowers in next year's festival!"
Animal Festival
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival "I'm thankful for the many blessings I have received this year. I hope for as many blessings next year as well."
Starry Night Festival
1. These lines are only available after marriage.

Family Lines

Family Lines When Married to Player
Description Line
Expecting a Child
After Baby's Birth
During Baby's Newborn Stage
During Baby's Crawling Stage
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage
When First Child is Grown (Comment One)
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Player
When Player is Walking with Child
Family Lines When Not Married to Player
Description Line
Newlywed "Congratulations on getting married. Are you settling into married life?"
Expecting a Child "I heard you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing it."
After Baby's Birth "Congratulations. To have a new addition to your family is a true joy."
During Baby's Newborn Stage "Parents are everything to a child. Make sure to raise him well."
During Baby's Crawling Stage "There are so many uncertainties when raising a child, but please do your best."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "Your child is walking already? You two will be able to go on walks soon."
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> has gotten so big. It happened so quickly, I’m very surprised."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "You never really forget memories from your childhood. Now to create new ones!"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "When you’re talking to your child, truly listen to them."
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Player is Walking with Spouse "Oh, going out together? Have a nice time."
When Player is Walking with Child "Oh, going for a walk? That's nice."
Rival Marriage Lines
Description Line
Newlywed to Julius "I feel like I'm getting used to this new lifestyle a little."
After Angie is Born (Comment One) "I had the baby. Seeing my husband’s smiling face fills me with such joy."
After Angie is Born (Comment Two) "Everyone spoils Angie so much, I get a little jealous..."
After Angie is Born (Comment Three) "My child has started to laugh a lot. To see their progress from one day to the next makes me very happy."
After Angie is Grown (Comment One) "Julius indulges Angie too much... I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s not very good at discipline..."
After Angie is Grown (Comment Two) "Angie may look quiet and calm, but she has her lively moments. She is Julius’ daughter... She resembles Luna as well."
After Angie is Grown (Comment Three) "Angie has started to use some understandable words. I really think she has grown so much..."

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish "What do I wish for? Let's see . . . I want Luna, my grandmother, and all the people I love to smile and be happy. Oh, I really should wish that for everyone . . . I apologize. That was very selfish."
When Player is Wearing a Blue Scarf "Um . . . That's the . . . Gift that I gave you . . . Right? Um, I mean . . . Thank you for using it. It makes me very happy."
When Giving Harmony Day Cake "For this year's Harmony Day Festival, I did my best and baked a cake. Baking cakes isn't my specialty, but try some anyway."
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "Um, is this a Harmony Day cake? Oh, um . . . Thank you very much. To receive a beautiful cake like this, it's like a dream."
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop "I just heard a beautiful melody. I feel...blessed now."
Win a Contest "I heard you did very well in the <Contest Name>. That’s great! Congratulations!"
Haunted Church "They say... Perry hears the sound of weeping in the Church at night. If there's a ghost... it must be a very sad one."
When Shown the Player's Baby "Oh, how sweet. What a little angel."


Heart Events

Event Script
First Present Candace: "Good morning . . . Um, this is some silk yarn from my silkworm. If you want it, it's yours."

>(Thank you.) *Got Good Silk Yarn!*

Candace: "It's so shiny and pretty. W-Well, I hope you like it . . ."

Second Present Candace: "G-Good morning. I-I knitted this by hand. D-Do you want it?"

>(Thank you.) *Got Blue Scarf! Sent to wardrobe.*

Candace: "I-It's just to thank you for all the nice things you do. I just hope you like the color . . . G-Goodbye."

Date Candace: "U-Um . . . I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I baked some herb cookies. Do you . . . like cookies?"

>(I love them!)

Candace: "I-I'm relieved. I was hoping you liked them. This tea is delicious! It was nice to relax like that. Thank you very much . . ."

Love Letter Dear <Player>,

Hello, how are you doing? It's been a long time since the time I first met you. When I'm down or frustrated, your actions and kind smile have encouraged me. Thank you very much. When I see you, I feel that I need to do my best. I wish to spend time with you, just like we did the other day. Talk to you soon.


Confession Candace: "Um . . . Thank you for coming today. There's . . . something I wanted to tell you . . . I-I'm not sure how to put this, but I want you to know something . . . I-I . . . I like you, <Player> . . . W-Will you please go out with me?"

>(You're the only one for me!)

Candace: "Really?! I feel like I'm dreaming . . . Th-Thank you. Thank you for coming today . . . Um . . . May I walk home with you . . . ?"


General Married Events

Event Script
Player's Birthday Celebration
Candace's Birthday Celebration
Wedding Anniversary
Player's Birthday Celebration with Children
Wedding Anniversary with Children
Child's Birthday Celebration

Family Events

Baby Events
Event Script
First Child Request Candace: "U-Um... <Player Name>...? Well... D-Do you want kids?"

Candace: "...Yes, kids would be nice. I would be happy with a boy or girl."
>Option Three: (Ask her.)
Candace: "Me? Either is fine... It is our child, after all. But... I would like to have a girl. As long as it is healthy, I will be happy."

Second Child Request Candace: "...U-Um, <Player Name>, don't you want a second child? <Child Name> might be lonely alone..."

Candace: "I think having siblings is a great thing... I would be happy with a boy or a girl."
>Option Two: (Girl.)
Candace: "A girl...? Okay, let's wish for one. As long as it is healthy, I will be happy."

Baby is Born Candace: "I-I... think it's time... Let's go to the clinic... I'm not very scared, but it is a strange feeling. I'll be okay. Our baby will be healthy."

Irene: "It's almost time. You can wait outside. It's a healthy (Boy/Girl)."
Candace: "Didn't I tell you? Give the baby a name..."
>(Enter a name.)
Candace: "<Child Name>... It's a beautiful name. It's dreamy and easy to say..."
Irene: "I had a baby crib sent to your house as a present. Sleep well tonight."
Candace: "I wonder what this child will be like. <Player Name>, what do you think?"
Candace: "Yes, I think (energetic/gentle) is best. That's what I hope for. I know that, I am, by no means, perfect... but let's do our best together as parents."

Baby Crawls Candace: "<Player Name>, look at this. <Child Name> is crawling! Look at that! This child, already crawling. ♫ Maybe it'll start talking soon."

>Option One: (It's a smart baby.)
Candace: "That's true ♪ It's our child, after all."
>Option Two: (There's no need to rush.)
Candace: "Yes, that's true. Everything in due time."

Baby Walks Candace: "Oh, <Child Name> is walking! Incredible! Without any help, too. Kids grow up so fast. ♫"

>Option One: (They should be diligent.)
Candace: "Yes, that's true. There's a lot to learn out there ♫"
>Option Two: (They should be carefree.)
Candace: "Yes, happiness is the key to growing strong. ♥"

Baby Talks
Older Child's Day
Younger Child's Day
Child Events
Event Script
First Child's Cold
First Child is Lost
Protagonist's Cold
First Child is Lost, Again
Second Child's Problem

Festivals Events

Event Script
Flower Festival Candace: "Good evening. I . . . I hope I’m not late. Cherry trees are very pretty. Spring is my favorite season."

Hamilton: "What do you think? Isn't it great? I do love how amazing these blossoms look!"
Candace: "Time just flew by, just like spring will fly by before we know it . . . Perhaps we can come again next year."

Firefly Festival Candace: "Good evening. W-Were you waiting long? These are the lanterns. We put Moonstones inside flowers to make them. You float these down the river to pay your respects to your ancestors. Thank you for always watching over me and my family . . . I hope that you all at peace . . . Oh, my . . . Fireflies . . . Such a beautiful sight. You get the feeling that know somehow . . . It’s gotten quite late. We should head home. Thank you for spending the day with me. I’d like to do it again sometime . . ."
Moon Festival Candace: "Good evening. Did I keep you waiting? What a pretty moon. It looks like a painting. Um, I made some food. Please try some . . . I don’t want to leave, but we should probably head home. Thank you for coming today. Perhaps we can come again next year."
Starry Night Festival Candace: "Good evening. I hope you didn't wait for me . . . It gets quite cold at night. Are you adequately dressed? When I'm with you, <Player>, I feel a bit warmer. Wow . . . A shooting star . . . I can never make a wish in time . . . Did you . . . make a wish? Oh, you didn't? That's too bad . . . It's already so late . . . I have to go home. Thank you for coming tonight. I had a wonderful time with you. I'd love to do it again."


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