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[b]Characters (Non-Marriagable):[/b] There are a variety of people whom you can interact with in Rune Factory. The eleven marriagable girls are listed in <a href="?games/Rune_Factory/Marriage">another section</a>. All names are romanized from Japanese, with the romanji for the name right beside it (explaining why some may seem...weird.)

[b]Giving items (gifts) to people is totally unnecessary.[/b] If you talk to a person every day, that will raise his or her friendship points (FP). Talking to people on festival days makes their FP go up even more. 10 is the maximum number of friendship points any person can have.

<img src="games/Rune_Factory/godwin.png" width="100">
[b]Godwin[/b] (Godouin): Godwin is the mayor, or village elder, of Caldia Town. He will give you the permission notices necessary to get into each mine. He lives in the northern section of town with his daughter, Fill.
Birthday: Summer 23
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/jacko.png" width="100">
[b]Jackolyns Elako Viviage[/b] (Jyakorinusu Eraruko Viviajyu): This overweight man is the richest person in town. As you can probably guess, he loves to eat and talks about food most of the time. (Bianca even claims that he eats seven meals a day.) He is the judge of certain festivals, such as the Milk Festival and the Cooking Festival. He lives with his daughter, Bianca, and their maid, Tabitha, in the northern section of town (next to Godwin's house).
Birthday: Summer 3
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/ed.png" width="100">
[b]Ed[/b] (Edo): The doctor. He lives in and works at the clinic, in the southern part of town. He can sell you medicine or give you an exam for 200G (which will cure any status ailments you have). Lapis works as a nurse in the clinic. Camus is his son, but they are rarely together as they do not get along.
Birthday: Winter 8
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/camus.png" width="100">
[b]Camus[/b] (Kamyu): Camus runs his own shop/farm in the middle section of town. He lives in the clinic with his father, Ed, despite the fact that the two don't get along. It seems that Camus wants to move to the city someday. He can build barns for the monsters you catch. The barns are really cheap: each barn costs 1000G and will use 100 pieces of wood. He has a major crush on Melody.
Birthday: Fall 14
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/jeff.png" width="100">

[b]Jeff[/b] (Jyefu): The very friendly supermarket owner. You can buy seeds and other odds and ends from him. He and his daughter, Rosetta, live in an apartment above the shop.

Birthday: Spring 3
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/lady_anne.png" width="100">
[b]Lady Anne[/b] (Ledei An): The innkeeper. Her husband died years ago, so she is the sole owner of the inn. She is also the mother of Torte and Sacher.
Birthday: Summer 20
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/sacher.png" width="100">
[b]Sacher[/b] (Zahha): Anne's son and Torte's older brother. Sacher considers himself something of a treasure hunter, and he can often be found in the first mine (Carmite). He's a bit on the anti-social side, and seems to hate most food items. He has a crush on Mist.
Birthday: Summer 13
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/russell.png" width="100">
[b]Russell[/b] (Rasseru): The librarian. Russell loves books and spends almost all his time in the library or the apartment above it. You can buy books from him. Some years ago he adopted a young half-elf girl named Cecilia (Cecilie). Although he is not Cecilie's real father, she calls him "Papa" anyway.
Birthday: Spring 20
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/ceciria.png" width="100">
[b]Cecilia[/b] (Seshiria): She likes to be called "Cecilie." She is half-human, half-elf (note the pointy ears) and Russell's adopted daughter. Cecilie is close friends with Nichol, and while she's usually a good girl, she does occasionally get into trouble...
Birthday: Summer 12
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/noiman.png" width="100">
[b]Neuman[/b] (Noiman): Another farm owner. You can buy feed and stuff from him, and he can also upgrade your house for 200,000G and 2000 pieces of wood. At one time he was married to Sarah, but they broke up (while she was pregnant with Nichol) and divorced. Neuman is quite fond of his son, and is evidently willing to forgive Sarah, so they may be able to get back together some time...
Birthday: Spring 13
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/sarah.png" width="100">
[b]Sarah[/b] (Sara): She owns a shop on the beach, where you can buy various refreshments. She is Neuman's ex-wife and Nichol's mother. It is possible to get Sarah and Neuman back together again.
Birthday: Winter 4
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/nichol.png" width="100">
[b]Nichol[/b] (Nikoru): Neuman and Sarah's son. He lives with his mother. Despite the fact that he goes and plays at Neuman's place a lot, he does not know (at least at the beginning of the game) that Neuman is his father. Nichol loves to get into mischief. He and Cecilie are good friends, and he wants to marry Cecilie someday.
Birthday: Summer 30
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/sebastian.png" width="100">
[b]Sebastian[/b] (Sebasuchan): Sebastian owns the pub, where you can buy useful things like flour, chocolate, etc.
Birthday: Spring 30
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/white.png" width="100">
[b]White[/b] (Howaito): The priest at the church in town. He and his daughter, Lapis, live in an apartment above the church. Both he and Lapis (a nurse) are known for being two of the most level-headed, kindest people in town.
Birthday: Winter 17
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/ryudo.png" width="100">
[b]Ryudo[/b] (Ryudo): A wanderer who also considers himself something of a poet/musician. He is also a womanizer, but he's not too good at winning the hearts of the ladies. He has a major crush on Rosetta, and can often be found at the supermarket. Rosetta hates him.
Birthday: Winter 28
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/ivan.png" width="100">
[b]Ivan[/b] (Ivan): A traveling salesmen, he comes to town only on the "Celebration Days" (the day between Friday and Monday). He'll come even if there's a festival that day. He's kind of like the TV shopping network in previous games. You buy things like the kitchen, bookshelf, tables, maker machines, big bed, etc. from him.
Birthday: Unknown
<img src="games/Rune_Factory/leo.png" width="100">
[b]Leo[/b] (Reo): The blacksmith. You can buy weapons from him, and also have him upgrade your tools.
Birthday: Winter 11

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