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Japanese Name:
Birthday: N/A
Residence: Chase's House
Favorite Gift:



Dakota is the cheerful child Chase and Maya. She loves food like her mother and is a good cook like her father. When she grows up she wishes to become a food critic.



Dialogue and Scripts

Heart Lines

Description of Line Line
No Hearts "Remember to eat healthy! I always try to..."
One Heart "We're all friends! Only bad friends fight!"
Two Hearts
Three Hearts
Four Hearts
Five Hearts
Six Hearts
Seven Hearts
Eight Hearts
Nine Hearts
Ten Hearts

Gift Lines

Description of Line Line
Neutral Gift
Liked Gift "Wow, I'm so happy! Thanks!"
Loved Gift "Wow, that's sooo nice! I love this! I'm so happy! Thank you! ♥"
Too Many Gifts "I already have enough gifts for today! Oh! But gimme some more stuff tomorrow if you get the chance!"
Disliked Gift



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