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Dale (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: ダイ (Dai)
Birthday: 14th Summer
Residence: Carpenter's
Family: Luke
Favorite Gift: Coconut cocktail, Rice cocktail, Olive cocktail, Yam cocktail, Wheat cocktail, Mushroom rice, Marinated mushroom, Clam soup, Spicy seafood soup, Spicy stew





Preference Gift
Favorite cocktails (coconut, rice, olive, yam, wheat), mushroom (rice, marinated), clam soup, spicy seafood soup, spicy stew
Like Perfect chicken egg, perfect cherry, perfect chestnut, rice ball, Tsukimi soba, cocktails (raspberry, grape, apple, cranberry, blackberry, blueberry), shining sushi, anemone, seafood fried rice
Dislike shortcake
Note: Dale has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "Don't use your tools so much when you're low on stamina. You'll eventually pass out."
One Heart
Two Hearts
Three Hearts "You should think carefully when you go shopping. It's important to prioritize."
Four Hearts "It’s nice to have many appliances and furniture, but some are useless. You should buy things that are practical first."
Five Hearts "My son Luke is a little intense, and may be hard to get along with, but... Inside he’s a great guy... So, I hope you can be his friend."
Six Hearts "Sometimes I feel guilty that my work involves cutting down trees. But I’m careful about how many I cut down. I always respect Mother Nature."
Seven Hearts
Eight Hearts
Nine/Ten Hearts

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "I love it! How did you know? Thanks!"
Liked Gift "I like it. Thanks."
Neutral Gift "Oh, thanks."
Disliked Gift "Oh, sorry, I don't like this."
Hated Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring "Spring is great. It's the best season because new trees begin to sprout."
Late Spring
Early Summer "The forest is pretty green these days. It really feels like Summer's arrived."
Late Summer "The ocean is nice, but the mountains in the Summer are good, too. The cicadas are loud, but the sunsets are spectacular."
Early Autumn "When leaves start changing color and falling, it really feels like it's fall."
Late Autumn "Fall is the last chance to harvest. You see less animals around, and you start feeling a little lonely."
Early Winter "There's nothing like tossing back a few while you're in the hot springs in the Winter."
Late Winter "A year really goes by so fast. Really, we shouldn't be wasting any time."

Weather Lines

Description Line
Clear "On a clear day, you should open a window and let the breeze in."
Cloudy "I like cloudy days. It’s really comfortable."
Rainy "Firewood is better if it’s out of the rain."
During a Thunderstorm "Rain causes mold. Make sure you wipe down your shoes and tools."
Before a Typhoon "When a typhoon comes, my work gets harder with repairs and such."
During a Typhoon
Snowy "Roofs are angled so it's not a problem when it snows."
During a Blizzard "The wind is strong during a blizzard, and turns everything white. Make sure you don't get lost."

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "Tomorrow is the Circus. It’s going to start around sundown at the Grounds. Come by if you’re free."
Day Before the Flower Festival "Tomorrow's the Flower Festival... It's nice, but it's not really my thing."
Day Before the Animal Festival "Tomorrow is the Animal Festival. Don't sheep get mad when you shear them?"
Day Before the Firefly Festival "Tomorrow is the Firefly Festival. There's a deeper meaning involved with it... You'll know what I'm talking about when you're older."
Day Before the Summer Festival
Day Before the Moon Festival "Tomorrow is the Moon Festival. I hope the sky is clear, so we can enjoy the full moon."
Day Before the Harvest Festival "Tomorrow’s the Harvest Festival. You should always be thankful for nature’s bounty."
Day Before Harmony Day "Tomorrow is Harmony Day. Ma used to bake a cake every year."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "Tomorrow is the Starry Night Festival. You can see plenty of shooting stars!"
Day Before New Year's Eve "Tomorrow is New Year's. The year just went by so quickly."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Circus "I’ve got so many memories of the Circus... Luke was always so excited."
Flower Festival
Animal Festival "I wonder if cows get mad when you milk them..."
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival "There are many contests held during the Harvest Festival. Even a cooking contest! I usually make a stew... or something you can make a large amount of, at least."
Harmony Day "I received a lot of cake. I don't really like desserts, but I'm happy to get them. I need to return the favor."
Starry Night Festival "Tonight’s the Starry Night Festival. You should go to Flute Fields."
New Year's Eve "How was this past year? Was it good? Let's work hard next year, too."
After a Festival Lines
Description Line
Circus "My best Circus memories? Well, they are more about Luke, but that's fine..."
Flower Festival
Animal Festival
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival "Did you have fun at the Harvest Festival? It’s the best thanks you can give."
Starry Night Festival

Family Lines

Description Line
Expecting a Child "Ah, newlyweds... It’s okay to be a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot of things you have to learn."
After Baby's Birth "Congratulations. Things are going to be hectic, so good luck."
During Baby's Newborn Stage "How's your kid? How's the crib? We made it, you know."
During Baby's Crawling Stage "Every moment you're with your kid is so important."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "When kids start to move, you just can't take your eyes off of them for a minute... Man, it sure can be tough."
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> is getting big. You must be satisfied."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "<Older Child Name> talks about you all the time. They must be so proud of you."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "<Older Child Name> is turning out to be a great kid."
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Spouse "Oh, out for a walk together? That’s great. Family is important."
When Player is Walking with Child "Out on a walk with your kid? Reminds me of Luke when he was little. He would just disappear, and I’d be calling all over. You better be careful too."

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish "A wish...? Maybe for Luke to calm down... Nah, he's fine as he is. Maybe that the forest stays healthy and prosperous. Well, as long as the Harvest Goddess is with us, I don't need to worry about that."
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "Oh, a Harmony Day cake? Gee, I don’t really like sweets, but... I’d hate for it to go to waste, so I’d better eat it. Thanks."
When Giving Harmony Day Cake "I’ve received a lot of cake. How ‘bout it, <Player Name>? Will you take one?"
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop "I heard a pretty ringing. Feels like something good is about to happen."
Win a Contest "I heard the news! You won the <Contest Name>?! Amazing!"
Talk too much "You look focused today."
When Shown the Player's Baby "Oh, nice! Bigger than I thought! And those gentle eyes. Really melts all my worries away."

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