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In Save the Homeland there are two different dogs available. You must befriend the dog on your own by putting food in the blue dish in front of your house everyday.(They don’t live on the farm this time!) Soon one of them will warm up to you and they will let you pick them up and take him home as your new pet. (I got the dog on the 15th day of Spring giving him food in his dish everyday.)

There are two different types of dogs. The normal one that you always get with red bandana on and a larger dog with a blue bandanna tied around its neck. You can only choose one. The only differences in the dogs are there appearances, so just pick the one you like the best.

One of the many differences in this Harvest Moon is the fact you can train your dog to do tricks. First you have to get the flute from Louis. Make sure to give him herbs everyday and on the third or fourth day go to the lake and you will see him playing his flute with birds gathered around listening. Gwen comes over and wants to talk to him so he decided to give you his spare flute and he tells you that you should play together sometime. Now you can begin training your dog. (Dog must live with you to train it.)

There are a total of six tricks you can teach your dog with the flute. The more your dog loves the faster he will perform them. The dog is really helpful with the cows and sheep, because he has the ability to herd them into the barn which means you don’t have to push them by hand. The other tricks don’t really have much of a purpose but to make your dog smarter. Here are all the tricks. You must hold the X button before hitting any other buttons to play.

  • Heel: Left
  • Jump: Left
  • Down: Up
  • Herd Livestock: Left
  • Sit: Up
  • Sit Up: Down

You can also buy a dog house for your dog, but more information on that is in the extension section.

The dog can have up to five hearts. Feeding your dog everyday and training it with the flute will increase its happiness towards you. There are two endings that involve your dog so if you are aiming for them then you have to make sure to take good care of him.

When your dog has one heart it likes you very little and is still trying to get to know you better, but it trusts you enough to let you take him home.

When your dog makes it up the two hearts he will come when you whistle for him and he will start to do tricks.

When your dog has three hearts its speed will increase and that means its really starting to bond with you.

When your dog is at four hearts he is smarter and does its tricks quickly, runs fast and listens to everything you say.

When your dog makes it to the last stage the fifth heart it is your best friend. He is very obedient and loyal to you through thick and thin.

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