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This page lists special villager Events. For details on Rival Events (and Heart Events), see specific character pages.

These Events include spoilers.


Villager Events

The Supsicious Man

Trigger: 2nd day of Spring (Year 1)

Harris will visit the farm warning you of a suspicious man wandering the village. Just once he leaves, the man comes to rest on your farm. His name is Won. He came by the village and got lost. If you go to the square next, you'll find Harris patrolling. Talk to him, and he'll go to search for the man at your farm, but fails to come across him as Won has now come to the Square. Next, go to Gotz's house and the two will finally meet each other. All ends okay, as it turns out that Won is only a peddler.

The Mayor's Favor

Trigger: 16th day of Spring

The Mayor, Thomas, will visit the farm requesting 3 turnips to be delivered to his house on the 21st, for the Cooking Festival the following day. Go to the Mayor's house before 08.00 AM or after 05.00 PM. Do not hold the turnips when you delivered it. The Mayor will get it from your rucksack when you speak to him inside his house.

Apple Pie

Trigger: Spring (Year 1)

Thomas, the Mayor, will come by your house and request for you to deliver an apple pie to Ellen for him, since he will be out of town and on business. Agree to do so. Go to the inn, receive the pie and give it to Ellen, and refuse her tip. Elli will come and give you another apple pie for your troubles.


Trigger: Increase affection modifier with Ma

May will visit the farm asking if she can help with any chores. Barley will show up and apologize for May's behavior. You will then be given the choice to send May to Ellen or send May to the Church. Both choices result in Pastor Carter looking after May, along with Stu, at the Church every day (except for Thursdays and Sundays).

May is Missing

Trigger: Increase affection modifier with Barley

Barley will visit the farm one morning, saying that May is missing, and asks that you help look for her. A few people will be searching, such as Gotz and the mayor, in the mountain. If you talk to Barley, you'll find out that she was left here by her mother. At 6:00pm, go to the beach docks and you'll find the young girl remembering about her past. About how she came here to her grandpa's house by the boat. You can listen to her story, or take her home. Either way, she ends up at home with Barley. She'll get a little scolding, and Barley will thank you.

Kai's Introduction

Trigger: Exit the farm to the north on the 30th day of Spring (Year 1)

Popuri and May are standing near the Blacksmith's, waiting to welcome Kai back to the village for the Summer. Kai will introduce himself.

Kai vs. the Guys

Trigger: Enter the Inn at evening during Summer

Rick and some other villagers will be in an argument with Kai about how he's a cad and flirts with all the girls. You can either side with the crowd or side with Kai. The dialogue choices are:

  1. Kai is wrong (side with the crowd)
  2. Both guys are wrong (side with Kai)
  3. Don't know, don't care (side with nobody, which makes Kai mad)

Harris' Love Sickness

Trigger: Increase affection modifier with Harris, and exit your house at 6:00pm

Harris will visit the farm and tell you how he is in love with Aja, Duke and Manna's daughter who left the village. He wants to send her a letter, but can't find anything to write about and asks if anything has happened on the farm. You say nothing has happened, and he leaves disappointedly. Afterwards, go talk to Manna, and you'll tell her about Harris' 'Secret'. The next day, Harris comes by your house and apologises for being a nuisance last night. Zack comes by and delivers a letter to him, and to his surprise, it's from Aja! He thanks you, and leaves happily. Their spur of letters continues.

Duke Gets Drunk

Trigger: Enter the Inn between 5:00pm-6:00pm during Fall

Pick up the bottle of water, stand at Duke's feet, and toss the water at him.

Cliff's Story

Trigger: Enter Rose Square around 11:00am on a snowy day

Cliff passes out in Rose Square. Talk to him, to collect a photo that he dropped. Automatically enter the Inn and alert Ann, Doug and Carter. Cliff is brought to the Clinic, where the Doctor says that he'll be alright. After automatically exiting the Clinic, go back inside and give Cliff the picture that he dropped. He will mention that he didn't like his hometown, so he decided to move away, and after some time passed he returned to his hometown to find his mother had passed away and his sister left town. Mineral Town reminds him of his hometown.

Beware Blizzard

Trigger: Enter the Woodcutter's House area from the north after 10:00am on a snowy day

Gotz will be standing in front of his house. When you pass him, he'll warn not to go to the mountain because of an incoming blizzard (the blizzard is a scripted event and will not affect your farm). Go to the mountain and Gotz will save you. He'll bring you to his house and tell you about his family that died in a blizzard.

Flower of Happiness

Trigger: Speak to Ellen during Winter

Ellen will mention a flower that only bloom when it snow. On a snowy day, go to the Summit of Mother's Hill after 6:00pm to find the Flower of Happiness (this will automatically end the current day). Speak to Basil about the flower.

Jeff's Painting

Trigger: Enter the Supermarket during Year 2

Sasha and Jeff will be celebrating, because Jeff's painting was selected in a competition. They decide to do something in celebration. Exit the Supermarket, and go back in, and you'll find everyone coming to the store to repay their debts because they think the Supermarket is going to close because Jeff held a huge sale, when in fact it was only in celebration of his painting. Fortunately, though, he can now pay off all those debts.


Trigger: Enter the Summit of Mother's Hill at 3:00 on the 5th day of Fall

A Thief at the Inn



Trigger: Enter the Church at 6:00 during Winter


Trigger: Fall. Gotz.

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