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Carpenter's- You can buy furniture and upgrade buildings here. Dale, Luke, and Bo live here. If the rival couple Luke and Selena get married, Selena will move here. Their daughter Lucy will also live here.

General Store- You can buy makers, furniture, and books/treasure maps here. Simon, Barbara, and Pheobe live here. If the rival couple Calvin and Pheobe get married, Calvin will move here. Their son Heath will also live here.

Accessory Store- You can get ores refined and make jewelry here. Mira lives here, and her nephew Julius works here.

Blacksmith's- You can upgrade your tools here. Ramsey, Owen, and Chloe live here. If the rival couple Owen and Kathy get married, Kathy will move here. Their son Roy will also live here.

  • Shops are closed on Thursdays and Holidays.

Mining for Wonderfuls and Ores

Players can mine in the Garmon Mines District as well as the Watery Cave located in Harmonica Town. The chart located below gives information for unprocessed Ores/Gems on how much the items are worth and where to find them. Please note that Garmon Mine has two levels: BF (meaning Bottoms Floors on the chart) and UF (meaning Upper Floors on the chart).

Mined Item (Unprocessed) Selling Price Where to Mine
Rock Salt 50 G All Mines
Junk Ore 10 G All Mines
Copper Ore 30 G All Mines
Silver Ore 40 G All Mines
Gold Ore 50 G All Mines
Rare Ore 150 G All Mines
Blue Wonderful 30 G Watery Cave
Green Wonderful 30 G Watery Cave
Purple Wonderful 30 G Watery Cave
Red Wonderful 30 G Garmon Mines (BF)
White Wonderful 30 G Garmon Mines (UF)
Yellow Wonderful 30 G Garmon Mines (BF, UF)
Pearl 90 G Watery Cave
Black Pearl 150 G Watery Cave

Please also note that the rarer the gem/ore, the harder it is to find the item.

Processing Wonderfuls and Ores

If you take your unprocessed gems and ores to Mira's Accessory Shop in the Garmon Mines district, Mira will refine your items into beautiful gems and diamonds to make beautiful jewelery, and useful metal to take over to the Blacksmith's to upgrade your tools.

Please note that it costs 35 Gold to refine every item. Be sure you bring a lot of money to the Accessory Store if you have a lot of Ores and Wonderfuls!

Also note that in the chart below, the percentage of success will be listed for each ore and gem. The more of an item you bring to be refined, the higher chance of success you'll have to get the desired ore or gem.


Ore Type Processed Metal Success Percentage Selling Price
Any Ore Scrap Metal Varies per Ore 10 G
Copper Ore Copper 40% Successful 70 G
Silver Ore Silver 30% Successful 100 G
Gold Ore Gold 15% Successful 150 G
Rare Ore Rare Metal 10% Successful 240 G

For this section, each chart will be categorized by the Wonderful's color.

Blue Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Aquamarine 15% Successful 420 G
Lapis Lazuli 20% Successful 300 G
Sapphire 5% Successful 620 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

Green Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Emerald 5% Successful 690 G
Jade 15% Successful 190 G
Peridot 20% Successful 350 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

Purple Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Amethyst 10% Successful 420 G
Spinel 20% Successful 220 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

Red Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Garnet 20% Successful 270 G
Ruby 5% Successful 830 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

White Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Crystal 20% Successful 170 G
Diamond 5% Successful 1330 G
Opal 15% Successful 330 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

Yellow Wonderfuls

Processed Gem Success Percentage Selling Price
Amber 20% Successful 250 G
Topaz 5% Successful 550 G
Glass Varies per visit 10 G

For shipping all the processed and unprocessed Ores and Wonderfuls, Mira will award you with a trophy. To receive the award, simply ship all Ores and Wonderfuls (including all the refined items that come from the mined items) and open the door the next day (after you've made your shipment). It's a nice trophy that you can put anywhere in your house, assuming it has room!

Making Accessories with refined items

After refining Ores and Wonderfuls, the processed materials can make Accessories, items that can be used on the character to change their appearance. Benefits of such items can affect how some contests and relations turn out. For example, the Fashion Contest at the New Year's Festival allows players to compete against the computer rivals. Jewelry can boost the score total of the player. In another example, characters the player wants to pursue as a romantic interest can also receive accessories as gifts. This will boost their friendship level if the player gives the character the correct items.

The below chart shows accessories and their requirements. PLEASE NOTE: Every accessory listed in the chart can be one of the following:

  • Brooch
  • Ring
  • Pendant

Please also be aware that all materials used are refined items. The chart is presented in alphabetical order.

Accessory Cost Materials Used
Amber 300 G 1 Amber, 1 Silver
Amethyst 500 G 1 Amethyst, 1 Silver
Aquamarine 500 G 1 Aquamarine, 1 Silver
Black Pearl 200 G 1 Black Pearl, 1 Silver
Crystal 300 G 1 Crystal, 1 Silver
Diamond 1,200 G 1 Diamond, 1 Silver
Emerald 700 G 1 Emerald, 1 Silver
Garnet 300 G 1 Garnet, 1 Silver
Goddess 400 G 2 Rare Metal
Gold 300 G 2 Gold
Jade 300 G 1 Jade, 1 Silver
Lapis Lazuli 400 G 1 Lapis Lazuli, 1 Silver
Opal 400 G 1 Opal, 1 Silver
Pearl 200 G 1 Pearl, 1 Silver
Peridot 400 G 1 Peridot, 1 Silver
Ruby 800 G 1 Ruby, 1 Silver
Sakura Shell 200 G 1 Sakura Shell, 1 Silver
Sapphire 600 G 1 Sapphire, 1 Silver
Silver 200 G 2 Silver
Spinel 300 G 1 Spinel, 1 Silver
Topaz 600 G 1 Topaz, 1 Silver

Not all items shown above are available. Many of the items depends on what level the store is at. Check with Mira at the Accessory Store. Each level at the shop will grant a letter in your mailbox with a notice of what new items are for sale. Refer to your mailbox letters to see what level Mira's store is at.

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