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Harvest King
Harvest King (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: 神さま (Kami-sama)
(True Name: Ignis)
Birthday: N/A
Family: N/A
Favorite Gift: Shining Grapes, Shining Apple, Grape Cocktail, Apple Cocktail, Ruby-type Accessory



When all five bells of the land are rung, the mighty Harvest King is summoned. The Harvest King is a powerful being who sits atop the Garmon Mountain watching the citizens below. At a first glance, he doesn't really enjoy the company of a human, but as you become more friendly with him he changes. Festivals and other mortal rituals confuse him.


Events and Requirements

Pre-Marriage Events

Heart Events
Event Conditions Location Time
(Shining Apple)
Harvest King must have at least 4 hearts. Garmon Mountaintop. Before 12:00
Love Letter Harvest King must have at least 6 hearts. Protagonist's Mailbox Any time
Confession Harvest King must have at least 7 hearts.
Speak to the Harvest King when he appears and respond, "As you wish!"
Garmon Mountaintop. 16:00
Proposal Harvest King must have at least 9 hearts.
Show Harvest King the Blue Feather.
Have at least a level 2 house.
Garmon Mountaintop. Any time

Post-Marriage Events

General Married Events
Event Conditions Location Time
Player's Birthday Celebration Enter the protagonist's home on her birthday. Inside the protagonist's home. 18:00
Baby Events
Event Conditions Location Time
First Child Request Harvest King must have at least 16 hearts.
Have at least a level 3 house.
Garmon Mountaintop Any time
Second Child Request Harvest King must have at least 16 hearts.
First child must be grown.
Garmon Mountaintop Any time
Baby's Birth Approximately 14 days after answering "Yes" to either "Child Request" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Crawls Approximately 14 days after "Baby Birth" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Walks Approximately 14 days after "Baby Crawls" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Baby Talks Approximately 14 days after "Baby Walks" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00
Child's Day Approximately 14 days after "Baby Talks" event. Inside the protagonist's home. 6:00


No matter the time, day, or weather, the Harvest King will always be on top of the mountain in the Garmon Mine District. Even if the player marries him, he will remain on top of the mountain. He will only leave for what he deems to be an occasion that is worthy of his presence. Not many occasions merit this honor.

Everyday (All Weather Conditions)
Garmon Mountaintop


Preference Gift
Favorite Cocktail(Apple, Grape), Ruby accessories, Shining (Apple, Grape)
Like Anemone, Olive Cocktail, Shining (Butter, Cheese, Cherry, Chicken Egg, Cocoa, Mayonnaise, Milk, Strawberry, Wheat)
Dislike Failed recipes, Junk (boots, cans, etc.), junk ore
Hate Algae, Bodigizer XL

Dialogue and Scripts


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "If you're not here for a reason,you shouldn't have come all the way here."
One Heart "I know nothing of the lower world. Unlike the Harvest Goddess, I'm not interested in humans."
Two Hearts "It takes a lot of effort to come here. But you come without a purpose. Strange human..."
Three Hearts "You want to know about me? I am an All-Knowing Deity! Although it can get boring... If you have a lot of time on your hands... I don't mind you visiting."
Four Hearts "I've known the Harvest Goddess for a very long time. I don't remember when those small sprites came into this world... I was in a long slumber."
Five Hearts (Female Player) "<Player name> I'm glad you've come. I know it takes a while for you to get here... But it's always appreciated."
Six Hearts (Female Player) "Hm, this is a problem. No, it's nothing. It has nothing to do with you, <Player name>... Maybe it does. No, no it doesn't!"
Seven Hearts (Female Player) "How odd of me to overanalyze such a thing... I will not allow myself to become distressed over it."
Eight Hearts (Female Player) "This is funny. I've lived a long time, but I've never felt like this before. It's quite refreshing. Not bad."
Nine/Ten Hearts (Female Player) "If you are sad, I am sad. I want you to always be smiling... I sincerely wish this."
Five Hearts (Male/Married Player)
Six Hearts (Male/Married Player)
Seven Hearts (Male/Married Player)
Eight Hearts (Male/Married Player)
Nine/Ten Hearts (Male/Married Player)

Marriage Heart Lines

Description Line
Ten Hearts
Eleven Hearts
Twelve Hearts "Even when we are apart, I know what <player name> is doing and thinking. I send my feelings to you always. Forgive me, that is the best I can do."
Thirteen Hearts "When I see you face I can feel myself relax. I've changed a little... Maybe for the better."
Fourteen Hearts "I remember when you first came here. I thought you were strange."
Fifteen Hearts "After you are gone, I will be alone once more. When I think about that, it makes me sad."
Sixteen Hearts "The Goddess and Sprites say that I have changed. I don't think I have. Maybe it's because of you. Well, that's not a bad thing."
Seventeen Hearts "I'd like to help but I must be careful when using my powers. They may not benefit you. Perhaps I am too strong."
Eighteen Hearts "If you are happy, then I am happy too. I hope for nothing but your happiness."
Nineteen/Twenty Hearts "After you are gone... I shall love what you loved... I shall sing the songs that you sang."

Gift Lines

Description Line
Loved Gift "Oh, you pay attention to detail. My highest regards."
Liked Gift "I see, that's not too bad. I shall accept it."
Neutral Gift "Well, I don't hate it. I shall accept it."
Hated Gift "You imbecile. One who gives a hated gift deserves a three-hour lecture."
Too Many Gifts "You're being a nuisance."

Seasonal Lines

Description of Line Line
Spring (Comment One) "It is spring. Everyone is busy during this time."
Spring (Comment Two) "The spring air is calm. The birds are happy."
Summer (Comment One) "I like the summer sun. It is very invigorating."
Summer (Comment Two) "Blue summer skies are decorated with white clouds."
Autumn (Comment One) "The sky seems much higher... It must be Fall."
Autumn (Comment Two) "It is colder. The sun sets earlier so you should go home earlier."
Winter (Comment One) "It's Winter. You can see many birds flying south."
Winter (Comment Two) "The year is ending... Time flies."

Weather Lines

Description of Line Line
Clear Weather "It's nice weather today. The sunlight feels good."
Cloudy Weather "There are heavy clouds today. Not that it matters here."
Rainy Weather "Rainy days are quiet. The darkness doesn't improve my mood."
During a Thunderstorm "Ah, thunder. Some people think that thunder is my anger."
Day Before a Typhoon "There will be a typhoon tomorrow. Don't go outside."
During a Typhoon/Blizzard "Imbecile! Don't come here in this weather! Go home now!"
Snowy Weather "Snow... It is beautiful when everything is white. But it feels sad somehow."

Festival Lines

Description of Line Line
Day Before the Circus "Tomorrow is... What, a circus? I don't understand why, but humans like to be rowdy."
Day of the Circus "What is a Circus? I don't understand how animals doing tricks is entertaining."
Day Before the Flower Festival "Is there a festival tomorrow? I sense a... rowdy presence nearby."
Day of the Flower Festival "Today's the Flower Festival. Flowers entertain me."
Day Before the Animal Festival "What's tomorrow? The Animal Festival? A Festival to compare animals. If you're participating, you must win!"
Winning Animal Festival "I see. You won at <contest>! Good job! Winning feels good, doesn't it?"
Day of the Animal Festival "I don't understand humans. They demand equality, yet have rankings. Funny people."
Day Before the Firefly Festival "What's tomorrow? The Firefly Festival? Ah, a festival to remember those who have passed on. Humans think of funny things."
Day of the Firefly Festival "Was there a crowd for the Firefly festival? Not of people. I meant souls."
Day Before the Summer Festival "What's tomorrow? Summer Festival? A fishing contest? Another competition... If you're entering, you must win!"
Day of the Summer Festival "There are fireworks today. Though man-made, they're quite entertaining."
Day Before the Moon Festival "Another festival? What is it now? The Moon Festival? Is that really necessary?"
Day of the Moon Festival "You've come to see the moon? I can see it anytime."
Day Before the Harvest Festival "Another Festival? What is it now? Harvest festival? Another competition! If you're entering, you must win!"
Day of the Harvest Festival "I don't understand what these humans do... But it seems they are happy."
Day Before Harmony Day "Another Festival? Harmony day? Always be thankful! No need for cakes!"
Giving Harmony Day Cake "I'm not thankful for you. However, I recognize that you came all the way here. Here is a gift."
Receiving Harmony Day Cake "I do not eat cake. But on the other hand... I'll accept your gratitude."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "Another Festival? What is it now? A Starry Night Festival? Is that really necessary?"
Day of the Starry Night Festival "Tonight is the Starry Night Festival, apparently. People gather to watch the stars. I don't think much of it."
Day Before New Year's Eve "Another Festival? What is it now? New Year's? A gathering for the end of the year. In other words, just a big party."
On New Year's Eve "A human is born, life happens, and then he dies. No need to reflect on that."

Baby Lines

Description of Line Line
During Pregnancy "Don't worry. I am watching, <Player>"
On Baby Day "It was a great burden on you. I regret that I could not be by your side."
During Newborn Stage "How is the child? Well, I hope?"

Miscellaneous Lines

Description of Line Line
Pet Comment "You brought it all the way here. It looks well."
Talk Too Much (Comment One) "You should go home."
Talk Too Much (Comment Two) "I'm glad that you visit me but if you are tired, you should go home."
Talk Too Much (Comment Three) "<Player name>, don't overwork."

Heart Events

Event Lines
Present "Greetings. <Player name>, do you like apples? These are good."

(Thank you) *Got Shining Apple!*

"I like your smile. I can feel the sincerity of your gratitude."

(No thanks...)

"I see you don't want it."

Confession Invitation "<Player>. After you're done with work, come to the Mountaintop. I have something to say."

(As you wish!)

"Come between the hours of 16:00 and 18:00."

(I respectfully refuse!)

"I see... Fine, I apologize for inconveniencing you."

Confession "Right on time. Thank you for coming. <Player> ... We deities do not normally let mortals know our name. To share it means... sharing a special love. I would like you to know my true name. Would you like to know it?"


"Thank you. Your answer alone makes me happy. Someday, when we swear our love to each other... I will tell you. Please come again."


"I see... Please forget about what I said today."

Love Letter "<Player name>.

It's a hard path, becoming a Harvest King. But come visit me sometime."

- The Harvest King

Proposal "This is a Blue Feather. Are you trying to say that you want to marry me?"

(Positive Response)

"I see.... You're an interesting one. Fine, I would be willing to take vows with you. It is not possible for me to live with you, but you may come here any time. In that case, please come here on Day <#> of <season>. We will exchange vows then."

Wedding (Alan: "Harvest King and <Player>... Do you promise to love and honor each other for as long as you both shall live?")

"Fool! Do you expect me to participate in a human ritual?"

(Ben: "But, Harvest King, the ceremony is important!")

(Collin: "It's where you promise your love for each other♪ Do you promise?")

(I do!)

(With all my heart!)

(Alan: "Harvest King, please provide proof of your love.♪")

(Edge: "Um... In human weddings... this is where you... you know, smooch!")

"Smooch? What is a "smooch"?"

(Collin: "I'll show you what a smooch is!")

(Daren: "Eek, what are you doing?!")

(Ben: "I'm not quite sure what that was, but let's move on! Come on, Harvest King.")

(Daren: "Wow. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy too!♪")

(Collin: "Now that you're lovey-dovey newlyweds, why don't you pick pet names for each other?")

"<Player> ... I shall call you this name when I feel like it. You may call me Ignis."

Marriage Events

Event Lines
Player Birthday Celebration "Today is your birthday. I made dinner tonight. I don't understand why humans take joy in such mundane things like aging but I am genuinely thankful for the day you were born. Here. I actually had fun deciding what you might like."
First Child Request "<Player>... Do you want children?"


"I see. I thought you might. Do you want a boy or a girl?"


"Hm, a girl. I see."

Birth of Baby "How are you? Hmm... you look ashen. What? The baby? Quickly, lie down. Good work. It's a healthy girl. This child... Is our child. It is a strange feeling to become a father. Give it a name." (enter name) "<Child> is a fine name worthy of my child. How would you like her to grow up?"


"Yes, I think so too. I hope our child has a warm heart to share with others. I must prepare a crib. Since I am unable to be there, it's the least I can do. I will stay with you today. Relax and rest."

Baby Crawls "How are you? I wanted to see the child's face. Oh! <Child> is moving! It is surprising how quickly children grow. What do you think?"

(It's a smart baby.)

"Any child of mine will be smart. I'll be going now. Take care."

Baby Walks "How are you? I wanted to see all of you. Oh, <Child> is walking! What will our child do as an adult?"


"It is for our child to decide. I'll be going now. Take care."

Baby Talks "How are you? I never expected to want to see my children so much."

(<Child>: "Mama!")

"<Child> is saying mama."

(<Child>: "Dada!")

"Daddy, huh? I'll have to get used to it. <Player name>, what do you want to be called? That's nice. Soon, our child will be talking our ears off. What would you talk about?"

(About our dreams.)

"I normally don't like yapping, but I'd like to hear your conversations. I'll be going now. Take care."

Child's Day (<Child>: "Mama, are you ready? This means that I'm all grown up now, right? Now, let's go see Papa.")

"What is going on?"

(<Child>: "Papa...")

"<Child>. Ah, yes, today is what you humans call Child's Day.Hmm... The days and months go by quickly. Look at how big you are."

(<Child>: "Papa! I've been good! I even help Mama!")

"I see. I am very proud of you, <Child>."


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