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Japanese Name: イロハ (Iroha)
Birthday: Winter 5th
Family: Father, Mother, Three Brothers (Out of town)
Favorite Gift:



Events and Requirements

Heart Events
Event Location Time
Black Heart Event Inside the blacksmith's shop 6:00AM-11:00PM
Any weather
Purple Heart Event Inside the blacksmith's shop Noon-6:00PM
Any weather
You must give Iroha a Ring before you can see the next two events.
Event Location Time
Green Heart Event The Forest Area Noon-6:00PM
Sunny day
Yellow Heart Event Protagonist's House Noon-6:00PM
Sunny day



Preference Gift
Favorite Deep-fried Lotus Root
Like Ores (including scrap metal), Branch, Lumber, Small Branch, Small Lumber, Rock, Material Stone, Small Rock, Small Material Stone, Black Rock, Black Material Stone, Black Branch, Black Lumber
Note: As you increase Iroha's friendship level, she will sometimes give you a tool blueprint after you give her an item.

Dialogue and Scripts


Heart Lines

Description Line
Black Heart (Not Dating) --
Purple Heart (not Dating) --
Blue Heart (Not Dating) --
Green Heart (Not Dating) --
Yellow Heart (Not Dating) --
Pink Heart (Not Dating) --
Red Heart (Not Dating) "Train every day. That is my motto and I believe that perseverance will always pay off."
Black Heart (Dating) "<Player>... I have gone beyond anger to sheer exasperation. Why, you ask? Unless you figure it out yourself, it is meaningless."
Purple Heart (Dating) "Just what am I to you anyway? I'm getting more and more confused."
Blue Heart (Dating) "You think our love isn't mutual, <Player>? I think you're still dreaming."
Green Heart (Dating) "It seems the people of this town are watching over us. It's a bit embarrassing, but it means they've acknowledged our relationship. I'm very happy."
Yellow Heart (Dating) "Since we began dating, <Player>, I've been able to curb my obstinacy. They say lovers start to pick up each others' behaviors. I'm sure it's happening to me."
Pink Heart (Dating) "<Player>, you're near my age, but you have a spectacular lively farm. I think it's admirable. I'm going to devote myself too, so I hope we can do our best and support each other."
Red Heart (Dating) --
Black Heart (Married) --
Purple Heart (Married) --
Blue Heart (Married) --
Green Heart (Married) --
Yellow Heart (Married) --
Pink Heart (Married) --
Red Heart (Married) --



Description Line
Salon --
Restaurant --
Travel Agency "It's convenient to have a travel agency nearby, isn't it? The staff is so kind, and flying is such a rejuvenating experience."
Tailor "I do a lot of training, so I can't wear clothes that are all that fancy. But just looking at them is satisfying enough for me.
Farm #1 --
Farm #2 --
Forest #1 "The trees are so majestic here. When I gaze up at those towering forms, I feel energy filling up inside me."
Forest #2 "The air around here is so refreshing. I think it's wonderful to find nature like this so close to town."
Mine #1 "It's a quiet, restful place. Makes you want to come here, even if it's not for work."
Mine #2 "It would be nice to find good ore today. That would make training even more exciting."
Mountain #1 --
Mountain #2 --
River #1 --
River #2 --
Town Growth #1 "It's nice when the town grows and more people move here. I hope that I can do something and give back to this community."
Town Growth #2 "There are more people than before and the town has livened up. It would be great if the town continues to grow at this rate. Let's both do our best."
Working --
Eating (Not Dating) "Sigh... I'm starting to feel full. But it's bad manners to leave food uneaten, so I'll finish whatever I see in front of me."
Eating (Dating) --


Event Script
Black Heart Event Iroha: "Kyaah!"

Iroha: "Y-You really surprised me! How can you approach without giving away the slightest hint of your presence?"
Iroha: "I guess I just failed to noticed[sic] you, then. My apologies."
Iroha: "I'm just picking out some ore to forge with, actually. This latest batch is all top quality material, so it's actually really hard to choose! Would you like to take a look, [Protagonist]? Maybe you can help me."
Iroha: "My training for today is to make an alloy by combining multiple different ores together. I feel like making some farm tools using steel from iron, or using bronze from copper... But I also feel like using some gold or silver to make some more decorative items."
Iroha: "S-Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you with all of that. You must be quite bored! I think it's a little odd, too. A woman like me talking so passionately about rocks are ore... odd, isn’t it?"
>(Not at all)
Iroha: "You really mean that? I don't think anyone has ever said that to me before."
Iroha: "You think it's totally normal to talk about the material used to make things?"
Iroha: "Of course! [Protagonist], your own work involves making things on your farm or for the farm, doesn't it? Although we make different things, and use different materials, ultimately we do the same work, don’t we?"
Iroha: "[Protagonist], thank you. You can tell me a little about yourself, if you like?"
Iroha: "I had a lot of fun today! Thank you so much. Do you think we could talk like this again some time?"
Iroha: "Great. I'm looking forward to it already."
>(It is quite strange)
(We don't have the dialogue for this option.)



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