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Japanese Name: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Favorite Gift: N/A
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Kai is only in town during the Summer. He's quite charming and all the girls in town like him, especially Popuri. Unfortunately, this means he's not so popular with the other guys.


Kai is only marriageale in the For Girl games.

Events and Requirements



Dialogue and Scripts



Memorable lines:
(After bar scene)
"What do you think of Popuri? She... well, her brother Rick hates me."
(Follow-up line)
"It's silly. She likes me, but it's one-sided."

(When you give him bread or another favorite gift)
"Thanks. You're the only guy who's nice to me."

(After the Tomato Festival)
"It doesn't matter to me whether we won or lost. Did you see when that tomato hit Rick in the face? It still makes me laugh."


  • Kai is a popular name in the Southern Islands such as Hawaii or Okinawa. In both Hawaiian and Japanese, Kai's name translates to "sea" or "ocean".


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