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Lucy (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: ルーシィ (Rūshi)
Birthday: Varies
Residence: Carpenter's
Family: Luke, Selena, Dale
Favorite Gift: Tulip, Hibiscus, Shining Egg, Grape Juice, Pineapple Juice, Amethyst, Chocolate Banana, Shining Milk, Shining Honey





Preference Gift
Favorite Tulip, Hibiscus, Shining Egg, Grape Juice, Pineapple Juice, Amethyst, Chocolate Banana, Shining Milk, Shining Honey
Like Sunflower, Mussel, Clam, Cherry Shell, Pineapple, Coconut, Banana, Fugue Mushroom, Cherry Pie, Bluemist Flower, Perfect Milk, Decent Milk, Shining Chestnut, Shining Cheese, Cookies, Strawberry Milk
Dislike Junk, Olive, Olive cocktail
Note: Lucy has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "I’m Lucy! I heard about you from Dad and Mommy! ♫"
One Heart "I train everyday. I’m really fast! ♫ I’m really flexible too!"
Two Hearts "I heard that you can do a cool trick! Will you show me sometime?"
Three Hearts
Four Hearts
Five Hearts
Six Hearts
Seven Hearts
Eight Hearts
Nine/Ten Hearts

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Hey! I love this! How did you know? I'm so happy! Thank you.♥"
Liked Gift "I love this!♫ Can I really have it? Thank you.♥"
Neutral Gift "For me? Thank you! I’m happy.♫"
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer "It's Summer. I love the Summer! The sun's always out and I want to play. <3"
Late Summer
Early Autumn
Late Autumn
Early Winter
Late Winter

Weather Lines

Description Line
During a Thunderstorm
Before a Typhoon "It'll come tomorrow! A big one! High winds too! I just can't wait!"
During a Typhoon "I wanna go outside! I wanna play in the storm!"
During a Blizzard

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "The Circus is coming tomorrow!♫ I'm looking forward to it!"
Day Before the Flower Festival
Day Before the Animal Festival
Day Before the Firefly Festival
Day Before the Summer Festival
Day Before the Moon Festival
Day Before the Harvest Festival "The Harvest Festival’s tomorrow.♫ It’s gonna be great!♥"
Day Before Harmony Day "Harmony Day is tomorrow. ♫ Grampa and Bo said they’ll be baking a cake! I can’t wait!"
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "The Starry Night Festival is tomorrow.♫ I’m gonna see shooting stars! Oh, but it’s SO cold!"
Day Before New Year's Eve "New Year's tomorrow.♫ It's the last day of the year, so we're going to P-A-R-T-Y!"
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Flower Festival
Animal Festival
Firefly Festival
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival "Grampa’s the best cook! Grandma isn’t as good as him. I need to learn how to cook!♫"
Harmony Day "I wanna bake a cake! I’ll give it to Dad, Mommy, Grampa, Bo, and everyone!"
Starry Night Festival "Hmm... If my ceiling were a window, I could watch the festival from inside!"
New Year's Eve "It's a special day, so I feel like dancin'!"

Family Lines

Description Line
Expecting a Child "There’s a baby on the way? ♫ I hope it’s born soon. ♥"
After Baby's Birth "A baby was born? The baby’s name is <Older Child Name>1? It’s gonna grow up strong. ♫"
During Baby's Newborn Stage "I guess I'm too small to hold the baby."
During Baby's Crawling Stage "Mommy says that I used to cause her a lot of trouble when I was little! I don't remember that though... ♫"
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "I'm going to have a fishing contest against <Older Child Name>.♫"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "<Older Child Name> is really smart! I really look up to them!"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "You and my dad and mommy are good friends. It's been a long friendship!♫"
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Spouse
When Player is Walking with Child "Hey, you're on a walk with <Older Child Name>! Where are you going?♫"
1. She uses your older child's name even when your second child is born

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "Hey, wow.♫ It’s a cake...♥ I love cake! My mom doesn’t bake, so I don’t often have a chance to enjoy it."
When Giving Harmony Day Cake
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop
Win a Contest "Yay <Player Name>! <Contest Name>. You won! Congratulations! ♫"
Talk too much

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