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Recipe Ingredients Tools Shipping Price
Turnip Salad Turnip None
Tomato Salad Tomato None
Onion Salad Onion Pot
Mashed Potatoes Potato, Milk Pot
Herb Salad Mint, Lavender, Chamomile None
Insalata Caprese Tomato, Oil None
Mimosa Salad Cucumber, Asparagus, Cabbage, Boiled Egg None
Vegetable Side Dish (Ohitashi) Spinach Pot
Asazuke Cucumber, Turnip (Bok Choy) Seasoning rack
Cucumber Namul Cucumber, Oil None
Tofu Salad Tofu, Onion, Cucumber None
Pasta Salad Pasta, Cucumber None
Daikon Salad Daikon Radish, Onion, Bok Choy None
Mixed Salad Cabbage, Asparagus, Cucumber, Tomato Seasoning rack


Recipe Ingredients Tools Shipping Price
Vichyssoise Potato, Butter, Onion Pot
Gazpacho Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Bred Pot
Bouillabaisse Onion, Tomato (Flounder, Salmon, Oil) Pot
Corn Soup Corn, Butter, Milk Pot
Onion Soup Onion, Butter Pot
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin (Potato, Onion, Milk, Soy Milk) Pot
Soy Milk Soy Beans, Edamame Pot
Miso Soup Miso (Spinach, Potato, Onion, Tofu, Fried Tofu) Pot
Herb Soup Chamomile, Onion (other herbs) Pot
Asparagus Soup Asparagus (Onion, Milk, Soy Milk) Pot
Radish Soup Radish, Milk Pot
Egg Soup Egg, Onion Pot
Soy Bean Soup Soy Milk, Soy Bean Pot
Shark Fin Soup Small Shark, Shiitake Mushroom Pot
Tom Yum Goong River Crab, Tomato, Brown Mash, Spinach Pot
Pho Rice Flour, Onion, Chili Pepper Pot



Recipe Ingredients Tools Shipping Price
Fried Udon Udon, Oil Frying Pan
Omelette Egg, Milk, Oil Frying Pan
Omelette Rice Egg, Rice, Milk, Oil Frying Pan
Cheese Fondue Cheese, Bread Pot
Tomato Fondue Tomato, Bread, Oil Pot
Pink Fondue Bread, Cheese, Glass of Red Wine or Red Wine Pot
Raclette Potato, Cheese Frying Pan
Gratin Penne Pasta, Onion, Cheese Frying Pan
Pizza Wheat Flour, Tomato, Cheese Frying Pan
Menuiere Wheat Flour, Oil (Flounder, Masu Salmon, Porgy, Salmon, Small Salmon) Frying Pan
Fish Marinade Onion, Oil (Tuna, Sashimi, Salmon, Small Salmon) None
Risotto Cooked Rice, Oil, Tomato, Onion Frying Pan
Doria Cooked Rice, Onion, Wheat Flour, Milk Frying Pan
Farmer's Breakfast Onion, Potato, Cheese, Butter Frying Pan
Macaroni with Cheese Pasta, Cheese Frying Pan
Penne Pasta Pasta Frying Pan
Dry Curry Cooked Rice, Curry Powder Frying Pan
Curry Rice Cooked Rice, Curry Powder, Potato Pot
Veggie Curry Cooked Rice, Curry Powder, Spinach Pot
Spicy Curry Cooked Rice, Curry Powder, Spice (Tomato?) Pot
Seaweed Curry Cooked Rice, Curry Powder, Seaweed Pot
Milk Curry Cooked Rice, Curry Powder, Milk Pot
Rainbow Curry Curry Rice, Veggie Curry, Tomato, Seaweed, Jersey Milk Pot
Ultimate Curry Rainbow Curry, Seaweed Curry, Failed Dish Pot
Supreme Curry Rainbow Curry, Milk Curry, Failed Dish Pot
Pasta Wheat Flour, Oil Pot
Mushroom Pasta Pasta, Mushroom Frying Pan
Paella Cooked Rice, Onion Frying Pan
Stew Wheat Flour, Potato (Carrot, Milk, Asparagus, Cabbage, Turnip) Pot
Herb Pasta Pasta, Oil, Herb Butter Pot
Soup Spaghetti Pasta (Bouillabaisse, Vichyssoise) Pot
Lasagne Pasta, Tomato, Butter Frying Pan
Piccocelli Buckwheat Flour, Cheese Frying Pan
Mukasa Eggplant, Mashed Potato, Cheese Frying Pan
Tofu Burger Bread, Tofu Steak (Pickles) None
Raw Egg Mixed with Rice Egg, Cooked Rice None
Egg-Donburi Cooked Rice, Nori, Egg Pot
Sushi Cooked Rice, Sashimi Pot
Chirashi Sushi Cooked Rice, Sashimi (Egg, Black Egg, Fish Rolls, Cucumber, Shiitake) Pot
Fried Fish Ayu/Iwanu/Unagi/Sake/Shishamo/Dojou/Yamame/Dekawakasa/Koi Frying Pan
Fish in Soy Sauce Saba/Dekaayu/Dekaiwanu/Dekaunagi/Komochishishamu/Dekashirauo/Dekasuzuki/Dekadojou/Dekawana/Dekamasu/Dekayamame/Koi Pot
Onigiri (Riceballs) Cooked Rice, Nori Seasoning rack
Fried Onigiri Cooked Rice, Oil Frying Pan
Rice Porridge Cooked Rice Pot
Cha-han (Fried Rice) Cooked Rice, Oil (Egg, Shiitake, Carrot) Frying Pan
Takikomi-Gohan (Fried Rice with Vegetables) Cooked Rice, Carrot, Fried Tofu Pot
Mushroom Rice Cooked Rice, Shiitake, Shimeji Pot
Shimeji Rice Cooked Rice, Shimeji Pot
Tempura-Don Cooked Rice, Tempura Pot
Inari-Sushi Cooked Rice, Fried Tofu Seasoning rack
Okonomiyaki Wheat Flour, Cabbage, Oil Frying Pan
Udon Wheat Flour, Fish Rools Pot
Kitsune Udon Udon, Fried Tofu Pot
Tempura Udon Udon, Tempura Pot
Zarusoba Buckwheat Flour Pot
Tempura Soba Zarusoba, Tempura Pot
Yakisoba Zarusoba, Oil Frying Pan


Recipe Ingredients Tools Shipping Price
Pumpkin Pudding Pumpkin, Milk, Egg Pot
Sponge Cake Flour, Egg Frying Pan
Pudding Milk, Egg Pot
Cookies Flour, Egg, Butter Frying Pan
Rice pudding Pudding, Cooked Rice Pot
Honey Pudding Pudding, Honey Pot
Soy Milk Pudding Soy Milk, Egg Pot
Soybean Rice Candy Soybean Flour, Rice Candy
Almond Tofu Apricot, Tofu Pot


Recipe Ingredients Tools Shipping Price
Cooked Rice Rice Pot
Bread Flour Pot
Strawberry Jam Strawberry Pot
Blueberry Jam Blueberry Pot
Straight Tea Tea Leaves Pot
Herb Tea Herb Tea Leaves Pot
Hot Coffee Coffee Pack Pot
Cafe au Lait Hot Coffee, Milk Pot
Hot Milk Milk Pot

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