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Roy (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: ロイ (Roi)
Birthday: Varies
Residence: Blacksmith
Family: Owen, Kathy
Favorite Gift: Egg soup, Honeydew milk, Strawberry milk, Shining watermelon, Grilled shark, Good curry





Preference Gift
Favorite Egg soup, Honeydew milk, Strawberry milk, Shining watermelon, Grilled shark, Good curry
Like Anemone, Tulip, Pontata Root, Royal jelly, Fugue mushroom, Boiled egg, Shining egg, Boiled duck egg, Shining milk, Cherry pie, Bluemist flower, Shining honey, Pineapple juice, Blueberry ice cream, Perfect cabbage, Cookies, Perfect flax yarn
Dislike Clam saute, Mussel saute, Oyster saute, junk (cans, boots, etc), Bodigizer, Cold medicine
Note: Roy has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "I’m Roy! I sometimes help at the blacksmith’s shop."
One Heart "Mom and Pop say that your health is most important. Do you think that's true?"
Two Hearts "Mom and Pops are good jockeys! I want to be as good as them one day."
Three Hearts "Friends are great. ♫ Most girls don't play outside though... Still, I play with Chloe often."
Four Hearts "I challenged Chloe to see who could collect the most rocks at the mines. I lost but I'm going to win next time!"
Five Hearts "How old is great-grandpa this year? I'm not sure but he's really active and cool! Dad respects great-grandpa a lot. ♫"
Six Hearts
Seven Hearts
Eight Hearts
Nine/Ten Hearts

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Wow, great! I love this.♫ I'm so happy, thanks!"
Liked Gift "Yay! I love this. ♫ Thank you!"
Neutral Gift "Yeah. Thank you!"
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer "My workplace gets really hot in the Summer. I need a lot of endurance!"
Late Summer
Early Autumn
Late Autumn
Early Winter
Late Winter

Weather Lines

Description Line
During a Thunderstorm
Before a Typhoon "A typhoon's coming tomorrow. I can't go to the mines. Boring..."
During a Typhoon
During a Blizzard

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "Tomorrow is the Circus! There will be lots of animals! I can't wait!♫"
Day Before the Flower Festival
Day Before the Animal Festival "Tomorrow is the Animal Festival. I want to be in the race!"
Day Before the Firefly Festival "The Firefly Festival's tomorrow. We send lanterns down the river.♫"
Day Before the Summer Festival
Day Before the Moon Festival
Day Before the Harvest Festival
Day Before Harmony Day
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "The Starry Night Festival is tomorrow! It’ll be fun! ♫"
Day Before New Year's Eve "It's New Year's tomorrow! I'll need energy to ring in the New Year, time for a nap."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Circus "The Circus animals change and do different tricks every time! I want to see them monthly!"
Flower Festival
Animal Festival "You get to see lots of pets at the Animal Festival! Big animals are my favorites..."
Firefly Festival "The Firefly Festival has many meanings. I don't understand all of it."
Summer Festival
Moon Festival
Harvest Festival
Harmony Day
Starry Night Festival "I hope the shooting stars don’t hit anyone!"
New Year's Eve "Thinking about this past year, I did a lot of work. I'm going to work harder!"

Family Lines

Description Line
Expecting a Child "I hear that you are having a baby! I can’t wait. ♫"
After Baby's Birth "The baby was born!? Wow, congratulations!"
During Baby's Newborn Stage "Babies are so fragile and weak. Be careful!"
During Baby's Crawling Stage "When did I start walking? I don't remember."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "The baby started walking? I want to play with the baby soon!"
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> talks about you very often.♫"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "Wow, <Older Child Name> is already walking! Amazing! ♫
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "I'm going to have a mining contest against <Older Child Name>!"
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Spouse "Taking a walk? My mom and dad don't go out together often."
When Player is Walking with Child "Hey, it's <Older Child Name>! Looking good. ♫"

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish My wish? To be a great man! Maybe not right away, but when I grow up! I'll be the world's greatest blacksmith.♫"
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake
When Giving Harmony Day Cake
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop
Win a Contest
Talk too much

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