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Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
Rune Factory Tides of Destiny Box Art
Rune Factory Tides of Destiny Box Art
Japanese Title: Rune Factory Oceans
Translation: Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3
Release Dates: Image:JPN.gif: February 24, 2011
Image:NTSC.gif: October 11, 2011
Image:PAL.gif: December, 2011
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Disc
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This Rune Factory game certainly is special. Not only is it the first of its kind to be introduced to a platform other than Nintendo, but you can also play as either gender! That's right, in this Rune Factory, you can either play as Sonia, the female, or Adel, the male. The strange twist is... They're stuck in the same body! But that's not all! Your goal is to farm... on islands! A giant golem named Ymir assists you in pulling these islands out of the water*, so never fear. You won't have to do it yourself. Unlike in previous games where your heroes have amnesia, in this Rune Factory, both heroes retain their memories. However, it seems that they have been pulled into the future to save the world...

Note : * = The islands are originally sunken under the ocean due to an unknown reason.
Note : You can't actually play as Sonia until after you complete the storyline. Until you complete the storyline, reach level 6 Friendship with all marriage candidates (9 female and 3 male), and use the "Friendship Compass", you will be playing as Aden.


When the Game opens, you will be thrust into battle against three orcs inside the Wind Shrine. Here, the game teaches you how to fight. Afterwards, the two heroes will progress into the actual shrine itself to seal the Wind Shrine. After some more cut scenes, the story shows Aden and Sonia talking to each other, where Aden tells Sonia that he would be leaving to go help some farmers with his Earthmate magic, which promotes growth amongst plants. After Sonia presents Aden with a gift of food, a nearby light attracts their attention. The light grows in intensity and pulls them into the future, into a Fenith Island 200 years later to save the world...

After an introduction to many of the Islanders by Odette, the heroes are left with nothing but a wand to use their Earthmate magic, a cap, and a house given to them. Eventually, they will find a seed which they plant, not knowing what it actually is...

The heroes are awoken by a fearsome sound! They hurry outside to find that their plant was actually a Golem seed. When they climb on top it, it automatically moves to a location nearby to pull up an island. Upon exploring that island, they acquire their first weapon and begin fighting and taming monsters, collecting items, and meeting the Goblin Chief for the first time.

Eventually the heroes are found holding a strange key. I wonder where it goes to? One of the three sisters will consult the heroes about a strange island with a lock, where it is found that the key matches! They explore the dungeon and encounter their first Boss Battle, the Moleman, and they encounter the Goblin Chief once again! Who, unfortunately, breaks the Earth Shrine seal... The heroes flee the rampant spirits and find an Earth core to upgrade their Golem!

For the rest of the storyline, the heroes will find more shrines, run into the Masked Man who seems to be intent on the destruction of the world, upgrade their golem, farm, raise, mine crops, and make key friendships which will be vital in late and post-story. Eventually the heroes will learn more about the world, their role in it, and the final truth about their enemy...

After Story (Slight Spoiler)

The heroes recover Sonia's body and attempt to return her spirit into it through the power of the Friendship Compass. You must acquire level 6 friendship with all 13 marriage candidates (9 female and 4 male) to perform the ceremony.

Ymir was destroyed during the final battle against the Legendary Golem, but with Elena's help, you can gather 15 fragments from the islanders and find Ymir restored the next day after giving Elena the fragments. I wonder where the monsters inside Ymir went...?

You can finally take on the final boss challenge in the Coliseum to gain the "Gladiator" trophy.

After restoring Sonia to her body, upon entering the Dragon Shrine, the Archdragon, Fangord, will ask you to completely seal the Legendary Golem away. This will take you back to the beginning of the game's intro, after you defeat the three orcs and enter the shrine. After the shrine is sealed, Fangord will ask if you wish to return to your previous time. Sonia will delegate to choice to you(if you chose to play as Aden I guess?), and Aden will respond that he will stay in this time. The Archdragon will than bless you before leaving.

You can now marry and view friendship events higher than level 6 with your marriage candidates. Aden has 9 brides and Sonia has 3 grooms.

A new NPC named Candy appears every Tuesday near the church area that contains the marriage bell. You learn that she comes from the Imperial Magic Academy and holds an interest in spirits. She can use the "Spirit Song" as well, and can communicate with spirits.

On Fridays, Tabatha will appear at Beatrix's mansion, but you must have friendship with Maerwen, Electra and Beatrix (6).


  • Ride upon a giant golem named Ymir
  • Discover and explore new islands at sea
  • Fight, befriend and raise monsters
  • Exlpore and complete dungeons
  • Have monsters grow and harvest crops on three islands
  • Fish
  • Cook
  • Craft
  • Level up
  • Interact with various villagers
  • Wed one of the candidates
  • Raise a child
  • Partake in various festivals

Innovations to the series

  • New island farming system
  • New battle system
  • Fight giant monsters using Ymir
  • Quick item use
  • Crafting and fishing no longer luck based
  • Double jump
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Haggle system

Characters Introduced in this Game

  1. Aden
  2. Sonia
  3. Electra
  4. Elena
  5. Lily
  6. Maerwen
  7. Mikoto
  8. Odette
  9. Pandora
  10. Sierra
  11. Violet
  12. Bismark
  13. James
  14. Joe
  15. Bacchus
  16. Beatrix
  17. Father Gerard
  18. Jocelyn
  19. Kelsey
  20. Quinn


  • The only game in the Rune Factory series made on a platform not owned by Nintendo, the Playstation 3
  • The only game in the series that does not follow the other Rune Factory titles

At a Glance

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