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Unlockable Characters:


  • Walk down the path behind the shops in the Garmon Mine District and you'll activate that cutscene with the crazy killer animals.
  • Go to the Carpener's and talk to Dale. He'll tell you about the tricks he taught Boss (his dog) and says that you can use an animal whistle to tame animals... but he doesn't know what happened to it. He thinks he might have left it at the General Store.
  • Talk to Barbara at the General Store and she'll say that her husband, Simon, might have sweeped the whistle up and given it to Julius.
  • Go find Julius and he'll say that the other day Simon showed him an orange whistle and told him it was just a toy, so he gave it to Chloe.
  • Go to the Blacksmith and talk to Ramsey. He says Chloe and Owen aren't around and are probably somewhere in the mines.
  • Go to the 10th floor of the mine and talk to Owen, who says that Chloe loved the animal whistle, but wild animals started following her around and he thought it was dangerous, so he took it away. He gives you the animal whistle.
  • Go back to the path with the animals. They will now let you go to the Goddess Spring, where you meet the Goddess and she tells you about the bells.


  • Go to the Carpenter's and talk to Dale. He'll talk about how his son went to the forest and hasn't come back.
  • Visit the main shop at Horn Ranch and you'll activate a cutscene with Hannah, who says that Kapara went into the forest saying something about a witch and a bell.
  • Go to the Fugue Forest and talk to Cain. He says that the gate to the forest is locked, so he can't get in.
  • Go back to the Carpentry and get the key to the forest from Dale.
  • Go back to the forest and unlock the door. Be sure to bring an axe with you or you can't go in.
  • Keep walking through the forest and you'll eventually activate Luke's intro scene.

The Witch

  • Continue deeper into the forest until you come across a strange house. Go inside and you'll have "met" the Witch.

The Wizard

  • Once you have met the Witch, you can visit the Wizard at his home in Harmonica Town.
  • He says the Witch has been put under a spell and it can only be broken with another spell. If you bring him Hibiscus, Good Cornmeal, and Perfect Butter, he will be able to break the spell for you.

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