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Van (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: バーン (Bān)
Birthday: Varies
Residence: Choral Clinic
Family: Jin, Anissa
Favorite Gift: Royal jelly, Green tea, Milk tea, Herb tea, Potato pancake, Mint candy





Preference Gift
Favorite Royal jelly, Green tea, Milk tea, Herb tea, Potato pancake, Mint candy
Like Pineapple, Blue herb, Pontata root, Fugue mushroom, Lavender, Hibiscus, Remedy, Cold medicine, Shining egg, Bodigizer, Stay awake, Banana, Pineapple, Blueberry pie, Cherry pie, Shining apple, Shining orange, Shining coffee beans, Shining honey, Cookies
Dislike Toadstool, milk (any quality), goat milk (any quality), sheep milk (any quality)
Note: Van has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "I believe you know my mother and father. My name is Van."
One Heart "There aren't a lot of books in the Town Hall. I hope the add more."
Two Hearts "I already know everything that they teach us at school. That’s why I find it very boring."
Three Hearts "When I talk to my friends, I sometimes think they’re so childish."
Four Hearts "I go to church. Mr. Perry teaches me a lot about different life skills."
Five Hearts
Six Hearts
Seven Hearts
Eight Hearts
Nine/Ten Hearts

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Huh? I love this! How did you know? Thank you so much!"
Liked Gift "How very thoughtful. Thank you very much!"
Neutral Gift "Why, thank you very much."
Disliked Gift "I don't really like it."
Hated Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts

Seasonal Lines

Description Line
Early Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer "My mother is always telling me to wear a hat so I don't get heat exhaustion."
Late Summer "You can faint if you're out in the sun for too long, so it's good to be in the shade."
Early Autumn "I like how quiet it is in the Fall. You can hear insects at night, but it's still quiet."
Late Autumn "It’s easy to get sick when the seasons are changing, so please be careful."
Early Winter
Late Winter

Weather Lines

Description Line
Clear "There are many particles that make up sunlight."
Cloudy "Even though it’s hidden by the clouds, the sun is still out there."
Rainy "I don’t like rainy days because I don’t like feeling damp."
During a Thunderstorm
Before a Typhoon "A typhoon is coming tomorrow. I'm sure the birds have all gone to their nests."
During a Typhoon
During a Blizzard

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "The Circus is coming tomorrow. I think it’s just a childish pastime."
Day Before the Flower Festival
Day Before the Animal Festival "Tomorrow's the Animal Festival. You can see the animals and buy a number of local products."
Day Before the Firefly Festival "Tomorrow is the Firefly Festival. We honor our ancestors. It's a very somber event."
Day Before the Summer Festival
Day Before the Moon Festival "Tomorrow is the Moon Festival. We get to spend a quiet night gazing at the full moon."
Day Before the Harvest Festival "Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival. It’s to celebrate this year’s harvest."
Day Before Harmony Day "Tomorrow is Harmony Day. I hope I’ll be able to bake a cake by myself soon."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "Tomorrow’s the Starry Night Festival. I like astronomy, so I can’t wait."
Day Before New Year's Eve "Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I wish you a solemn night."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Circus "It’s unrealistic to think that we can communicate with animals. However, it might be fun to observe them for ideas about new mechanisms."
Flower Festival
Animal Festival "I can't drink milk or eat cheese... I'm lactose intolerant..."
Firefly Festival "To be honest, the light of the fireflies scares me a little. But I feel such thoughts are sacrilegious..."
Summer Festival
Moon Festival "The Moon Festival was originally held to wish for a good harvest."
Harvest Festival "There are lots of contests, but I’m glad everyone is enjoying the harvest."
Harmony Day "My mom baked me a cake. It was very good. I wish I could’ve shared it with everyone."
Starry Night Festival "Normally, I try not to stay up too late, but today is a special day."
New Year's Eve

Family Lines

Description Line
Expecting a Child "I heard that you are having a baby. Please take care of yourself."
After Baby's Birth "Congratulations on your new baby."
During Baby's Newborn Stage "I hear that raising a baby is very hard work. I wish you the best of luck."
During Baby's Crawling Stage "I wonder what I was thinking when I was a baby. I can't remember at all."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "I wonder what my oldest memory is... I try to remember but I can't. Memory is a strange thing."
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> tells me a lot about you. I can tell that they really respect you."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "Does <Older Child Name> enjoy reading books?"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "I’m happy to see <Older Child Name> at school."
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Spouse "Taking a walk? Walking is very good for your health."
When Player is Walking with Child "<Older Child Name>, be careful not to run and fall."

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish "My wish? Let’s see... There are lots of things that kids can’t do. I wish time would go faster now and slow down once I’m an adult."
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "A cake for me? Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much!"
When Giving Harmony Day Cake
After Ringing All Five Bells on the Mountaintop
Win a Contest "I heard you won the <Contest Name>. Congratulations!"
Talk too much "How are you?"

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