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Witch (Harvest Moon: Animal Parade)'s Photo
Japanese Name: 魔女さま (Majo-sama)
(True Name: Vivi)
Birthday: Unknown
Family: N/A
Favorite Gift: Blackberry Dishes, Black Pearl Accessories, Fugue Mushroom, Pumpkin Recipes, Squid Ink Spaghetti



Sometimes a little self-centered and manipulative, the Witch resides deep within Fugue Forest. Sometimes rather mischievous, she is almost always found in her hut. She has a strong liking of blackberry recipes and Fugue Mushrooms, and giving her these will make you fast friends. She points out regularly that she should have respect because she's been around as long as the Harvest Goddess.


Before she is married, the Witch will only leave her house late at night. She only stays outside for a few hours before she heads back inside.

If the player marries the Witch, she will move in with the player. However, she will still visit her old home almost every day. She takes shorter visits on Sunday, preferring to stay around your farm. Not one to socialize, she rarely spends any time outside of the player's house or her own. On stormy days, she won't leave home at all.

Before Marriage
Every Day (All Weather Conditions)
Witch's House
Fugue Forest
After Marriage with the Player
Normal Day (Fair)
Witch's House
Sunday (Fair)
Witch's House
Stormy Weather


Preference Gift
Favorite Fugue Mushroom, Pontata Root, Blackberry (Pie, Jam, Ice Cream, Cocktail), Strawberry Milk
Like Blackberry, Blackberry Juice, Black Pearl, Chocolate Banana, Cherry (Jam, Ice Cream)
Hate Carrot, Junk Ore, Junk (Boots, Cans, Etc.)
Note: Witch has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Heart Event Requirements

Event Conditions Location Time Positive Response Negative Response
(Pumpkin Pie)
The Witch must have at least 4 hearts. Outside the player's home. 6:00 Thank you. No thanks...
Date The Witch must have at least 5 hearts.
Speak to the Witch in the morning and respond, "Of course!"
Moon Hill 16:00 Of course! Not really...
Confession The Witch must have at least 7 hearts.
Speak to the Witch in the morning and respond, "Of course!"
Outside the Lighthouse. 16:00 I put a spell on you!
I like you a lot!
I like you!
Yeah, we can go out!
Sorry, not a chance.
I like someone else...
Can we just be friends?

Dialogue and Scripts


Heart Lines

Description Line
Zero Hearts "I like talking. I'm in a good mood today, so I'll chat with you.♪"
One Heart "I ran some errand in town and I was surprised by how the townspeople have changed."
Two Hearts "I feel different when I see you now. Maybe it's because we are getting to know each other better."
Three Hearts "I've been living here for years. As long as the Goddess, so respect me too."
Four Hearts "I have seen so many things in my life that I can't remember everything. You're the same right? That's why I want exciting things to happen... So I have new things to remember!♥"
Five Hearts (Male Player) "Stop staring at me! Why? Well, because I said so! *Blush*"
Six Hearts (Male Player) "I know that you are nice to all the girls. You're a flirt. I won't be fooled! *Blush*"
Seven Hearts (Male Player) "What is this? What's wrong with me? It's your fault! You take responsibility! Yes, that's right... You will be mine!"
Eight Hearts (Male Player) "I'm not blushing because of you. Don't be foolish! Besides, I'm... I'm a witch! What are you thinking?!"
Nine/Ten Hearts (Male Player) "Oh, this is what it's like to fall in love. I didn’t know... Not too bad.♥ Might be refreshing.♥"
Five Hearts (Female/Married Player) "How did I become a witch? That's easy! I was born with magical powers! Not just anyone can become a witch, you know."
Six Hearts (Female/Married Player) "I like baths.♪ I use different oils and bubble bath.☆ Too many people come to public springs so maybe I'll make my own private one...♪"
Seven Hearts (Female/Married Player) "Things I hate? Worthless rocks and metals. And carrots! Who makes those things?"
Eight Hearts (Female/Married Player) "Someone I liked? Maybe there was one, maybe there was1 many. I've forgotten... I meet very few people who can hold my interest."
Nine/Ten Hearts (Female/Married Player) "I don't know how long I'm going to live, so I try to make every day exciting.♪ Well, I've met you, so I won't have to worry about that!♥"
1. The use of "was" instead of "were" is an in-game error.

Married Heart Lines & General Married Lines

Married Heart Lines
Description Line
Ten Hearts
Eleven Hearts
Twelve Hearts
Thirteen Hearts
Fourteen Hearts
Fifteen Hearts
Sixteen Hearts
Seventeen Hearts
Eighteen Hearts
Nineteen/Twenty Hearts
General Married Lines
Description Line
Box Lunch "Hey <Player Name>, I made you a box lunch ♪ How great, huh? ♥"
Box Lunch (Protagonist's Birthday)
After Chores

Gift Lines

Description Line
Favorite Gift "Yeah♪ I love this♥ <Player>, good thinking. Thank you.♫"
Liked Gift
Neutral Gift
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift
Too Many Gifts "No, thanks. I can't hold anymore."

Seasonal Lines

Unmarried Seasonal Lines
Description Line
Early Spring "I like the Spring. Time feels slower. I wouldn't mind it being Spring all the time.♪"
Late Spring "Spring is ending. Too bad. Maybe I'll go to a place where it's Spring all the time."
Early Summer "Summer is hot. It makes the Ice1 cream taste better!"
Late Summer "It's still hot at night in the Summer. When will it end?"
Early Autumn "I like the Fall. It's cool and the air is fresh... I like it a lot.♪"
Late Autumn "It's getting colder. It'll soon be that season that I don't like!"
Early Winter "I don't like the Winter. In fact, I hate it! I don't like layering clothes, but it's cold so you have to!"
Late Winter "A year goes by so quickly... It wasn't a bad year for me at all."
1. Capitalized "Ice" is an in-game error.

Weather Lines

Unmarried Weather Lines
Description Line
Clear "Nice weather is good. Laundry dries faster. It's been sunny every day."
Cloudy "Did you know that ice cream was really expensive when it was first made? It was 8000G. Can you believe that?"
Rainy "I do magic research every day. Results change with the temperature and my mood, so it's a lot of work."
During a Thunderstorm "I heard humans arguing over whether a tomato was fruit or a vegetable. Humans argue over such insignificant things!"
Before a Typhoon "There is a typhoon tomorrow. It doesn't effect this area, but people outside seem busy."
During a Typhoon "Oh, is today that typhoon thing? Walking around on a day like this must take a lot of energy."
Snowy "How wise you are is determined by your age. By that standard, my age means I'm a genius.♫"
During a Blizzard "It's a blizzard today. Ah, a blizzard... About 30 years ago there was a blizzard that covered this entire continent. Maybe it was someplace else?"
Note: Many of the Witch's weather lines do not actually refer to the weather. This was intentional in-game.

Festival Lines

Day Before a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day Before the Circus "There’s a Circus tomorrow. I’m not interested, but what animals will be there?"
Day Before the Flower Festival "Tomorrow’s the Flower Festival. I’m not interested in the festivities . . . but I do like flowers."
Day Before the Animal Festival "The Animal Festival’s tomorrow. It’s at that ranch. I don’t feel calm around animals. And I don’t like cats!"
Day Before the Firefly Festival "The Firefly Festival is tomorrow. Something about celebrating ancestors . . ."
Day Before the Summer Festival "There’s a festival at the harbor tomorrow. Fireworks at night . . . Have you ever seen fireworks? They’re amazing!"
Day Before the Moon Festival "The Moon Festival’s tomorrow! Did you know? A full moon gives you lots of power.♫ What shall I do . . . ? Maybe that spell that I can’t get right . . . ♥"
Day Before the Harvest Festival "The Harvest Festival’s tomorrow! A cooking contest? I wonder if there’s any ice cream . . ."
Day Before Harmony Day "Harmony Day’s tomorrow. No one gives thanks to a witch. What a boring festival! I’m jealous that the Harvest Goddess gets cakes."
Day Before the Starry Night Festival "The Starry Night Festival’s tomorrow. Did you know stars fall from the sky?"
Day Before New Year's Eve "Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. It’s just the end of the year. People like festivals."
During a Festival Lines
Description Line
Day of the Circus "I wonder if the Circus animals are under the Ringmaster’s charm? Actually, I don’t care!"
Day of the Flower Festival "Flowers bloom in the forest. But not cherry trees . . . So, why are you here today?"
Day of the Animal Festival "Did you go to the Animal Festival? What won? Was it the ostrich? Hey, wait a minute . . . I’m not really interested!"
Day of the Firefly Festival "I think the Firefly Lanterns are pretty . . . but what makes them glow? I really want to know!"
Day of the Summer Festival "I guess it’s the Summer Festival. But I can’t say I really care too much!"
Day of the Moon Festival "That’s funny . . . I used the moon’s power, but the spell still failed. What went wrong? Just my luck!"
Day of the Harvest Festival "Have you been to the Harvest Festival? What won first place? Was it ice cream? Actually . . . I’m not really interested!"
On Harmony Day "So? Did you get lots of cakes? If you can’t finish . . . Lemme eat them!♫"
Day of the Starry Night Festival "Did you see falling stars? Wonderful!♪ There are so many! I wish I could have one."
On New Year's Eve "I have nothing to reflect upon this year. My year was perfect. . . . What? That’s the truth!"
After a Festival Lines
Description Line
After the Circus
After the Flower Festival
After the Animal Festival
After the Firefly Festival
After the Summer Festival
After the Moon Festival
After the Harvest Festival
After Harmony Day
After Harmony Day
After the Starry Night Festival
After New Year's Eve

Family Lines

Family Lines When Married to Player
Description Line
Expecting a Child
After Baby's Birth
During Baby's Newborn Stage
During Baby's Crawling Stage
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage
When First Child is Grown (Comment One)
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Walking with Player
When Player is Walking with Child
Family Lines When Not Married to Player
Description Line
Newlywed "You got married <Player Name>. I don't know why but I'm not very happy."
Expecting a Child "I'm not jealous just because you are newlyweds."
After Baby's Birth "Together with one person forever? Isn't that boring?"
During Baby's Newborn Stage "You had a baby, right? Can I see it?♪"
During Baby's Crawling Stage "How's the baby? Let me see.♪ Don't worry, I won't cast any spells."
During Baby's Walking/Talking Stage "The child is walking already. How amazing, that humans can make humans."
When First Child is Grown (Comment One) "<Older Child Name> should come to the forest too, unless the way is not clear."
When First Child is Grown (Comment Two) "I'm jealous. I'm starting to want a child too. ♫"
When First Child is Grown (Comment Three) "I bet my child would be adorable. ♫ And smart too. ♥ Hm, how can I make one?"
When Second Child is Grown (Comment One)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Two)
When Second Child is Grown (Comment Three)
When Player is Walking with Spouse
When Player is Walking with Child

Miscellaneous Lines

Description Line
Wish "My wish? Oh, I know! I want a potion that makes people tell the truth! Then no one would ever be able to lie to me."
When Player is Wearing Cat Ears "Oh! That's very nice.♫ It's cute like a cat.♥ I really like that.♥"
Haunted Church "I heard a rumor that there are ghosts in the Church... I have nothing to do with it!"
When Giving Harmony Day Cake "Can I give you a cake that I baked?♥ I didn't poison it! Go ahead and try it!"
When Receiving Harmony Day Cake "A Harmony Day cake!♪ Great.♥ I'm so happy. Thanks! I love cake.♥ Bring me lots more!"


Heart Events

Event Script
Present Witch: "Good morning♪ Hey, <Player>. Can you believe I baked a pie?♪ It's perfect!♥ I know you want some!"

>(Thank you.)
Witch: "It's a very sweet pumpkin pie.♫ Doesn't it look delicious?♥ Just to let you know, there's no potions or anything in it. It's just a regular pie!"

Date Witch: "Did you wait long? I see you were on time!♪ Heh! You're lucky you get to eat my snacks! You should feel honored!♫"

>(Of course!)
Witch: "Heh.♥ I mean, they're made by ME!♪ Of course they rock! I even added some lizard tails and bat wings for extra flavor!♪ Well, that was fun.♥ If you want, we can do it again sometime♪"

Love Letter Hi☆ How are you?

Don't feel that this is a love letter, just because I'm writing, you hear? It's not the first time that I've written such a letter. It's not meant like that. It's like a Christmas Card, really. It's a normal letter, so don't take it any other way. But it's not that I don't like you, though. If anything, I really like you, okay? No, that's not it! What I wanted to say was that I wouldn't mind going on a picnic again. Don't take this wrong!


Confession Witch: "I see you were on time. Just so you know, you should feel honored that I even asked you to come. You understand that, right? I asked you out here because I want to make sure . . . . . . You're not human, are you? You put some kind of spell or curse on me, didn't you? There's no other reason why I wouldn't be able to sleep at night! Tell me the truth. Then I may consider going out with you."

>(I put a spell on you!)
Witch: "Haha! It's a big deal that a witch like me would go out with a human. But you're special, <Player>, so I might even tell you my name. Of course, that'd be when we take our vows.♥ Well, I'll let you walk me home now that you're my boyfriend!♫"

Proposal Witch: "Oh, this is a Blue Feather. It's for... marriage?! H-Hey, let's go somewhere more private. A-Are you saying... you want to marry me?"

>(Any response)
Witch: "Hmm... OK, fine, <Player Name>. You're a strange one for wanting to marry a witch. But I know if I get turned into a frog again, you'll help me ♪ And I already knew you were mine anyway. We make a good pair, don't you think? ♥ Oh, I want to do one of those wedding things! ♥ I've seen humans do it, and I've always wanted to try it for myself! ♫ Let's have one ♪ Just the two of us! So <Date> at night, okay? Well, I'll see you then! ♥

Wedding Witch: "<Player Name>... I promise to love you for as long as we both shall live... I've always wanted to be a bride... I may not show it, but I'm a romantic at heart. ♫ I'm so excited! Now we start our new life together! ♫ Oh, <Player Name>, you can call me Vivi from now on! ♥ Okay, <Player Name>. ♫ Let's start our life together!"

Seasonal Requests

Event Lines
Spring Request "I'm soooo thirsty! What should I do . . . ? Oh, if it isn't <Player>! What brings you here? Ahem! How dare you intrude on sacred Witch Princess ground! Humans aren't allowed here without permission, you know! So, as punishment, gimme some Raspberry Juice! If you have some, give it to me now!"

[select Raspberry Juice from rucksack]

"Heh! That makes up for tresspassing!♥ I'm pretty impressed, actually!♥ Here, take this in return!"

[got Shining Cocoon]

Summer Request "I'm sooo hot! What should I do . . . ? Oh, if it isn't <Player! What brings you here? Ahem! How dare you intrude on sacred Witch Princess ground! Humans aren't allowed here without permission, you know! As punishment gimme some cold ICe Cream! Gimme gimme gimme! It's so hot!"

[select Ice Cream from rucksack]

"Heh! That makes up for tresspassing!♥ I'm pretty impressed, actually!♥ Here, take this in return!"

[got 9 Honeydew Seeds & 9 Pumpkin Seeds]

Autumn Request "I'm sooo bored! I wanna have a picnic, but I don't have any food! Oh, if it isn't <Player>! What brings you here? You came into my house again with about permission! And I'm so, so busy! Yes, I'm off to a picnic! I'm busy preparing for it! And as punishment for treading on my sacred ground here . . . Gimme either a Rice Ball or a sandwich! I have PLENTY of food for my picnic, but this is your penance! How dare you intrude on the great Witch Princess!"

[select Rice Ball or Sandwich from rucksack]

"Heh! That makes up for tresspassing!♥ I'm pretty impressed, actually!♥ Here, take this in return!"

[got 9 Morning Glory Seeds & Shining Wool Yarn]

Winter Request "I'm sooo cold! What should I do . . . ? Oh, if it isn't <Player>! What brings you here? Ahem! How dare you intrude on sacred Witch Princess ground! Humans aren't allowed here without permission, you know! As punishment, gimme some warm soup! I don't care if it's hot to make me burn. Please♫"

[select Soup from rucksack]

"Heh! That makes up for tresspassing!♥ I'm pretty impressed, actually!♥ Here, take this in return!"

[got Cherry Seedling & 9 Watermelon Seeds]


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